200 fun & easy middle school trivia questions

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If you’re looking for fun activities with your students, check out the middle school trivia questions below.

Trivia questions can be a great way to sharpen their mental skills. It is also a great ice-breaker activity.

The middle school trivia questions below will get students thinking hard about different subjects.

The trivia questions below can also be used for fun family game nights. We have covered various subjects like general knowledge trivia, geography, and science middle school trivia questions.

Middle school trivia questions for kids

How to set up a trivia quiz for kids?

Firstly, you will need to have a list of questions prepared.

Then you need to decide the format of the quiz. For example, some trivia quizzes are multiple-based questions.

You need to know how to set up fun trivia for a good start. You can start by developing a list of your middle school trivia questions to ask and decide the format to use for the purpose.

Here are other things to consider to make trivia nights fun for kids:

  • Use a paper and pencil or get a dry-erase board for an exciting family game night so the kids can write down their answers on the board.
  • Create teams that take turns answering the questions. Have a steal option if a participant gets the answer wrong.
  • Decide to give prizes, bonus points, and rewards for the right answers
  • Also, it will be fun for your kids to play using technology like eggspirt. It comes with six colored buzzers that light up and flash. Kids love pushing the buzzers and get excited about the quizzes
Middle school trivia questions for kids

Easy middle school trivia questions

You can use the middle school trivia questions below to boost your child’s general knowledge. Here are some easy middle school trivia questions:

  1. Question: How many holes are there in a full round of golf?

Answer: 18 holes

2. Question: Which city hosted the 2012 summer Olympic games?

Answer:  London, England

3. Question: Which river flows through London?

Answer: The Thames

4. Question: What is the name of the Jungle Book bear?

Answer: Baloo

5. Question: Which Italian city is famous for the leaning tower it has?

Answer: Pisa

6. Question: Which state is called a volunteer state?

Answer: Tennesse

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7. Question: What do you call the color M in McDonald’s?

Answer: Yellow

8. Question: Which animal’s fur is given Nutria?

Answer: Coypu

9. Question: Which country’s largest is Tempere?

Answer: Finland

10. Question: How many colors do a rainbow has?

Answer: Seven

11. Question: Why do we use a thermometer?

Answer: To check the Temperature

12. Question: What is the hardest natural substance?

Answer: Diamond

13. Question: How many cents does a quarter has?

Answer: 22

14. Questions: How many wheels are there in a tricycle?

Answer: Three

15. Question: Which planet is the biggest in a milky way?

Answer: The planet is bigger than earth.

16. Question: Where is the Eiffel tower?

Answer: Paris. France

17. Question: How many chambers does a human heart has?

Answer: Four

18. Question: What marine life pulls King Triton’s chariot in the little mermaid?

Answer: Dolphins

19. Question: Who introduced Ice cream to France in the 16th century?

Answer: Catherine de Medici

20. Question: Who cut the American flag and was honored for it?

Answer: Rober Peary

21. Question: What was the name of ‘Lion king 2’?

Answer: Simba’s Pride

22. Question: In which year was the medal of honor conferred to Theodore Roosevelt?

Answer: 2001

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Easy trivia questions and answers

23. Question: Where was Justin Bieber born?

Answer: Ontario, London

24. Question What is the largest mountain range in South America?

Answer: Angel Falls

25. Question: Which painter created the famous ‘’Mona Lisa’’?

Answer: Leonardo da Vinci

26. Question: Which is the fastest land animal?

Answer: Cheetah

27. Question: How tall is the great pyramid of Giza?

Answer: 481 Feet

28. Question: Which year did the first ‘Guinness world records’’ book get published?

Answer: 1955

29. Question: What color of standard traffic light comes after green?

Answer: Amber

30. Question: Which city is known as a Windy city?

Answer: Chicago

31. Question: When you walk, does your left arm swing with your right or left leg?

Answer: Right

32. Question: What is the nickname of New York City?

Answer: Big Apple

33. Question Which part of the heart gets clogged and causes heart disease?

Answer: Arteries

34. Question: What is the deepest point in the great lakes?

Answer: Lake Superior

35. Question: Which is the longest river in the world?

Answer: The Nile

36. Question: Who was the first president of the united states?

Answer: George Washington

37. Question: Who was the first NFL draft player in 1936?

Answer: Jay Berwanger

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38. Question: What are the primary colors?

