50+ Best Ice Hockey Team Names

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Very few sports can match the effort, explosiveness, physicality, and sheer joy of ice skating. While it might not be the most popular sport in the world, its fans are passionate. Ice Hockey teams have such a strong sense of identity, partly due to their names. In this article, we share some awesome Ice Hockey team Names. 

If you want inspiration for your ice hockey team name, look no further than this article. Regardless of if you are a team of women, kids, or expert badasses, there are some fun names to discover here. 

ice hockey team names

Funny Ice Hockey Team Names

Ice skating can be quite awkward for first-timers. The collection of Ice hockey team names below goes a long way to capture that fact. Check them out below. 

  1. The Thin Icers
  2. Mid-Ice Crisis
  3. The Sketchy Skaters Team
  4. The Overweight Bears
  5. The Blind Marksmen
  6. The Skating Hopefuls
  7. Hometown Favorites
  8. The Skating Plumbers
  9. The Win Chasers
  10. The Summer Beasts
  11. The Bench Warmers
  12. The 2nd Team Rejects 
  13. The Backyard All-Stars
  14. Skaters With A Grudge
  15. The Courageous Bandwagon
  16. Drunks on Ice
  17. The Glass-Boned Skaters
  18. Clowns on Ice
  19. Chilly Faceoff
  20. The Cute Goons
  21. The Golden Goosebumps
  22. Too Fat For Armor
  23. We Love The Floor
  24. The Emergency Caretakers
  25. The Last Ice Skaters
  26. Grampas on Ice
  27. Not Navy Seals
  28. The Thick Line 
  29. Goon City Squad
  30. The Ice Force

Badass Ice hockey team names

Funny as ice skating can be, it can also be quite badass. Especially when a really difficult move is pulled off flawlessly from beginning to end. If you want an ice hockey team name that captures that badass ethos, then here you go. 

  1. Hearts of Iron 
  2. The Thunder Bears
  3. The Ice Phoenixes 
  4. Skates of Fire
  5. The Golden Sticks
  6. Gods of the Rink
  7. Ultimate Defenders
  8. Abandon All Hope
  9. Shadows on Skates
  10. Lords of the Rink
  11. The Ice Warriors
  12. Sentinels of the Rink
  13. The Ice Spirits
  14. New Age Titans
  15. The Ice Wraths
  16. Blades of Brass
  17. The Fighting Six
  18. Ice on Fire
  19. The Flying Spirits
  20. The Shield Wall
  21. Knights of the Ice Rink
  22. Blades of Glory
  23. The Speeding Seals
  24. The Steel Skinned Skaters
  25. Don’t Cross Us
  26. Hunters on Ice
  27. The Big Chill
  28. The Freezing Fraternity
  29. Brotherhood of the Ice
  30. Hockey Puck Pirates
ice hockey team names

Female Ice hockey team names

Women are good on skates too, and they are just as good at scoring. The following names perfectly capture the aesthetic of female ice hockey teams. So that women can express themselves while dominating the sport. 

  1. Queens in Skates
  2. Bunnies on Ice
  3. The Pink Sticks
  4. Hockey Players in Heels
  5. The Lady Killers
  6. Meet Our Sticks
  7. The Icey Fairies
  8. The Skating Godmothers
  9. The Ice Banshees
  10. We Skate Better Than We Cook
  11. The Girl Power Squad
  12. Skating Sisters
  13. The Brutal Besties
  14. The Witches Supreme
  15. The Skating Princesses
  16. Singers Who Skate
  17. Flower Girls on Ice
  18. Skating Barbies
  19. The Velvet Queens
  20. The Pink Avalanche
  21. The Hockey Sirens
  22. Babes on Blades
  23. Mistresses of Mayhem
  24. The Ice Queens
  25. Snow White Warriors
  26. The Pink Brigade
  27. The Purple Flurry
  28. Priestesses of the Rink
  29. The Rebel Barbies
  30. The Hockey Stick Wands

Youth Ice hockey team names

The road to being a great ice hockey player starts with childhood. These are some of the best ice hockey team names that a youth team could have. Check them out below. 

  1. The Indomitable Cubs
  2. The Hunting Hatchlings
  3. The Kids on Ice
  4. Force of Foals
  5. The Raging Puppies
  6. The Dashing Joeys
  7. The Wooshing Platypups
  8. The Joyful Lambs
  9. The Graceful Cygnets
  10. The Electrifying Ephynas
  11. The Hopeful Pinkies
  12. The Tumblers Supreme
  13. The Squabbling Squabs
  14. Apes on Ice
  15. The Fast Fawns
  16. Fry on Fire
  17. Spiderlings on Skates
  18. The Hockey Kids
  19. The Dark Horses
  20. Can’t Shave Yet
  21. The Magical Kits
  22. Gretzky’s Kids
  23. Sons of Jack Frost
  24. The Prodigious Skaters
  25. The Ice Cherubs
  26. Freezing Menace
  27. The Kid Kings
  28. Stick Figure Children
  29. Ice Age Warriors
  30. Sabretooth Tiger Tamers

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dart team names

Creative Ice hockey team names

There are a lot of ice hockey terms to play with in order to come up with the best ice hockey team name. The following list of ice hockey team names has accomplished that perfectly. 

  1. Champions at Heart
  2. The Flash Skaters
  3. Broncos on Ice
  4. Won’t See Us Coming
  5. Ice In Our Veins
  6. The Mighty Skaters
  7. We Live In The Goal
  8. Cease And Assist
  9. Bullfighters of Love
  10. We Move Like Jagger
  11. The Ice Dragons
  12. The Skating Wights
  13. The Mighty Pucks
  14. Men For All Periods
  15. Icy Panthers
  16. The Snow Devils
  17. Blizzard of Sticks
  18. Wizards At The Rink
  19. The Sunset Riders
  20. Hockey Stick Sages
  21. The Zooming Helmets
  22. Gloves of Fire
  23. The Slap Shooters
  24. The Backhand Beasts
  25. The Cruise Missiles
  26. Be Right Back
  27. The Walruses Supreme
  28. The Ugly Pucklings
  29. The Ice Skaters of Wall Street
  30. The Kindly Ones

Famous Ice hockey team names

The best ice hockey teams inspire us to strive for more. If we want to come up with a great ice hockey team name, we can draw inspiration from these famous ice hockey team names too. 

  1. New York Rangers
  2. Detroit Red Wings
  3. Toronto Maple Leafs
  4. Boston Bruins
  5. Philadelphia Flyers
  6. Chicago Blackhawks
  7. Pittsburg Penguins
  8. Florida Panthers
  9. New York Islanders
  10. Anaheim Ducks
  11. Washington Capitals
  12. Los Angeles Kings
  13. New Jersey Devils
  14. Colorado Avalanche
  15. Tampa Bay Lightning
  16. Edmonton Oilers
  17. San Jose Sharks
  18. Vancouver Canucks
  19. Dallas Stars
  20. Montreal Canadiens
  21. St Louis Blues
  22. Carolina Hurricanes
  23. Calgary Flames
  24. Ottawa Senators
  25. Vegas Golden Knights
  26. Winnipeg Jets
  27. Columbus Blue Jackets
  28. Buffalo Sabres
  29. Minnesota Wild
  30. Seattle Krakens

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