100+ Unique & Cool Esport Team Names

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Key Takeaways
  • Best Esports Team Names: Apex Brawl, Battle Rifles, BeerBandits, Castle Burn, Alpha Bravo.
  • Reflect Team Identity: Choose a name that reflects the identity, personality, and playing style of your esports team. Consider the values and characteristics that make your team unique. For example, Cynic Saints and Death Blast.

Building an esports team is a complicated process, whether you’re a brand-new squad of college students or a seasoned bunch of professionals coming together to rule the esports landscape. This article lists over one hundred awesome Esport team names for you.

100+ Unique & Cool Esport Team Names
100+ Unique & Cool Esport Team Names

PUBG Esports Team Names

As PUBG is high in demand, it has become a bit difficult to find team names for it. But we have compiled a list of amazing PUBG Esport team names for you.

PUBG Esport Team Names
Alpha Bravo
Alpha Death
Alphasiege Age
Alter Drones
Android Deception
Apex Brawl
Bash Whisper
Battle Rifles
Blade Burial
Bloodlust Assault
Bloodpoint Chaos
Bot Barbarians
Burning Calories Shopping
Business in Bed
Chroma Blast
Cluster Shot
Combat Carnivore
Crush Masterdoom
Dafuq Gaming
Deadly Devils
Death Outcasts
Defcore Skeletons
Demon Deadscape
Destiny Lies Here
Done With Hangovers
DP Gaming
Dream chaser
Easy By Night
Epoch Conquest
Evil Astro
Evo Dynasty
Farbot Deadhunt
Freak Oracle
Fresh After Breakup
Fuserain Aftermath
Get Me To Logout
Halter Ego
Hellust Poltergeists
Her Dad's Big and Strong
Invictus Gaming
Invisible Kill
Invisibly Speaking Truth
Late Night Stumblers
Login Addicts
Madore Blade
Mama Mia! Check Them
Math Our Way
Periodic Domination
Preacher Teachers
Primal Massacre
Radical Death
Shadow Killers
Shiny Bald Heads
Sis I Miss
Smash Toons
Spam Ninjas
Spree Enigma
Squad Up
Storm Flesh
Sweet Shots
Team 3D
Team Empire
Techie Taut
The …k Stops here
The Art of Job-hopping
The Best Excuses
The Borrowers Club
The Fabulous Ends
The New Mad
The Ruler
The team Gama
Vampire Warmania
Vengeance Cell
War site Skeletons
Warrior Gamers
We Own All
Wreck Slash
Yard Boys
100+ Unique & Cool Esport Team Names
Esport Team Names

Funny Esport Team Names

In the below list, you will find funny team names.

Funny Esport Team Names
Acid Battlerain
Airdoom Armada
Angry Apes
Antics Immunity
Antishot Dimension
Arc Splinter
Are you Okay?
Astrorush Hunt
Bio work Terror
Bionic Craze
Black Blood Titans
Blackfire Beasts
Blackheart Legends
Blocknite Parasites
Brutal Core
Bum Chum Battali
Castle Burn
Code Trickery
COGnitive Gaming
Crazy Tronners
Crush Predators
Cyberdroid Flashback
Cynic Saints
Deadheart Mystery
Deadline Demons
Death Blast
Death Duplicity
Delta Beasts
Diamondback Death
Dragoncore Almighty
Dread Frontier
Dreamstorm Doom
Dunkin No Donuts
Early Morning Loudmouths
Evil Alpha cell
Evil Geniuses
Exborne Twilight
Fireblast Virus
Full Of Hits
Fusespace Apocalypse
Game Changers
Goldust Ravage
Grim Execution
Hi! I’m Single
Infect Warriors
Lifeless Space
Mamas Boys
Never Surrender
Ninjas In Pyjamas
Orange Esports
Petite Devils
Pink Thugs
Proto Infect
Revolt Spirits
ROX Tigers
Solar Barrage
Spell Vampires
Splinter Bullets
Split Bullets
Take My Side
Team Liquid
Tenacious Terrorscape
The Folks
The Nerd Providers
The pro robber
Tricky Potatoes
Ultrablade Evolution
Warcry Zombies
Wings Gaming

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100+ Unique & Cool Esport Team Names
100+ Best Sweaty Fortnite Names

Fun Names For Esport Team Players

Choose a name that best represents your team. Discover your perfect team name from our specially selected names.