Answer: Red, Blue, Green

39. Question: Who created the Hollywood sign?

Answer: Thomas Fisk Goff

40. Question: What was the toy’s name first advertised on TV?

Answer: Mr. Potato

41. Question: Where did the cowboy live 100 years ago?

Answer: On a cattle ranch

42. Question: How many bends are there in the standard paperclip?

Answer: Three

43. Question: Which island did Julius Ceaser attack in 55 BC?

Answer: Britain

44. Question: Which sweet food is made from filo pastry?

Answer: Baklava

45. Question: Does Hermione die in the harry potter series?

Answer: The philosopher’s stone repairs her body, and she returns to life.

46. Question: Which is the longest river in the United Kingdom?

Answer: Severn

47. Question: When was the first Nobel prize awarded?

Answer: 10 December 1901

Hard middle school trivia questions

Below are some hard middle school trivia questions that sharpen children’s mental skills and intelligence.

It will encourage them to think hard about the answers.

48. Question: Which is the loudest animal on earth?

Answer: The sperm whale.

49. Question: What do we call baby owls?

Answer: Owlets/Nestlings

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50. Question: What do we call the space between windows?

Answer: Inerfenestration

51. Question: Which parrot can not fly?

Answer: Kakapo

52. Question: Which colors are difficult to distinguish for colorblind people?

Answer: Red and green

53. Question: Who was the captain when the Titanic was sinking?

Answer: Edward Smith

54. Question: Who invented the thermostat?

Answer: Galileo Galilei

55. Question: Which country fought seven wars in history?

Answer: Dominican Republic

56. Question: Which Indian Mausoleum was known as ‘’teardrop on the cheek of time’’?

Answer: The Taj Mahal

57. Question: Which is the oldest inhabited city in the world?

Answer: Damascus, Syria

58. Question: Which country has the most freshwater?

Answer: Brazil

59. Question: How many earths could fit inside the sun?

Answer: 1.3 Million

60. Question: What’s the smallest bone in the human body?

Answer: Stapes

61. Question: Where is the medulla oblongata in the human body?

Answer: In the brain

62, Question: Which US state only borders one other?

Answer: Maine

63. Question: Is the Eiffel tower taller or the statue of liberty?

Answer: The Eiffel Tower

64. Question: What is the name of Eve’s third son?

Answer: Seth

65.Question: Which public figure died on Halloween in 1926?

Answer: Harry Houdini

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66. Question: Which country used the ‘’trick or treat’’ phrase for the first time?

Answer: Canada

68. Question: Which singer was killed by his father back in 1984?

Answer: Marvin Gaye

69. Question: Which singer was killed by his fan in New York?

Answer: John Lennon

70. Question: What is the real name of BONO?

Answer: Paul David Hewson

71. Question: What was the town of Jessica Mcclure, the baby in the well?

Answer: Midland

72. Question: Which mammal is capable of true flight?

Answer: Bat

 73. Question: What is the size of a newborn Kangaroo?

Answer: Lima Bean

74. Question: How far can a wolf smell its prey?

Answer: 1.75 miles

75. Question: Which superstar married Sean Penn in 1985?

Answer: Madonna

Middle school science trivia questions

We live in an exciting world surrounded by diverse flora and fauna, natural beauty, and landscapes.

There’s always something we can learn from our environment.

The middle school science trivia questions below will help your kids discover something new about physics, chemistry, and the world.

Following are the science trivia questions that are aimed at helping you boost your kid’s knowledge about science with a fun fact quiz.

76. Question: What are the units of measurement of radioactive element activity?

Answer: The Becquerel

77. Question: What will you get on mixing all the colors?

Answer: White

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78. Question: What is the silver element symbol?

Answer: Ag.

79. Question: How many patients did Thomas Edison file alone?

Answer: 1093

80. Question: Which is the shortest magnet in the universe?

Answer: A neuron star

81. Question: What is the temperature of Venus?

Answer: 460 Degrees Celsius

82. Question: What is the distance between the moon and the earth?

Answer: 376, 600 Km.

