40+ Fun and easy chocolate trivia questions with answers

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Let’s talk about chocolate! Do you prefer a chocolate bar or a hot cup of chocolate? And have you ever wondered where it originated or how it’s made? Well, this chocolate trivia is for chocolate lovers like you. It will help you gauge your knowledge of your favorite confectionery and all things chocolate.

For a start, did you know that chocolate has been consumed for around 5000 years? Its origin can be traced to the natives of ancient South and Central America, who consumed and used it for their sacred ceremonial rituals.

Over the past 200 years, chocolate has remained a household favorite, making the chocolate industry boom.

I know you are eager to learn more, so don’t worry; you are in the right place.

Let’s get started, sweet tooth.

40+ Fun and easy chocolate trivia questions with answers

Milk chocolate trivia

  • Which name is given to Cadbury’s plain milk chocolate bar? Dairy milk.
  • In which country is milk chocolate believed to have originated? Jamaica.
  • Who is the founder of the company that produces Hershey’s milk chocolate bars? Milton S. Hershey.
  • “Hershey’s kisses” chocolate was launched in 1907 and was manually wrapped by hand. How many years did it take before they started wrapping them mechanically? 14 years.
  • Which is the leading brand of milk chocolate in the United Kingdom? Cadbury.
  • Which bank advanced Milton S. Hershey a loan to fund his order of “Hershey’s Crystal A caramel candy”? Lancaster National Bank.
  • Which date is celebrated as National Milk chocolate Day? July 28th.
  • Which chocolate is considered healthier than milk chocolate? Dark chocolate.
  • White chocolate isn’t legally considered ‘chocolate.’ True or False? True. It lacks cocoa solids. (Its ingredients include sweeteners, cocoa butter, and milk solids).
  • Which of the West-African countries is the largest producer and exporter of cocoa beans? Ivory Coast (Côte d’Ivoire). (It is the largest single producer accounting for about 30% of the entire world’s cacao).
  • What is the scientific name of the cacao tree that produces cacao beans? Theobroma cacao. (Each cacao tree produces an estimated 2500 beans).
  • How many milk chocolate bars can one cacao tree produce? Eight milk chocolate bars.
  • What is the translation of the scientific name of the cacao tree, “theobroma”? Food of the gods.
  • What amount of caffeine does an average milk chocolate bar contain? 50mg.
  • Does chocolate milk come from brown cows? True or False? False. (Well, at least 16 million American adults think it comes from brown cows).
  • Besides National milk Chocolate Day, which other days are dedicated to celebrate chocolate? International chocolate day is on September 13th, National Bittersweet chocolate with Almonds Day is on November 7th, and Chocolate Day is on July 7th.
  • What determines the healthiness of dark chocolate? The percentage of cocoa solids.
  • What were the ingredients used for making the largest milk chocolate bar? Butter oilcocoa butter, sugar, emulsifier, dried whole milk powder.
  • What is the weight of the largest chocolate bar ever made? Twelve thousand seven hundred seventy pounds or 5,792.50 kilograms.
  • For which movie was an actual chocolate river made using water, cream, and chocolate? Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.
  • Which is the oldest chocolate factory in the United States? The Baker Chocolate Company.
  • J. S. Fry & Sons, one of the British confectioneries, is believed to have modeled the first chocolate bar. Which year was it? 1847.
  • Which ingredient used in making chocolate makes it easier to melt in our mouths? Cocoa butter.
  • What is your favorite chocolate ice cream?
  • The cacao tree was native to which regions before it spread to the rest of the world? South and Central America.
  • What is the name of the Toll House Inn owner that created the first chocolate chip cookie by chance? Ruth Wakefield. (She paved the way for chocolate chip cookies. She added broken chocolate into her cookie butter, thinking they would melt. In exchange for the recipe, Nestle gave her a lifetime supply of chocolate). 
milk chocolate trivia

Name the chocolate quiz

Do you know much about that chocolate bar? Here are some excellent chocolate trivia questions to test you. After this, I am sure next time you’ll take a good look at that piece of chocolate before you devour it.