Fun Names For Esport Team Players
4ever cool
Alien Squirrel Bite
All Internal Gaming
Allergens Bombard
Alley Oops!
Ancient Cardinal Chaos
Big Matchstick Proportions
Blockcry Crushers
Bloodcore Spirits
Bluescape Bounty
Celestial Tangerine
Crush Agony
Database Hellion
Dawg Digimons
Deathwatch Conflict
Disciplined Men
Fallen Angels
Firedoom Warriors
Flying Phantoms
Gladiator Rip
Hairy Tribe
Hitmen Holocaust
Humble Bad Samaritans
Immortal Thunder
Infected Fury
Inner Nitro Thing
Jigsaw Poltergeists
Junk Karma Mind hack
King Pins
Knuckle Bone Pirates
Lark Kryptonite
Leaping Whiz Magic
Leprechaun Invasion
Lightning Pandas
Maquina Mercenaries
Maroon Fire Madness
Midback Frenzy
Mind Worm Logic
Monster Cosmos
Moon Shine Matadors
Nice Invincible
Nightmare Ninjas
No Name Gaming
No Scope Dons
Offensive Odors
Optimistic Brain Mafia
Ora Chaos
Pepper Locust Aliens
Ping Cyclops
Polite Butchers
Power of noobs
Preach Prophets
Pyros Morose
Rational Wolfpack
Rattle Tribe
Razzle Monkey Mafia
Sanity Twist
Savage Molecule
Scatter Escapists
Screaming Sin Sabotage
Scum Thrill Demons
Skill Crystal Infliction
Soul Turtles
Space Anarchy
Spider Bombers
Spinal Logic
Stun Factoria
Tenacious Tranquil
The Crystal Angels
The Fabulous Swag
The Misconducting Men
The Smash Egos
The Viral Legends
Thrill Mafia
Tidal Transformers
Unusual Freaks
Viking Eruption
Warrush Rubble
Wazzup Wolverines
Woongjin Stars
WTF gaming
Yippee Ki Yay
Mind Trip Mirage
Crossblast Genocide
Trojan Tornado
100+ Unique & Cool Esport Team Names
Fun Esport Names

Team Names For Competition

Perfect for any gaming competition, this list is a must-have for any player. Check out the names below and take your team to the next level.

Team Names For The Competition
Absolute Legends
Ahq-e-Sports Club
Alien Wasp Sting
Ash Kick Domain
Astral Funk Gators
Atlas Avengers
Atomic Anacondas
Aztec Avengers
Aztec Sensuality
Badditude Bandits
Below Viper Attack
Black Magnetic Thunder
Bling Gossip
Blitz Barracudas
Blitz Glory Dragonflies
Blizzard Hell Bombs
Blonde Power Gazelles
Blonde Puff Princesses
Bloodlight Stallions
Blue Hawk Impact
Boot Idols
Boys Over Lunch
Cat Log Girls
Celestial Butterflies
Chromatic Chameleons
Chubby Mafia
Dark Headrush
Dark Matter Gals
Death Boomerang
Deep Impact Demons
Denial eSports
Doomsday Babe Rush
Dream Divas
Drizzle Kill
Dust to Dust
Dwang Dynamite
Flower Twirl
Fly High Girls
Fuzzy Cadets
Game closer
Girls Only!
Goal Bust Mayhem
Grass Root Connection
Green Alien Machine
Green Rattle Raptors
Hammerhead Heatwave
Hyper Hornets
Ice Iguanas
Inner Lava Ooze
Insidious Dominance
Irritating Squad
Killwolf Domain
Ladybug Panache
LGD Gaming
Lil’ Massive Cuties
Lime Twist Rascals
Manic Men
Mash Bombs
Maul Warriors
Mavens of Makeup
Men from hell
Men Over Dinner
Mighty Tsunami Wizards
Mind Goblins
Mustang Mohawks
Near Gang
Nice Invincible
Old Generations
Oomph Is Us
Optic eSports
Organized Diva Kill
Passion Power Pussycats
Peppermint Phantoms
Philosopher Kings
Pink Fever Unicorns
Pink Venom Express
Pizzazz Pirates
Purple Fluff Flame
Purple Silk Kittens
Purple Viper Vultures
Red Galaxy Girls
Savage Smurfs
Shaky Corps
Short Dress Section
Shut Punks
Sonic Alien Sharks
Sonic Bone Blast
Sonic Boom Dolphins
Sparkle Idol Divas
Speed Breakers
Splinter Flash
Sting Blaze Powerpuffs
Sublime Stingrays
Swarm Knights
Taste Bud Gals
Tazmaniac Speed Kill
The Barcode
The Flame Rubies
The Heel Awakening
The Panic Beat
The Pink Fluff
Trigger Happy Gremlins
Trippy Hippie Chicks
Viper Violets
We Don’t Gossip
Wild Daisy Avalanche
Wise Diva Rush
Yes We Can