83. Question: What is the hottest planet in the solar system?

Answer: Venus

84. Question: What is the temperature on Venus?

Answer: 460 Degrees Celsius

85. Question: What is the opposite of matter called?

Answer: Antimatter

86. Question: How much salt does the human body has?

Answer: 250 grams

87. Question: Why do bubbles burst?

Answer: Bubbles get dry from the air surrounding them

88. Question: How many bones are there in the human body?

Answer: 206

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Questions for kids

89. Question: What is the use of a manometer?

Answer: Closed-system pressure measuring

90. Question: Which organisms are called the oldest fossils?

Answer: Blue-green Algae

91. Question: What is a tomato, fruit, or vegetable?

Answer: Fruit

92. Question: What percentage of AB-negative blood is found in humans?

Answer: Less than 1 percent

93. Question: Which is the longest cell in the human body?

Answer: The neurons.

94. Question: Who invented the battery?

Answer: Alessandro Volta

95. Question: Where is pina located in the human body?

Answer: Outer ear.

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96. Question: What is the human body temperature during digestion?

Answer: A little higher than normal

97. Question: What is the age of the earth?

Answer: 4.5 billion years

98. Question: Which planet rotates the fastest?

Answer: Jupiter

99. Question: How much pressure is required to convert graphite into a diamond?

Answer: 100,000 atmospheres

100. Question: What are nails made of?

Answer: Keratin

101. Question: What do we call two holes in the human nose?

Answer: Nostrils

102. Question: What do we call the bones that make up the spine?

Answer: Vertebrae

103. Question: What do we call blood flow from the heart to other body parts?

Answer: Circulation

Middle school geography trivia questions

Nothing is more exciting than learning more about the world, countries, and continents.

This geography trivia questions is an excellent source of entertainment for children that will bring new ideas to their minds.

It will also encourage them to do more research about different countries in the world along with its culture.

 Let’s take a look at the following middle school geography trivia questions.

104. Question: Which city is situated on two continents?

Answer: Istanbul is located on the Asian and European continent

105. Question: Which countries have the longest border shared?

Answer: the United States of America and Canada

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106. Question: The body of the Egyptian Sphinx was based on which animal?

Answer: Lion

107. Question: What is the capital of the United States?

Answer: Washington, D.C

108. Question: What shape is a stop sign?

Answer: Octagon

109. Question: What job was Snow white assigned to perform by her stepmother?

Answer: Scullery Maid

110. Question: Which is the largest ocean in the world?

Answer: The pacific ocean.

8th-grade trivia questions & answers

Below are the latest trivia questions for 8th-grade students:

111. Question: What sweet food is made by bees using nectar from flowers?

Answer: Honey

112. Question: What is the top red color in the rainbow?

Answer: Red

113. Question: Which country gifted the Statue of Liberty?

Answer: France

114. Question: What do you get when you boil water?

Answer: steam

115. Question: How many days are in June?

Answer: 30

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7th grade trivia questions & answers

We have listed some of the best trivia questions for little minds. These 7th-grade middle school trivia questions & answers will make your kid think hard and brainstorm the answers with their classmates.

