Easy & Fun Curly Paper Hair Craft For Kids

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If you’re a kid who loves cutting and gluing, or a parent looking for a fun activity to do on a rainy day, you’re in the right place. Get ready for a colorful adventure with our fun curly paper hair craft for kids.

This hands-on activity is perfect for kids who love to get creative and express themselves.

Curly hair paper craft for kids

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Step 1: 

Grab  piece of paper or even construction paper and draw eyes with a smiley face. You can even choose to draw a sad face if that is what your child is feeling. 

Step 2: 

Spread some glue to where you would like the hair to be. I have used various colors of unique paper strips to make fun curly colourful hair. 

Tips: You can substitute paper with yarn hair or even some flowers and grass. Choose any hair styles that you like. 

 paper hair craft for kids

Step 3. 

Using some safety scissors cut the outline of your drawing. 

I have added a straw and stick some cardboard at the back to make it stand. My kids play with  it like a puppet doll 

 paper hair craft for kids

​Paper hair craft tips: 

1. You can use paper plates instead or plain paper 

2. This can help your child practice their fine motor skills by improving on their scissor skills 

3. If your toddler struggles to find the perfect hair style then let them use any craft material they like, for example, pom poms, foam heads, etc 

Wrapping up this adventure into the world of paper crafts, it’s clear that creating  colourful hair craft is a fantastic way to boost skills, spark imagination, and keep young minds and hands busy.

Whether you’re a home mum looking for craft activities to fill the day, an early childhood teacher in search of educational play ideas, or just a crafty soul at heart, these projects offer a perfect way to engage young children in a world of creativity right at your kitchen table.

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