30+ Fun trivia questions for work meetings

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Uncertainty and tension usually engulf meeting rooms causing awkward silence. Mostly, people don’t want to be bold enough and go first. Trivia questions for work meetings can help ease the tension and allow everyone to relax and be themselves.

These icebreaker questions allow people to interact, feel part of the team, and show their unique personalities. They create a bond among the employees by letting them know more about each other. 

This fun activity can help in team building between you and your workmates. During your next meeting, try to challenge your team to a mind-boggling round of excellent trivia questions for work meetings.

Divide them into small groups and let the friendly discussion begin. Remember, this is a fun way of increasing some general knowledge too.

Majority of the questions in this article are open-ended questions with the intentions of breaking the ice between team members.

30+ Fun trivia questions for work meetings

Fun Trivia questions for work meetings

Work meetings should be a platform where employees converge and brainstorm. Everyone should want to contribute as much as they can give. 

You can achieve that when you are the moderator by setting the mood with some fun icebreaker questions. A good laugh is likely to guarantee you more employee engagement. We have the perfect trivia questions to stir up the fun for work meetings.

  • What’s the best piece of advice you can give to new employee?
  •  Which do you consider to be your most successful project for the company?
  •  On a scale of one to ten, what review would you give your company to someone else and why?
  •  Which trivia topics can you choose for company trivia?
  •  Do you regret working here? Why?
  •  What song would have the entire office dancing too unprovoked
  •  Being the boss, what would you do that will help the company?
  •  What is the best way to ensure timekeeping at work?
  •  What new policies would you like to see implemented?
  •  Given an opportunity, would you work at your current company until retirement? Why?
  •  Do work meetings improve productivity?
  •  What do you plan today?
  •  Which is your favorite work holiday?
  •  What is the one motivational quote from your favorite book?
  •  What can you do to psyche up the team today?
  •  What are two things you want to improve in your work life?
  •  What global phenomenon do you think will affect your company? What are the mitigations?
  •  What would make you smile right now?
  •  What tips do you have for the team that can help avoid work burnout?
  •  Would you show your boss your search history for an extra off day?
  •  What do you hate about your job?
  •  Given an opportunity, would you change your career?
  • What project would you like to see the company take up? Why?
  •  What is the one machine that the company can buy to ease your stay at work
  •  Do you have any gateway plans at the end of the week?
  • Which fate is Neil Armstrong known to have achieved?
  •  Do you have an office plant? What have you named it?
  • How many off days would you want to be added?
  • What’s your favorite game show? Why?
  • Which works best for you, large groups or small teams? Why?
  • Do you think the current work hours are enough to grow the company? Why?
  • Are you a go-getter or a cautious person?
  •  Do you like the idea of having trivia questions for work meetings?
  •  What made your high school life fun or miserable? Why?
  •  Do you like the idea of highbred working?
  •  Would you rather have video calls or voice calls? Why?
  •  Is Monalisa the best work of Art?
  • What do you think adds more value to employees, salary, or training?
  •  Which games do you play at your workplace?
  • How do you deal with mean people in the workplace?
  • Name a colleague who can be a good moderator of trivia questions for work meetings
  •  Do you enjoy doing your work? Is it your dream job?
  •  What suggestions do you think can improve your well-being at work?
  •  How many dwarves does Snow white team up with?

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Funny Trivia questions for work meetings