  • A chocolate bar with the same name as the human galaxy? Milky way.
  • My bar is made by swirling around the chocolate in patterns. I only have milk chocolate in me, and I am very crumbly. What’s my name? Flake.
  • I was named the official 1984 Summer Olympics’ official snack’. Guess the name? Snickers.
  • We are known for our fruit of the sea range of chocolate, which includes seahorses and shrimps. Which chocolate brand am I? Guylian from Belgium.
  • “Dare to be tender” is my slogan. Which brand am I? Milka.
  • My ingredients are alcoholic spirit malt and milk chocolate. I have a crunchy malt filling and am manufactured by Mars. Malteser.
  • “Say it with a Kiss” is my slogan. What is my chocolate brand? Hershey’s kisses.
  • I am the newest member of the chocolate family, introduced in 2017 by Barry Callebaut. My name is like a gemstone. What’s my name? Ruby chocolate.
  • What is the slogan for Kit Kat? “Have a break, have a Kit Kat.”
  • My ingredients include milk chocolate and crunchy almond caramel. My country of origin is Sweden. What’s my name? Daim.
  • My contents include flavored nougat, caramel covered with milk chocolate, and chocolate malt. I am named for a malted drink rather than a scientific discovery. What’s my name? Marst.
  • I am a ball filled with layers of chocolate and marzipan from Austria. What’s my name? Mozart Kugel.
  • I am a Cadbury bar sold in Germany and Canada under the name Wunderbar. What’s my name? Starbar.
  • I am not as bitter as dark chocolate nor as light and sweet as milk chocolate. I am also good, if not perfect, for baking. What’s my name? Semisweet chocolate.
  • Name the fried chocolate bar you can eat in Scotland. Mars bar.


Hot chocolate trivia

You will need that cup of hot cocoa in this chocolate trivia segment. There are some interesting facts you’ll come across too.

  • National Hot Chocolate day is celebrated on which date? January 31st.
  • Which was the first chocolate treat, chocolate bar or hot chocolate? Hot chocolate.
  • Who is believed to be the first people to drink hot chocolate in ancient times? The ancient Mayans.
  • Pope Gregory III decreed that no one should drink hot chocolate while fasting. True or False? False.
  • Which American president is considered to have been a big fan of hot chocolate? Thomas Jefferson.
  • How many cacao beans does it take to make one pound of chocolate? 400 beans. (Cacao trees are delicate and need much care, making it hard work).
  • Is there a difference between hot chocolate and hot cocoa? Yes.
  • What are some ingredients for making a cup of hot chocolate? Cocoa powder, chocolate chips, sugar, warm milk, or hot water.
  • Why is hot chocolate considered healthier than the other types? It’s full of antioxidants.
  • What is the name of the thick hot chocolate drink taken by Italians? Cioccolata densa.
  • What is the name of the early Aztec version of a bitter hot chocolate drink? Xocatl.(Actually, the word chocolate was derived from it).
  • In which city was the largest hot chocolate party held? Mexico City, Mexico. How many people were in attendance? 2106 participants.
  • In 1982, Frank Crawford documented a phenomenon called ‘the allassonic effect. What is the other name for this phenomenon? The hot chocolate effect.


10 facts about chocolate

As earlier informed, we will not only share chocolate trivia questions. In this segment, we have some exciting chocolate fun facts too.