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100+ Unique & Cool Esport Team Names
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Good Esport Team Names

Are you looking for some catchy names for your team? You are at the right place and at the right time. We have prepared a list of amazing names that will help your team stand out. Check out the list below!

Good Esport Team Names
After Math Chicks
Alley Cats
Alpha Bravo
Backswing Gals
Belly Dance Station
Breakaway Wild Rush
Bring It On
Buckle Bunny Syndrome
Bunny Rush
Bunny Sting Fury
Chat Lounge Chicks
Chicks With Pics
Cold Bold Divas
Etc, Etc
Eye Candy Hurricane
Fire Fury Ladies
Firefly Morphins
Flash Magic Angels
Flaunt Express
Footloose Slammer Chicks
Glitter Diva Rampage
Headstrong Girl Galaxy
Honey Bee Starlight
Honey Star Galaxy
Hula’s The Thing
Ice Breaker Divas
Interesting Tyranny
Midnight Party Hoppers
Mirror Divas
Misty Cuties
OpTic Gaming
Pepper Brown Ambush
Pink Pegasus
Pink Station Angels
Pink Tickle
Pixie Dreams
Pixie Firebirds
Puffy Punks
Purple Haze Chicks
Purplicious Flame Kill
Rainbow Cuties
ROOT Gaming
Sassy Kitten Clan
Screaming Nightmare Divas
Simple Delinquents
Sonic Shade Chicks
Spawn Camp
Starlight Pixies
Sting Happy Ladybugs
Stop Shop Chicks
Stormy Rainbow
Sunshine Princesses
Sweaty Amazonian Boom
Tender Surrender Gals
Text Rant Divas
The Dazzle Town
The Jumping Jills
The Micro Divas
The Pic Divas
The Rack Stopover
The Rush Hurricane
The Wild Pink
Tidal Wave Sweethearts
Trivia Gal Kingdom
Upper Shockers
White Ice Storm
Wild Chic Station
Wild Purple Bubbles
100+ Unique & Cool Esport Team Names
Good Names

Cool Team Names

Are you looking for a unique and interesting name for your team? We have compiled a comprehensive list of the coolest names that will capture your attention and spark your creativity. 

Cool Esport Team Names
After 10 Ranters
After Ten Sob
Alternative Facts
At Your Frisk
Awake Tyranny
Bards of Play
Black Roses
Brothers With Alms
By The Lake Angels
Change of Fart
Chant for Freedom
Charlie’s Angels
Check In To Checkout
Cluster of Cool
Cupcake Fever
Curves End Here
Devils Gone Good
Done With Sober
Done With Sympathy
Dude Got Her
Edward Gaming
Enemy chaser
Engineers on a Rampage
Eureka! We Broke Up
Ex Boyfriend Parables
Ex Girlfriend Parables
Eyes on Fire
Final Boss
Finally Found
Finally Through
Finding Free Meals
Free Birds
Giggle Things
Go! Get Shopping
Good Deed Pirates
Hangover Talkers
How Not To Be Broke
Itsy Bitsy Hots
Just Getting Started
Killer Clowns
Kindly Domination
Kitchen Mafia
Misbehaving Lads
Necessary Moguls
Nice Slayers
No Loose Ends
Not Civil
Not Just Another Fling
Nutty Peeps
Phew! We Missed Her
Pizza Encounters of the First Kind
Poetic Idiots
Preach Papa Patriots
Queen of hearts
Salty Superpower
School Drool Messiahs
Shake It Up!
Silence is Olden
Small Screen Zombies
Smile Detectives
Sparkle Noodle Firecrackers
Splatter on a Platter
Stink Bomb Kingdom
Tales About Him
Team Dignitas
That Better Team
The Back Bench Clan
The fixers
The flipper
The hunter
The Mongols
The Mug Up
The Next Door Chatter
The Pill Chapters
The Smart Broke
The Wolf Pack
There She Goes… Again
Three Timing Guide
Tickled N’ Pickled
Timekeepers of Time
Vici Gaming
We Fry Heads
What’s In the Handbag?
Where’s The Bargain

Valorant Team Names

Are you looking for exciting Valorant Esport team names? Have a look at the following list of names.

