Cardboard Toy: Easy DIY Car park

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Here’s an awesome cardboard toy that your child will love. It is made from used detergent box.

I am convinced that cardboard toy is the best thing for my toddler. It last a long time and easy to make.

This homemade car park also keeps my 2-year-old entertained for a very long time.

Besides using detergent box, you can use any cardboard, for example, amazon boxes.

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We all know Amazon has the habit of “overpacking” so there’s plenty of unused cardboard that goes to waste.

My toddler has an obsession with cars, so this DIY car park is a great way to keep her car toys organised.

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DIY Cardboard Toy Carpark

You don’t need to spend cash on fun activities for your toddlers. With some cardboard and duck tape, you can create this track yourself at home.

The materials you will need :

  • Cardboard box
  • Duck tape/ glue
  • Marker pen
  • Scissors
  • Toy cars

You can also make a double story car park, however, in this example, I will be making a single layer car park.

How to make this :

  1. Cut the cardboard to a rectangle shape
  2. Bend the sides so the cars don’t fall off ( like a little pavement) 
  3. Use the sides of the detergent box to make the car park stand. You can use glue or double-sided tape for this.
  4. Using a marker pen to make lines on the car park

Watch the video below:

How to make your own DIY Cardboard Car Park in 30 seconds:

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