  • There are four types of chocolates: dark, White, Milk, and Ruby chocolate.
  • Cocoa butter is also called Theobroma oil. It has a melting point just below the human body temperature? (This ensures the chocolate melts effortlessly in your mouth).
  • Red wine has 200 flavor compounds, while chocolate has over 600.
  • Chocolate is actually harmful to cats and dogs. It contains theobromine chemical, which they can’t digest. Don’t kill your pets.
  • The Mayans not only used chocolate for beverage making but also as a form of currency.
  • Cacao trees take five years for them to produce their first cacao pods. They make the best cacao beans in their initial 25 years.
  • Chocolate was initially consumed as a bitter drink. It was a mixture of cocoa powder, spices, and water. The Aztecs also used to offer it as a sacrifice to the gods.
  • Switzerland is the biggest consumer of chocolate in the world. The country has an average consumption of 8.8 kg per person per year.
  • The first chocolate bar was modeled in 1847 in the United Kingdom. The first milk chocolate bar was invented in 1875 in Switzerland.
  • Consumption of dark chocolate helps with health. It reduces the risk of getting lower blood pressure and improves blood flow which is attributed to its high antioxidant content.

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Fun chocolate trivia  

It’s always fun with chocolate. I mean, who even doesn’t love chocolates? Have fun with this chocolate trivia.

  • How many pounds of chocolate are consumed every Easter? More than 70 million pounds.
  • Which chocolate maker invented the heart-shaped box of chocolate? Cadbury.
  • Which European country was the first one to incorporate chocolate into its cuisine? Spain.
  • German chocolate cake is named after the country Germany. True or False? False. (Actually, it was named after Sam German, who developed a sweet bar for Baker’s chocolate. He was not from Germany either).
  • How do you say “cocoa” in Spanish? “Cacao.”
  • In which year was the English company Cadbury founded, and in which city? Birmingham City in 1824.
  • What is the name of the famous Australian chocolate biscuit maker, Tim Tam? Arnott’s
  • Godiva, Leonidas, and Neuhaus are all chocolatiers from which European country? Belgium.
  • What is the meaning of bloom in the chocolate world? It’s a process where the cocoa fat used to make the chocolates separate after exposure to high temperatures.
  • What is the name of the Swiss confectioner credited with the development of solid milk chocolate? Daniel Peter.
  • Nestle makes an aerated chocolate bar. What is its name? Aero.
  • In the United States, what is the name of the famous chocolate product by the Italian maker Ferrero? Chocolate hazelnut truffles.
  • Which Actor played the character Rou in the movie Chocolat? Johnny Depp.
  • How much chocolate is sold at the Brussels Airport? Approximately 800 tons of chocolate annually.
  • Name the five depictions of the five boys’ chocolate bar that Fry made in 1902. Pacification, Desperation, Realization, Acclamation, and Desperation.
  • What is the full meaning of the initials M&M’s? Mars and Murrie.
  • Hershey produces ‘Hershey’s kisses chocolate. Which chocolate ration did they commission for the U.S. Army During World War II? The D Ration bar
  • Which country has the biggest chocolate museum in the world? Switzerland.
  • A Hazelnut is contained in which type of chocolate? A Toffifee.
  • What is the one fun fact about the bear on the Toblerone bar logo? It is a heraldic animal of Bern City, Switzerland, where the Toblerone company was founded.
  • The famous Kit Kat was invented in which country? The United Kingdom.
  • Which color is the milka cow from the German-manufactured chocolate? Purple.
  • Which company makes Butterfingers? Nestle Co.
  • What is the original Latina name of the Mexican movie ‘Like water for chocolate’? Como Agua para chocolate.
  • The annual chocolate consumption in Europe is estimated at 5 kg per person. True or False? True.
  • Name one fun fact about the Fuse chocolate bar produced by Cadbury. It was launched in the United Kingdom but is nowadays sold in the Indian market.
  • Name the largest chocolate manufacturer in the world. Mars.
  • What is the name of the founder of the Cadbury chocolate factory? John Cadbury.
  • Which year did dairy milk chocolate introduce its different variations of the chocolate? 2001.
  • Besides coffee beans, where else can one find the chemical theobromine? In Tea leaves and the Kola nut.

Chocolate will be around for a long time, and we are waiting for more uses and flavors to be invented.  

On your next trivia night or chocolate holidays, showcase your knowledge, and spread the love of chocolate to your friends and family with this chocolate trivia. 

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