Valorant Esport Team Names
100 Thieves
BBL Esports
Complexity Gaming
Crazy Raccoon
Crew Esports
DarkZero Esports
EXO Clan
F4Q (Formerly DAMWON Gaming)
FaZe Clan
Fnatic Academy
Fnatic Female
Fnatic Rising
FunPlus Phoenix (FPX)
G2 Esports
Gen.G Esports
Giants Gaming
Karmine Corp
Karmine Corp - Female Team
KRU Esports
Luminosity Gaming
Natus Vincere (Na'Vi)
Oxygen Black
Oxygen Esports
Oxygen Supremacy
Paper Rex
Raise Your Edge Gaming
Rix.GG Thunder
Sharks Esports
SuperMassive Blaze
Team BDS
Team Liquid
TSM (Team SoloMid)
Vision Strikers

Fortnite Team Names

Every gaming enthusiast person is so into Fortnite. Make your Fortnite team appear more deadly with our following list of names. 

Fortnite Esport Team Names
Astral Archers
Aurora Assassins
Blaze Brawlers
Blaze Breakers
Blizzard Brigade
Celestial Corsairs
Celestial Cyclones
Celestial Sabers
Chrono Chasers
Cosmic Catalyst
Cybernetic Sirens
Dark Matter Dynasty
Ember Echo
Ember Enchanters
Elemental Enigma
Galactic Ghosts
Galactic Gladiators
Galactic Gliders
Gravity Guardians
Inferno Instinct
Infinity Ignition
Lunar Legends
Mirage Mavericks
Mystic Meteors
Nebula Nexus
Nebula Navigators
Nebula Nightmares
Nebula Nomads
Quantum Quest
Quantum Quasars
Quantum Quivers
Radiant Raptors
Rift Raiders
Shadow Serpents
Shadow Shredders
Shadow Spectrum
Solar Scepters
Solaris Savants
Starlight Surge
Stardust Spartans
Stardust Stormtroopers
Stellar Saboteurs
Storm Striders
Storm Surge Syndicate
Thunderstorm Titans
Vortex Vipers
Vortex Vanguard
Wave Esports
WBG (World Best Gaming)

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100+ Unique & Cool Esport Team Names
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NRG Team Names

In the following list, we’ve compiled for you a list of NRG team names: 

NRG Esport Team Names
Apex Celestial
Apex Quantum
Aegis Celestial
Ascendancy Hypernova
Blaze Celestial
Blaze Etherium
Blaze Radiant
Blaze Stellar
Blaze Zenith
Catalyst Celestial
Celestial Aegis
Celestial Blaze
Celestial Catalyst
Celestial Dynamics
Celestial Enigma
Celestial Nexus
Celestial Odyssey
Celestial Paradigm
Celestial Pinnacle
Celestial Quantum
Celestial Radiant
Celestial Surge
Celestial Synergy
Celestial Tempest
Celestial Vipers
Celestial Zenith
Dynamics Celestial
Dynamics Zenith
Dynamo Etherium
Eclipse Etherium
Eclipse Nebula
Enigma Celestial
Enigma Luminous
Enigma Quantum
Etherium Ascendancy
Etherium Blaze
Etherium Catalyst
Etherium Eclipse
Etherium Enigma
Etherium Luminance
Etherium Nebula
Etherium Odyssey
Fusion Celestial
Fusion Nebula
Fusion Nexus
Fusion Odyssey
Fusion Vipers
Galvanic Synergy
Havoc Helix
Helix Celestial
Helix Havoc
Helix Zenith
Hypernova Apex
Hypernova Ascendancy
Hypernova Dynamo
Hypernova Nexus
Hypernova Pinnacle
Luminance Etherium
Luminous Enigma
Luminous Fusion
Luminous Surge
Nebula Celestial
Nebula Dynamo

How To Choose A Good Name For Your Esports Team?

Having a solid gaming squad is the first step toward naming one. After all, having a team to work with and draw inspiration from requires that you figure out your name. Additionally, if you join a team with a name already chosen, it may not fit with the players’ personalities or playing styles, so choosing a name and team members should go hand in hand.

There are various viable options for a catchy esports team name. Look into what works for you, your group, and your objectives.

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