70+ Fun and Creative Drawing Prompts for Kids of All Ages

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Hey there, fun-loving mommas! Today, I’ll be your favorite guide to sparking creativity in your kiddos with some fabulous and free printable drawing prompts. It’s a proven fact that a blank piece of paper can turn into a vibrant canvas of imagination, especially for kids of all ages. So let’s dive into this fun-filled activity!

Funny Drawing Prompts for Kids

Starting point? Let’s get those giggles going! Here’s a great way to put your child’s creative ideas to work:

  • Draw a pig wearing a tutu.
  • Sketch your favorite food dancing the Macarena.
  • Create a family portrait where everyone is a different animal.
  • Doodle a robot trying to eat a sandwich.
  • Imagine a dog driving a car.
  • Draw yourself with superhero powers.
  • Imagine the birthday cake you’d design for a dinosaur.
  • What would it look like if the sun wore sunglasses?
  • Create a comic strip about a funny alien visiting Earth.
  • Sketch a bear doing yoga.
  • Sketch a picture of a mouse who’s afraid of cheese.
  • Draw an octopus trying to tie its shoes.
  • Imagine and draw an elephant on a tricycle.
  • How would a monkey look wearing glasses and reading a book?
  • Doodle a picture of a cat having a tea party.
  • Draw a superhero whose superpower is sneezing.
  • Draw a fish climbing a tree.
drawing prompts for kids
  • Create a drawing of aliens having a pizza party.
  • Sketch a turtle running a race.
  • Draw a group of ants having a picnic.
  • Imagine and draw a snail with rocket boosters.
  • Create a scene with pigs flying in the sky.
  • Sketch an ice cream cone chasing after a spoon.
  • Draw a rabbit that loves to tap dance.

Silly Drawing Prompts for Kids

Nothing unleashes the creative mind like a good dose of silliness. These silly drawing prompts for kids will be a source of inspiration and a fun way to get those creative juices flowing.

  • Draw a giraffe with a short neck.
  • Imagine what a fish would look like if it could fly.
  • What would a car look like if it were designed by a cat?
  • Draw a snowman sunbathing at the beach.
drawing prompts for kids
  • How would a tree look if it grew upside down?
  • Doodle a mermaid with legs instead of a tail.
  • Sketch a unicorn with polka dots.
  • Design a pair of shoes for a centipede.
  • What if houses were shaped like our favorite fruits?
  • Picture an ice cream cone that never melts.
  • Draw a chicken playing a musical instrument.
  • What would your school look like if it was under the sea?
  • Draw a zebra without stripes.
  • Imagine and draw a rain of hamburgers.
  • What would a butterfly look like with bird wings?
  • Sketch your favorite cartoon character with your other hand.
  • Draw a banana going for a walk.
  • How would your room look if everything was upside down?
  • Imagine and draw a planet where only donuts live.
  • Sketch a shark scared of a tiny fish.
drawing prompts for kids
  • Draw a horse with a cat’s tail.
  • Doodle a sunflower trying to find the sun.
  • Draw a group of clouds having a race.
  • Picture a bicycle racing with a car.
  • Draw a snowman in a desert.
drawing prompts for kids

Drawing Prompts for Beginners

Just starting out? Here are some simple and creative drawing prompts for kids that can be a great way to hone those drawing skills:

  • Sketch your favorite animal.
  • Draw your favorite cartoon character.
  • Try to capture the scene outside your window.
  • Draw the first thing you see when you wake up.
  • Practice regular journal writing and add doodles related to your day.
  • Create a self-portrait.
  • Draw your favorite toy.
  • Sketch a simple machine, like a wheel or a lever.
  • Create a drawing of your family.
  • Draw the different letters of the alphabet in vibrant colors.
  • Draw a picture of a family of stars.
  • Sketch a picture of a rainbow but with unusual colors.
  • Imagine and draw what would happen if animals could talk.
  • Draw a funny picture of your teacher.
  • Sketch a city inhabited by your favorite animals.
  • Draw a picture of the tooth fairy.
  • Sketch your favorite sport but with animals playing it.
drawing prompts for kids
  • Draw a picture of your best friend on the moon.
  • Create a drawing of your family as superheroes.
  • Sketch a silly monster under your bed.
  • Imagine and draw a scene from your favorite book.
  • Draw a self-portrait but as an animal.
  • Create a picture of an underwater world.
  • Draw a crazy hat you’d love to wear.
  • Draw the tallest ice cream sundae in the world.

Drawing Prompts for Middle School

  • Draw your favorite video game character in a different style.
  • Sketch a homemade book cover for your favorite novel.
  • Create a comic strip about school life.
  • Imagine and draw a new planet and its inhabitants.
  • Develop a superhero and their alter ego.
  • Draw a machine that does your least favorite chore.
  • Create a design for a new pair of sneakers.
  • Design a new school uniform.
  • Draw a map of your ideal city.
  • Draw what you think you’ll look like in 20 years.
  • Draw a picture of the weather today.
  • Sketch your favorite letter of the alphabet in 3D.
  • Draw your favorite fruit.
  • Draw a boat on a calm lake.
  • Sketch a picture of your favorite place.
  • Create a drawing of a beautiful sunset.
  • Draw a picture of your dream pet.
  • Create a drawing of a street in your neighborhood.
  • Sketch your family doing their favorite activities.
  • Draw a picture of a flower.
  • Doodle the various shapes you see around your house.
  • Draw a picture of a car.
  • Draw a fun picture of your school.
  • Sketch a picture of a bird flying.
  • Create a drawing of a park.

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Drawing Prompts for Elementary Students

Here are some creative drawing ideas perfect for our little artists.

  • Draw your favorite storybook character in a different scenario.
  • Design a new kind of candy.
  • Draw a house for an ant.
  • Sketch the most fantastic treehouse ever.
  • Create a map of your perfect playground.
  • Draw a picture of your best friend as a superhero.
  • Doodle a pattern using only shapes and lines.
  • Draw a picture from the perspective of a bird.
  • Sketch your favorite pet (or the pet you wish you had).
  • Draw a zoo but with animals swapped with their habitats.

Remember, these prompts are just a starting point, so let your kiddos get creative and add their unique twists. Encourage them to try different ideas and see where their imagination leads. So, grab those wax crayons, and let’s get started on this fun activity! Stay tuned for our next fun exercise.

Which are your favourite drawing prompts for kids? Comment below.

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