Blooming Inspiration: Spring Writing Prompts to Awaken Your Creativity

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Writing prompts are great ways to get creative juices flowing and overcome writer’s block. These spring writing prompts for kids accomplish just that, allowing them to write beautifully about one of the most luscious seasons. These prompts work on writing skills and sharpen other cognitive functions, such as memory and reasoning.  

There are many diverse writing topics in this post. Attempting them will improve a kid’s writing skills, grammar, and vocabulary. 

Blooming Inspiration Spring Writing Prompts to Awaken Your Creativity

Spring writing prompts for 2nd grade.

Second grade is the perfect time to get kids started on writing prompts. With these free writing prompts, your second grader will begin to prove their language, attention, perception, and problem-solving skills. Not to talk of the fact that these writing prompts will keep kids busy and spending their time productively. After all, all play and no work… 

  1. Write about what you plan to do over your spring break. 
  2. Spring cleaning can be a lot of work. Do you help out? How? 
  3. What is a great way you plan to spend your time this spring? 
  4. Does the Easter Bunny excite you or scare you? Why? 
  5. Are you excited to see any baby animals this spring? Which ones? 
  6. Write a short story that happens over the spring break. 
  7. Do you think spring is a great time to spend with friends and family? Write about why. 
  8. In May, a lot of flowers bloom. Which ones do you like the best? 
  9. What are some fun ways to spend your time during the spring season? 
  10. Write about why spring is your favorite time of the year. 
  11. There are many types of Easter candy. In your opinion, which one is the best? 
  12. If you found a baby bunny today, what would you name it, and how you would treat it? 
  13. If you went on a spring picnic today, what snacks would you take with you? 
  14. Do you love or hate windy days? Write about why. 
  15. What are your favorite spring foods? What do you like about them? 
  16. What are your favorite spring activities? Write about them. 
  17. Write about what you plan to do over Easter. 
  18. What story did you hear over spring break that stuck with you? Give us a short summary. 
  19. What do you do during spring that no other family does? Write about that. 
  20. If you could change something about the spring, what would it be?
spring writing prompts

Spring writing prompts 3rd grade

By the third grade, a kid’s cognitive functions begin to improve rapidly. At this stage, they can handle much more complex writing prompts. With these fun spring writing prompts, you will keep your kids’ skills in top shape. These will prompt them to think more about the world about them as well as improve their opinion writing. 

  1. They say there are many opportunities that the new season comes with. Write about a few of them. 
  2. Spring is said to be a perfect time to rest and relax. Why? 
  3. What do you plan to do for mother nature on Mother’s Day? 
  4. What does your perfect spring day look like? What are all the things you would do? 
  5. Will you decorate Easter eggs this spring? What tools will you use? What colors? 
  6. Do you prefer spring break or summer vacation? How do they compare? 
  7. What are the ten best things you like about spring?
  8. Write about what you like most about St. Patrick’s Day. 
  9. What fun things do you get to do during St. Patrick’s Day? What other days in spring do you also like? 
  10. What does a typical spring day look like for you? What do you do all day? 
  11. Springtime is the best time for outdoor activities? Which one is your favorite?
  12. Is the end of winter a happy or a sad time for you? Why? 
  13. Which member of your family deserves a fresh start? Why? 
  14. Say your best friend asked for a spring-themed poem. How would it go? 
  15. What is your least favorite thing about spring? Why?  
  16. If you ever got to meet the Easter bunny, what would you ask him? 
  17. What parks would you like to visit the most during the spring? Why?
  18. Spring is filled with sports activities. What are you looking forward to the most? 
  19. Over spring break, what TV show are you looking forward to catching up with?
  20. Do you read many books? Write about your favorite one that happens over the spring. 

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Spring writing prompts 5th grade

Fifth grade is a very critical stage during a child’s development. By this point in time, most of them begin to lose interest in casual creative writing. These prompts are so interesting that even reluctant writers cannot help but be tempted by them. With these writing prompts, you will maintain a 5th grader’s interest in creative writing. 

