30+ Fun fruit trivia quiz and facts

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Do you think you are an expert on fruits? Well, this fruit trivia quiz will put your knowledge to the test. This quiz contains questions about fruity facts you may not know about. No matter the level of knowledge you have about fruits, there are a lot of fascinating facts you can learn. 

You can use this fruit quiz on all sorts of occasions. It works well whether you are at home, out at a function, or work. This is a fun educational game that children and adults will enjoy answering. 

fruit trivia

Easy fruit trivia

All our lives, we’ve been eating different types of foods. And a fair amount of these foods were fruits. You might know the fruit tastes well. But how well do you know them beyond that? Well, take this fruit trivia quiz to find out. 

  1. What is the most widely purchased type of fruit in the US? Bananas
  2. What type of food did the pilgrims bring with them to North America in the 1600s? Apples
  3. Which part of the plant typically evolves into a fruit? The Flower
  4. What kind of fruit has high vitamin C content? Citrus fruits
  5. What tropical fruit contains both food and drink and has a high potassium level? Coconut
  6. What is the only fruit to have its seeds on the outside? Strawberry
  7. Which country is the largest producer and exporter of kiwi fruit? New Zealand.
  8. Apple pips are dangerous as they contain a decent amount of…? Cyanide.
  9. Which fruit blooms from the flower of the cherry tree? Cherry fruit
  10. What fruit tree grows to be the tallest on average? Jackfruit tree
  11. What fruit was used to poison snow white? Apple
  12. What type of fruit can color the tongue blue and is typically added to pastries? Blueberry.  
  13. What continent are pineapples originally from? South America
  14. On Thanksgiving, which fruit is used to make an accompanying sauce? Cranberry
  15. How many seeds does the average pomegranate contain? 2000

Funny fruit trivia

There are fun facts about fruits and funny facts about fruits. We know fruits to be edible substances that provide us with sustenance. But sometimes, other quirky things about them may make us laugh. 

  1. What fruit has very crunch seeds? Passion fruit
  2. What fruit juice helps in the prevention of STI spread? Cranberry juice
  3. Avocado fruits are really high in what nutrient? Fat
  4. Which elongated fresh fruit is green before it is ripe, yellow when it is ripe, and then black when it goes bad? Bananas
  5. Which group of various fruits contains six out of the eight b vitamins? Citrus fruits
  6. What is the scientific name of the orange? Citrus sinensis
  7. What is the Latin name of the banana? Musa acuminata
  8. The juice of what fruit should typically be avoided when taking drugs? Fruit juice
  9. What exactly are raisins? Dried grapes
  10. What fruit has a very slippery peel? Bananas
  11. What is the most stinky fruit in the world? The Durian
  12. What insects are Osage orange fruits used to repel? Cockroaches
  13. Is it true that spices like allspice and chilis are actually fruits? Yes
  14. Is it true that cereal grains like maize, corn, and wheat are also fruits? Yes. They are caryopses
fruit trivia

Name the fruit quiz

Do you think you have a comprehensive knowledge of fruits? Then this is the fruit trivia quiz for you. With only a handful of clues, find out if you can guess the fruit and name it appropriately. 

  1. What fruit is the national symbol of Algeria? Dates
  2. What fruit has a very high content of fatty acids? Muskmelon
  3. What fruit, often used to make wine, typically grows on vines? Grapes
  4. This type of orange is also the name of a city in Spain. Seville. 
  5. What fruit is bright green on the inside and is fuzz on the outside? Kiwi
  6. What fruit did Europeans of the Middle Ages believe to be poisonous for about 200 years? Tomatoes
  7. What fruit contains 92 percent water? Watermelon
  8. What is a hugely popular fruit scientifically defined as a herb? Bananas.
  9. What type of fruit gives you way more energy than a cup of coffee? Apple
  10. What kind of fruit does the partridge from the famous Christmas Carol live in? A pear tree.  

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Fun facts about fruits

Fruits are fascinating food. This quiz goes a long way to prove that. You may know some of these facts already. But even if you don’t, this game will help you expand the borders of your knowledge and learn much more. 

  1. Which round, red fruit is often thought of as a type of vegetable when it is in fact a fruit? Tomatoes
  2. What edible fruit contains a substance that eats your flesh on a small scale? Pineapples
  3. What fruit, popular in Oceania, is also known as a Chinese Gooseberry? The Kiwi
  4. By what common name are green beans known? Snaps
  5. Bell peppers are so named because they are shaped like…? Bells
  6. What fruit was cultivated from the very first trees? Figs
  7. According to Greek mythology, what fruit was planted by Aphrodite at Cyprus? Pomegranates
  8. What fruit, native to South America and the Caribbean, has high vitamin E content? Mamey Sapote.  
  9. Cantaloupes are also known as…? Rock melons
  10. What type of fruit is named after a giant reptile? Alligator pears or Avocados
  11. What Asian country produces and consumes the most fruit globally? China
  12. What European country has the lowest fruit consumption in the world? Latvia
  13. India contributes 50% of the global supply of what fruit? Mangoes
  14. What is the heaviest fruit in the world? The Atlantic giant pumpkin

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