100 Questions For Kids: Funny & Thoughtful

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Here is a compilation of 100 questions for kids. They are divided based on the age group.

We have also included daily questions for kids. This is particularly important because many times when asked about their day children would say “it’s ok”.

Using the daily questions for kids you can know exactly how your child is feeling and if anything upset them during the day.

Asking the right questions is very important because we get to know our child’s likes and dislikes. Especially for younger children who find it hard to express their thoughts.

Hence, the questions for kids in this blog are very specific. It is meant to help children and teenagers express their feelings and talk about their emotions.

Questions for kids (Age 4 – 8 years old)

  1. What do you like most about today?
  2.  What is your favorite color?
  3. What is your favorite meal?
  4. Who is your best friend?
  5. Who is your favorite cartoon character?
  6. If your toy can talk, what will they say?
  7. Who do you want a cuddle from right now?
  8. If you can get anything in the world, what would you ask for?
  9. If you woke up a superhero, what will your powers be?
  10. What do you think you will be doing 10 years from now?
  11. What do you want to be when you grow up?
  12. What do you fear the most?
  13. Would you rather sleep in the dark alone or visit a haunted house for a few minutes?
  14. List 3 things that makes you happy.
  15. Name 2 people you admire the most
  16. What is your favorite book?
  17. Who makes you laugh?
  18. What do you enjoy doing the most?
  19. What does a perfect day look like to you?
  20. If you can be an animal, what animal would you be?
  21. Do you prefer to go to the beach or the mountain?
  22. If you can be a parent for one day, what will you on that day?
  23. Is there anyone you would like to say sorry to today? Why?
  24. Is there anyone you would like to say thank you to today?
  25. If you can create a new holiday, what will you name it?
  26. What is your favorite month of the year?
  27. Which is your favorite holiday season?
  28. If you can rename yourself, what would you call yourself?
  29. What do you like most about your room?

Growth Mindset Questions For Kids : 

Questions for kids (age 9 – 14 years old):

30. What do you like most about studying online?

31. What do you miss about going to school?

32. If you can be a teacher for one day, what subject would you teach?

33. What is the hardest thing about growing up?

34. What is your favorite day of the week?

35. Did anything upset your day?

36. What do you like most about your best friend?

37. What do you enjoy daydreaming about?

38. What do you see yourself doing 10 years from now?

39. Have you done anything challenging recently?

40. What scared you the most?

41. What are the things you enjoy doing that helps you relax?

42. What stresses you out the most?

43. What do you think about the moment you wake up?

44. Do you wish smartphone was never invented?

45. What do you enjoy doing with your friends?

46. What are you most proud of?

47. Have you done something that you are embarrassed about? What was it?

48. What is your biggest fear?

49. Why do you think you are awesome?

50. What is your greatest talent?

Trivia For Kids

Questions for children ( age 15 and above)

51. What do you like most about social media?

52. What do you not like about social media?

53. Do you think people are more connected because of the internet?

54. If you can reinvent Google, how will you do it?

55.  Are you scared to post something because you will be judged for it?

56. Have you posted anything and then delete it because no one liked it?

57. Do you prefer a world without smartphones?

58. Have you ever stood up against a bully?

59. Is cyberbullying the same as physical bullying?

60. What is the best thing about growing up?

61. If you will not be judged to do something, what will you do?

62. If you can support a cause or charity, who will you support? Why is this important to you?

63. If you can solve one problem in the world what would you like to solve?

64. Are you affected by what people say about you?

65. What do you do to unwind or relax?

67.  How do you handle stress?

68. What is your favorite movie?

69. What do you like to do for fun?

70. How important is family to you?

71. What are your thoughts on marriage?

72. Who inspires you the most?

73. What motivates you to work hard?

74. Do you think you are doing your best to achieve your goals?

75. What is your biggest dream?

76. Are you afraid of failing?

78. What is your favorite childhood memory?

79. What do you miss the most about being a child?

80. What is your goal for this year?

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Daily questions to ask your child ( for all ages) :

81. What is the best thing that happened today?

82. Did anything upset you today?

83. What made you laugh today?

84. Who were you kind to today?

85. What was the funniest thing you watched today?

86. Is there anyone you would like to say thank you to today?

87. Is there anyone you would like to say sorry to today?

88. Did you do anything hard today? Great! What did you do to overcome that challenge?

89. Did you ask for help from anyone today?

90.If you can change something about today what would it be?

91. Do you think you had a good day?

92. Did you learn anything new today?

93. Did anything happen today that made you feel uncomfortable?

94. Did you read or see anything that confused you today?

95. Who are you most happy to see today?

96. What did you do today to relax?

97. Did you do anything nice for yourself today?

98. Name 2 things you love about today.

99. Who made you smile today?

100. What are you most grateful about today?

101. Did you exercise today?

102. Did anything happen today that made you feel worried?

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