What does SUS mean in text and Tik Tok?

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There are a few meanings of SUS depending on context, such as suspicious and suspect or sketchy and shady. Let’s look at some possible meanings.

What does SUS mean in text?

SUS means suspicious and suspect. These two words have made up the slang that is now used as part of our everyday conversation.

They can be used interchangeably with either of the words.

Initially the slang SUS is used in Tik Tok, Snapchat and other social media platforms.

But over time it is now used even when text messaging other people.

The word SUS can also mean sketchy or shady.

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What does SUS ( Suspect and Suspicious) mean?

As the word suggest the slang basically means being suspicious towards a person or situation.

This could be a reaction to something you read or see. It could also mean either suspicious or suspect. Not necessarily both of the word at the same time.

For example: ” I found out David cheated on his test, hmm this is sus.”

Hence, the slang SUS can be used in any way depending on the context.

Using SUS in text:

In an easy way to use SUS is by simply typing the word in your text message. It can be used as part of a sentence or to just replace the word suspicious or suspect.

For example:

Person 1 : I heard Anne ran a full marathon without stopping for a drink.

Person 2 : SUS

In the example above, the person is immediately expressing suspicion towards the situation.

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Using it in Snapchat:

It is often used in Snapchat, Tik Tok and other social media platform as part of ‘stories’.

You can also use it as a reply to a person’s story or snap.

Alternatively, you can add it to your own snap too.

In fact, Snapchat has stickers that you can add into your story that reflects the slang.

In order to this open Snapchat, and take a photo or video that you would like to add.

Then click on the sticker icon on the right hand side of the screen.

Under the search bar type the word ‘suspicious’ or ‘suspect’.

You can also type words like ‘strange’, ‘weird’ and more.

A number of sticker options correlating to the word will show up.

You can add those stickers to your snap and write the word ‘sus’ under the sticker.

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Using it Instagram:

The meaning in Instagram remains the same as suspicious and suspect.

When a friend has uploaded a story, you can reply to the story by typing the word ‘sus’.

For example, a friend posted a story about eating in a cafe that has the best chocolate in the world.

You can reply to the story by saying ‘sus’ if you think that the chocolates are not that good.

You can also use stickers to reply to a s story on Instagram DM.

To do this, open Instagram, and click on the DM button on the right hand corner of the screen.

Then click on ‘Stickers’ button on the box on the right hand side.

Search for the words ‘strange’, ‘suspicious’ and more.


GIF is a great way to express emotions in a funny way or humorous way.

It is commonly used when direct messaging or replying to a post.

Commonly used in most social media platforms like Tik Tok, Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook and more.

You can use GIF in almost most messaging apps like Whatsapp and Messenger.

All you need to do is open the keyboard on your mobile phone.

Tap on GIF at the bottom of the keyboard. Search for similar terms like spooky, suspicious and more.

The GIF with different options will show up.

What is ‘mad sus’ ?

This means the same as above except expressed with more intensity.

For example, if you are extremely suspicious of a situation you can type mad sus instead of just sus.

You can even use stickers to express ‘mad sus’ like above.

For instance, search for words like crazy, unbelievable, shocking and more.

What is ‘kinda sus’?

Instead of expressing extreme suspicions you can express a little suspicion.

For example: “Lyndsey is acting kinda sus.”.

This means that someone is being rather shady instead of totally shady.

We hope you have enjoyed the blog post. Don’t forget to leave a comment if you have any questions.

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  1. I love amogus and i love being the imposter and trying not to act sus in front of AOC and disguised toast because his 4000 iq plays will surely leave me crying at my desk and then my mom will come into the room asking why I am crying and I will have to say that AOC caught me when I was ‘sus’.


  3. “‘SUS’ is a new term that is trending.”

    Really? So it didnt exist 50 years ago when everyone was using it? Omg I was lost but now I’m found!

  4. This whole article is SUS!
    To put this much thought into what a pre determined professionally defined word means Is literally the definition of the term “SUS”
    It simply Means Suspicious &/or Suspect. As if other topic at hand is questionable or hard to believe. PERIOD! It doesn’t matter what social media platform ur on, it always means the same thing!


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