116. Question: Which animated movie has made the most money of all time?

Answer: Frozen

117. Question: Which member of one direction quit the band in 2015?

Answer: Zayn Malik

118. Question: Which company owns Xbox?

Answer: Microsoft

119. Question: What do the thirteen top stripes on the flag of the USA represent?

Answer: The thirteen original colonies

History Middle School Trivia

  1. Question: Who was the first President of the United States?
    Answer: George Washington
  2. Question: During which war was the Battle of Gettysburg fought?
    Answer: The American Civil War
  3. Question: Who was the Egyptian queen known for her relationship with Roman leaders Julius Caesar and Mark Antony?
    Answer: Cleopatra
  4. Question: What was the main route used by pioneers during the westward expansion of the United States?
    Answer: The Oregon Trail
  5. Question: Who wrote the “I Have a Dream” speech?
    Answer: Martin Luther King Jr.
  6. Question: Who discovered America?
    Answer: Christopher Columbus
  7. Question: Who was known as the “Father of the Constitution”?
    Answer: James Madison
  8. Question: Who was the first female Prime Minister of the United Kingdom?
    Answer: Margaret Thatcher
  9. Question: In which year did World War II end?
    Answer: 1945
  10. Question: Who was the Greek philosopher known for his method of questioning?
    Answer: Socrates
  11. Question: What is the Magna Carta?
    Answer: A charter of rights agreed to by King John of England in 1215
  12. Question: What is the oldest active parliament in the world?
    Answer: The Althing in Iceland
  13. Question: What ancient city was famously sacked by the Spartans in 404 BC?
    Answer: Athens
  14. Question: What Chinese philosophy emphasized harmony with nature?
    Answer: Taoism
  15. Question: Who was the Pharaoh during the Exodus in the Bible?
    Answer: It’s not specified, but often thought to be Ramses II
  16. Question: Which explorer first circumnavigated the globe?
    Answer: Ferdinand Magellan
  17. Question: What treaty ended the Revolutionary War?
    Answer: The Treaty of Paris, 1783
  18. Question: Who was the first African American Supreme Court Justice?
    Answer: Thurgood Marshall
  19. Question: What historical period came after the fall of the Western Roman Empire?
    Answer: The Middle Ages
  20. Question: What year did the French Revolution begin?
    Answer: 1789

Time Middle School Trivia

  1. Question: How many seconds are in a minute?
    Answer: 60
  2. Question: How many days are in a leap year?
    Answer: 366
  3. Question: What is a decade?
    Answer: A period of 10 years
  4. Question: How many days are in the month of February in a non-leap year?
    Answer: 28
  5. Question: If a clock shows 3:15, what is the angle between the minute and the hour hand?
    Answer: 52.5 degrees
  6. Question: How many weeks are in a year?
    Answer: 52
  7. Question: How many hours are in a day?
    Answer: 24
  8. Question: What time zone is referred to as “Zulu time”?
    Answer: Coordinated Universal Time (UTC)
  9. Question: How many minutes are in a week?
    Answer: 10,080
  10. Question: How many centuries are in a millennium?
    Answer: 10
  11. Question: What is the shortest month of the year?
    Answer: February
  12. Question: What is the term used to describe the time it takes for the Earth to orbit the Sun once?
    Answer: A year
  13. Question: How many days are there in a fortnight?
    Answer: 14
  14. Question: How many time zones are there in the world?
    Answer: 24
  15. Question: What do you call the time that is exactly 12:00:00 at midnight?
    Answer: Midnight
  16. Question: What is the international date line?
    Answer: An imaginary line of longitude that separates two consecutive calendar days
  17. Question: How many leap years are there in a century?
    Answer: Typically 24, except in centuries not divisible by 400
  18. Question: How many milliseconds are in a second?
    Answer: 1,000
  19. Question: What is the time difference between GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) and UTC (Coordinated Universal Time)?
    Answer: There is no difference; they are the same.
  20. Question: How many seconds are there in an hour?
    Answer: 3,600

Animal Trivia for Middle School Students

  1. Question: What is the largest land animal?
    Answer: African Elephant
  2. Question: What is the smallest breed of dog?
    Answer: Chihuahua
  3. Question: What is the tallest bird in the world?
    Answer: Ostrich
  4. Question: What is the national bird of the United States?
    Answer: Bald Eagle
  5. Question: How many legs does a spider typically have?
    Answer: 8
  6. Question: What is the largest species of shark?
    Answer: The Whale Shark
  7. Question: What animal is known as the “King of the Jungle”?
    Answer: Lion
  8. Question: What is the fastest land animal?
    Answer: Cheetah
  9. Question: Which mammal has the ability to truly fly?
    Answer: Bat
  10. Question: What is a baby kangaroo called?
    Answer: Joey
  11. Question: What is the largest type of penguin?
    Answer: Emperor Penguin
  12. Question: How many chambers does a human heart have?
    Answer: 4
  13. Question: Which bird is known for its beautiful tail feathers and courtship dance?
    Answer: Peacock
  14. Question: What type of animal is a Komodo dragon?
    Answer: A lizard
  15. Question: What is the smallest mammal in the world?
    Answer: Bumblebee Bat
  16. Question: What is the only mammal capable of sustained flight?
    Answer: Bat
  17. Question: Which animal has the longest lifespan?
    Answer: Bowhead Whale
  18. Question: What is the largest reptile in the world?
    Answer: Saltwater Crocodile
  19. Question: What is the national bird of India?
    Answer: Indian Peafowl
  20. Question: Which insect is known for its light-producing organ?
    Answer: Firefly