  1. What strides will you make on Earth Day to help the environment? 
  2. During spring, go out and look for a new species of plant. Then, write about the experience. 
  3. Do you look forward to the arrival of spring? Write about why or why not. 
  4. What is the perfect activity to keep you busy over spring break? 
  5. Do you remember how spring was when you were in first grade? How was it? 
  6. What is your favorite thing about spring showers? 
  7. How do you plan to keep in touch with your friends over the spring break?
  8. Are you happy or sad about the warmer temperatures during spring? Why? 
  9. How have things gone for you from the start of the year until springtime? 
  10. Of all the different seasons, what makes spring unique to you? 
  11. Write about your favorite spring flower. What is unique about it? 
  12. Have you ever encountered a woodland creature? What was the experience like?
  13. If you could pitch to your favorite science journal, what topic would you pick and why? 
  14. Is there an ideal time to begin decorating easter eggs? When would that be?  
  15. What new things do you intend to learn more about over the spring break? 
  16. Should spring holidays be longer or shorter? What persuading arguments do you have as to why? 
  17. Since spring is a time of new beginnings, which bad habits do you hope to get rid of? 
  18. What is your favorite memory that occurs during a rainy day in spring? 
  19. What musical instruments do you associate with spring?
  20. Do you have a friend or family member that you only see during spring? Who are they and what do they mean to you?

Creative spring writing prompts

The standard prompts that you find in a writing program are all well and good. However, nothing entices a developing writer more than a great story starter. That is precisely what these creative spring writing prompts entail. They are April writing prompts that inspire creative and intelligent pieces about the spring time. Next time, involve these in your lesson plans and watch the magic happen. 

  1. What acrostic poem can you compose about the power of spring? 
  2. Write about a baby chick experiencing its first-ever day of spring. 
  3. Write a story about a simple act of kindness you experienced during springtime that changed your life for the better. 
  4. Say you are a weather reporter. Write a fictional report on April showers. 
  5. If there was a romance that took place exclusively during rainy days in spring, how would it go? 
  6. What is the most interesting chance encounter you can imagine on a beautiful spring day?
  7. There’s a tale that starts during the long winter and ends on the first day of spring. Tell us that tale. 
  8. Wet weather, warm days, blooming flowers, perfumed breezes, and chirping birds. Using the imagery of those phrases, write a poem.  
  9. What did you regret not doing last spring? Write a story where you actually do that.   
  10. Some say deep breaths taken during spring are different from any other time of the year. Write a story with this premise. 
  11. If you were asked for a story titled ‘Bunnies and Spring’, how would it go? 
  12. Spring is said to be the season of new beginnings. Write a short story centered on this theme. 
  13. Say a young girl has spring fever deep in the heart of winter. What is her story?
  14. Write a story that starts in the northern hemisphere and ends in the southern hemisphere. 
  15. An astronaut who flies to new worlds yet misses the springtime on his home world. What does he do? 
  16. Write about a real illness that is cured by the arrival of spring. 
  17. Can two unicorns fall in love? How would that story go?
  18. There’s a unique flower that only blooms during spring. What interesting tale could account for this behavior? 
  19. You encounter a faun in the woods and he demands a story. What do you tell him?
  20. A chance meeting between two people happens in a flower shop. Where does it end up?
  21. Two friends look everywhere to buy a pumpkin over spring break. What’s the story of their crazy adventure? 
  22. Someone hates spring. Then, they grow to love it. What’s their story?
  23. Write a new story about Narcissus getting turned into a flower. 
  24. As spring ends, summer begins. What interesting tales could happen during that timeframe? 
  25. Say there’s a place that’s only accessible during springtime. What is the story of this place?
  26. Write about a character that gets led through a field by a stray cat. 
  27. Set in spring, write a story within a story within another story. 
  28. Someone experiences the beauty of springtime for the first time. How do they react? 
  29. If there is a character who does not want spring to come, what would change their mind? 

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