  • What do you call a Mexican who lost his car? Carlos.
  • What is the one thing you can hold without touching? A conversation
  • What did the tie say to the hat? You go on ahead, I’ll hang around here.
  •   Which colleague is likely to start a zombie apocalypse? Why?
  •  What does a zebra tell a donkey who can’t understand his language, “you don’t got my lines.”
  • Are you a potato with ‘ta’ or a potato with a ‘te’ pronunciation person?
  • What does the fire say to the ice? You are cooler but am hotter.
  •  If your boss is to play one character from a movie, which character will it be and why?
  • If you want to lift your overturned truck, which bird do you call? A crane.
  • Do you know why frogs don’t park illegally? Because they get toad.
  •  Which of your colleagues is likely to eat ten sausages in one sitting?
  • Why was Cinderella kicked out of the handball team? Because she ran away from the ball. 
  • Why can’t the bicycle stand on its own? Because it’s two-tired.
  • What has a key but can’t open a door? A piano.
  • I wondered why the golf ball was getting bigger, and then it hit me.
  •  What makes the towel dirty, yet you only use it after a shower?
  •  Between the egg and the chicken, which came first?
  • What can be more horrible than raining cats and dogs?
  • What is the most annoying thing that happens in the office?
  • What did one escalator say to another? I think I am coming down with something.
  • What makes superman great? He feeds on Just ice!
  • Do you know why the math book is ever sad? Simple, because it has many problems.
  • Why are cats curious? Because they have nine lives.
  •  Who was the first United States of America Black president?
  •  Aliens have invaded the earth. You are to sing only one song that can scare them away. Which song will it be?
  •  Would you instead explore space or the deep sea?
  • Why do Billy goats wear bells? Because their horns dont work.
  •  Which Tv show would you like to have a spinoff of and why?
  •  If you were to take up code names each, what would yours be? Why?
  •  What is your favorite Animation Tv show?
  •  Who is the one colleague you would like to wrestle in Sumo
  •  What’s your favorite place for camping in the summer?
  •  Who is most likely to play mister Bean in your team, and why?
  • What’s your favorite music genre?
  •  We know Michael Jordan for pro wrestling. Right or wrong?
  •  If you were to perform karaoke, Who among your colleagues would you choose?
  •  Which new language do you want to learn? Why?
  •  Which creation story do you stand by? Why?
  •  Do you read the privacy policy before clicking “Accept”?
  •  If you were to go back to high school, would you be the king/queen of the prom?
  •  Should Santa Claus also grace Halloween?
  •  Ever had a wardrobe malfunction at work?
  •  Outdoor or indoor date?
  •  Who is the most joyful person at work?
  •  Do you believe aliens exist? Why?
  •  What is your favorite board game?
  •  Would you instead go for a swim on the beach or a safari in the park?
  •  Would you instead be stuck in a cave or a mountain peak?
  •  The one famous person you want to meet? Why?
  •  What genre of movies do you like, horror, fantasy, drama, sci-fi, thriller? Why?
  •  Which animal best describes your boss
  •  If your company were to be one of your favorite Tv shows, what would you call it?
  •  Would you rather fight against Julius Caesar or Genghis Khan’s army?
  •  Given the ability to manipulate time, will you change the past or the future?
  •  Which medieval creature do you want to come back to life?
  •  Would you instead take a flight or take a cruise ship?
trivia questions for work meetings

Work from home trivia questions

Due to the pandemic, most companies have seen the need to adopt hybrid working. Most have realized that employees can be more productive while working from home. Working from home also helps to cut office costs. 

Here are some trivia questions for work meetings best suited for work-from-home teams.