Space Trivia for Middle School Students

  1. Question: What is the largest planet in our solar system?
    Answer: Jupiter
  2. Question: Who was the first person to walk on the moon?
    Answer: Neil Armstrong
  3. Question: What is the closest star to Earth?
    Answer: The Sun
  4. Question: How many moons does Mars have?
    Answer: 2
  5. Question: What is the name of the fifth planet from the sun?
    Answer: Jupiter
  6. Question: What galaxy is Earth located in?
    Answer: The Milky Way Galaxy
  7. Question: What is the name of Saturn’s largest moon?
    Answer: Titan
  8. Question: What planet is known as the Red Planet?
    Answer: Mars
  9. Question: What do you call a system of millions or billions of stars, together with gas and dust, held together by gravitational attraction?
    Answer: Galaxy
  10. Question: What planet is known for having a prominent ring system?
    Answer: Saturn
  11. Question: What is the name of the first artificial satellite sent into space?
    Answer: Sputnik 1
  12. Question: Who was the first woman in space?
    Answer: Valentina Tereshkova
  13. Question: How long does it take for the Earth to revolve around the Sun?
    Answer: 365.25 days
  14. Question: What is the hottest planet in our solar system?
    Answer: Venus
  15. Question: What is the name of NASA’s most famous space telescope?
    Answer: Hubble Space Telescope
  16. Question: Which planet is known as the “Gas Giant”?
    Answer: Jupiter
  17. Question: What are small, rocky bodies that orbit the Sun, mostly found between Mars and Jupiter?
    Answer: Asteroids
  18. Question: What is the most abundant gas in the Earth’s atmosphere?
    Answer: Nitrogen
  19. Question: What is the term for the boundary marking the edge of the sun’s influence, where the solar wind slows down, and the interstellar medium begins?
    Answer: Heliopause
  20. Question: What is the phenomenon called when the Moon passes between Earth and the Sun, and the Sun appears to be partially or fully obscured?
    Answer: Solar Eclipse

Maths Middle School Trivia

  1. Question: If you have a triangle with sides measuring 3cm, 4cm, and 5cm, what kind of triangle is it?
    Answer: Right triangle
  2. Question: What do you call a polygon with 8 sides?
    Answer: Octagon
  3. Question: What is the perimeter of a rectangle that is 3 meters long and 4 meters wide?
    Answer: 14 meters
  4. Question: What is the value of Pi up to three decimal places?
    Answer: 3.142
  5. Question: If a shirt costs $20 and is discounted by 25%, how much will it cost?
    Answer: $15
  6. Question: What do you call an angle that is greater than 90 degrees but less than 180 degrees?
    Answer: Obtuse angle
  7. Question: What is the sum of the interior angles of a pentagon?
    Answer: 540 degrees
  8. Question: What is the name of a three-dimensional shape with six faces, all of which are rectangles?
    Answer: Rectangular prism
  9. Question: What is the smallest prime number?
    Answer: 2
  10. Question: If you roll a fair six-sided die, what is the probability of rolling a 3?
    Answer: 1/6
  11. Question: What do you call the result of dividing one number by another?
    Answer: Quotient
  12. Question: What is the next prime number after 5?
    Answer: 7
  13. Question: If you multiply a number by its reciprocal, what is the result?
    Answer: 1
  14. Question: What do you call a number with exactly two factors, 1 and itself?
    Answer: Prime number
  15. Question: What is the formula for the area of a circle?
    Answer: �=��2A=πr2, where �r is the radius
  16. Question: What is the result of any number raised to the power of zero?
    Answer: 1
  17. Question: What do you call a polygon with 7 sides?
    Answer: Heptagon
  18. Question: What is the least common multiple of 4 and 5?
    Answer: 20
  19. Question: How many degrees are in a right angle?
    Answer: 90
  20. Question: What is the sum of the first 10 natural numbers?
    Answer: 55


We hope you have enjoyed the middle school trivia questions below.

Let us know which questions excite your students the most.

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