Kids’ Search Engines : 7 Kid-Friendly Browser

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You must be wondering if there are any safe kids’ search engines besides Google. You will be surprised by the number of child-friendly browsers available for children 

These are search engines designed specifically with children in mind. Hence the content is vetted. 

Many of the kids’ search engines are also visually more appealing since children relate better to pictures than words. 

The visual appearance helps children find the content they are looking for without having to browse or scroll through so many pages. 

All of the kids’ search engines also have content that is appropriate for children. However, do keep in mind that nothing is ever 100% safe online. 

Nonetheless, it is worth using kids’ search engines rather than just Google to protect your children from being exposed to inappropriate content.

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Here are 7 kids’ search engines besides Google

1- Kidtopia 

This search engine is suitable for preschool and middle school students. The sites displayed are all approved by educators

2- Kid’s Search Engine

The sites on this search engine are all peer-reviewed. The content is all age-appropriate and very kid-friendly. Definitely a good search engine for children.

3- Teach the Children Well

The content of this search engine is selected by teachers, parents, and also students. It is designed for middle school students but can also be used for older kids.

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4- Kiddle

This is like Pinterest for kids. It is a visual search engine and is powered by Google. Kids can look for video results and images. The results are all filtered and are kid-friendly.

Using Kiddie parents and educators can be assured that children won’t be exposed to adult content. The fun thing about Kiddie is that it is highly visual. 

The best thing about this kid search engine is that when your child types in an inappropriate term, it will actually give them an error message. 

The content in this search engine is censored. Parents and teachers don’t actually need parental control using

However, do keep in mind that some violent content still slips through this search engine when a child type in a certain names of TV shows. 

If your child browses on things like Alcohol it will give them factual information but will not promote the use of it.

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5- DuckDuckGo

Not exactly designed for children but it is a safer option than Google. When using DuckDuck Go your personal information is not collected. They pride in letting users remain private. There are also no ads in this search engine and no search history is recorded.

6- KidRex

This was founded in 2016. In fact it is powered by Google.

KidiRex describes itself as a “safe search for kids by kids.” Yes, is made by kids and for kids! It uses Google Safe search technology and focuses on kid-related websites.

7. Wacky Safe

This is a Microsoft version to Kiddie. 

The main difference is that this comes in the form of an app. 

This is another kid-friendly search engine that filters out inappropriate materials. 

Parents can also add their own layer of protection using Wacky Safe by manually adding filters to certain keywords they don’t want their kid’s to access. 


Websites for kids with ads

1- Fact Monster

This is a free referencing site used by students and teachers. It is like Wikipedia for kids. Children can find facts on thousands of subjects including sports, science, history and many more.

2. Cybersleuth Kids

This is used by mainly older children. Many students use this for homework since it consists of educational content. There are games, printables, videos and activities on many subjects.

Browsing Tips For Kids & Parents:

Besides using a kid’s safe search engines, it is important to set some basic internet safety rules WITH your children. 

  • Inform them about the dangers of the internet. From scamming, fake news to cyberbullying
  • Let them know to never share any personal information with anyone online
  • Teach them how to keep passwords safe and never share it with anyone
  • Install anti-virus software on the devices your kids are using
  • Let your children know that if they come across any inappropriate content they can always talk to you
  • Teach your child to not engage with cyberbullies
  • Remind your children to never talk to strangers online 
  • If your child does something that you feel is wrong, do not be judgemental. Do understand that this is a learning process for them as well. 
  • Don’t forget to limit screen time especially for younger children. Set screen time rules from a young age so they can learn to balance it when they are older. 

The internet is an awesome tool when used correctly. Children need guidance to navigate the online world. Equip them with the right resources so they can thrive in a digital world and explore the wonders of technology. 

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