  • What is your experience of working from home?
  • How many times a month do you hold trivia nights with friends?
  •  Has your remote working affected bonding with your family? How?
  •  What mobile app can you recommend for someone working from home, and why?
  •  How is your typical day when working from home?
  • Was your first-time experience with pets a good or a bad one? Why?
  •  What is the one thing you can’t wait to do with your coworker when you meet in person?
  •  Which sports are you least interested in watching and why?
  •  Which challenges have you taken up to get you through the year?
  •  Which is the most famous archeological site in South America? Bonus point if you get it right.
  •  How do you ensure the privacy of your work while working from home?
  •  What are the three items you have well-stocked to avoid going to the convenience store?
  •  How do you maintain your professional discipline while working from home?
  •  Given an opportunity, which musician would you bring back to life and why?
  •  What are some of the new things you have created time to do with your family
  •  Which new cooking recipe have you tried?
  •  How can you describe your first day of working from home?
  •  Which is the biggest sporting event?
  •  How many cups of coffee do you take daily while working from home?
  •  What new hobbies have you taken up while working from home?
  •  In your trivia questions for work meetings, which icebreaker games would you like to include?
  •  What are the things your colleagues do that make it easier for you to work from home
  •  Which animal would you compare your remote working effort with and why?
  •  Do you feel more pressure to deliver on your job than before?
  •  Do you consider yourself more productive when working from home?
  •  Which is your favorite baseball team? How many championships have they won?
  •  What new fun facts have you learned while working from home?
  •  What is the best idea you’ve come up with for your remote team
  •  Which country are you planning to visit and why?
  •  What is your opinion on stealing the company time for your errands?
  •  With the extra time that comes with working from home. Do you think you can take more responsibility at the same time?
  •  How do you best induct new colleagues when working from home?
  •  What’s your secret to staying motivated and productive while working remotely?
  •  Who is your favorite writer?
  •  Do you have any pets? Let’s see them.
  •  What was the name of your first pet?
  •  What activities do you do during your breaks?
  •  Do you exercise? How often?
  •  What meals have you come to love while working from home? Can you prepare them yourself?
  •  Which social media platforms have you become addicted to?
  • What exciting piece of history have you learned?
  •  How often do you reach out to your fellow remote employees?
  •  Do you have a dedicated working space at home? Mind showing us around?
  •  Which is the best book you have read so far? Why?
  •  Which is your favorite movie of all time?
  •  Which is your favorite YouTube channel? Why?
  •  Who are your favorite sports personnel?
  •  Among your team members, who are most likely to start a fight
  •  Do you miss having after-work drinks with your colleagues?
  •  Name the Main characters from your three favorite Tv shows.
  •  Besides earth, which other planets will you go on to, given an opportunity?
  •  Would you instead work from home or get a salary increase and work from the office?
  •  Which one is better, between extreme floods and extreme drought?
  •  What do you miss about working from the office?
  •  Which sport did you play in high school?
  •  What’s your opinion about bringing back photo albums?

Trivia questions for virtual meetings

Virtual quizzes reconnect the employees with one another. Team bonds suffer from long separations, and trivia questions help them back together. Trivia questions for work meetings will go a long way in helping during virtual meetings. These are some fun icebreaker questions that will help during those virtual meetings.

  •  What are some interesting facts about you that no one knows yet
  •  Do you dress up for work while working from home too?
  • What is the best time to hold virtual meetings?
  • What excuse can you give for missing a virtual meeting?
  • Who is likely to start snoring during morning meetings
  • Which virtual team activities do you like, and why?
  • What’s the most embarrassing thing that has happened to you during a virtual meeting
  • Which virtual trivia games would you like to include alongside your trivia questions for work meetings?
  • How do you avoid distractions while working from home?
  • Can you imitate the sound produced by your pet?
  • Which musical instrument can you play?
  • How would you cheer your team members on virtual team meetings?
  • There is always someone with a poor network connection during online meetings. Why?
  • What is the best-selling Christmas song?
  • What time is appropriate for trivia questions for work meetings?
  • Who do you want to meet most among your new team members, and why?
  • Would you rather have a visual virtual or virtual audio meeting?
  • How long should such meetings run to avoid people losing concentration?
  • How would you introduce yourself in 3 words?
  • What’s your favorite fruit
  • What was the last thing you did before the meeting joining the meeting
  • In a team-building event, who is likely to win in an eating competition category?
  • Which is your favorite film directed by Steven Spielberg?
  • Do you consider yawning on camera during virtual meetings to be unethical?
  • If you were to stare alongside Tom Hanks in one of his films, which one would it be? Why?
  • Do you do any charity activities in your free time?
  • How do you maintain total concentration during virtual meetings?
  • In the list of 100 most popular movies, which ones have you watched?
  • How do you avoid background embarrassments that might come with virtual meetings?
  • Which science fiction film is way ahead of its time?
  • What is James Bond’s code name?
  • Who is your favorite musician of all time?
  • What music lyrics are still in your mind, and from which song
  • What do you prefer, a sandwich or a burger?
  • Who do you think should win an Oscar for this year’s best director category? Why?
  • How do you deal with noisy neighbors while working virtually?
  • Do virtual meetings hold you back, or do you hold them where they catch up to you?

 The trivia questions shared above will help spice up your next work meetings. To ensure that no one feels a little less important in their contribution to trivia questions, there are no wrong answers. 

Share these fun trivia questions with your friends and spread the fun in their workplace.

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