100+ Funny 21st Birthday captions for Instagram

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You will find the best captions for your 21st birthday in the below list. These 21st birthday captions for Instagram will work on every other social media

Funny 21st birthday captions to yourself

· Congrats! You can now utilize your ID because of your age.

· All the enjoyment of your 18th birthday, but with a lot more drinking, is your 21st.

· Cheers to turning 21! Keep in mind that you will have to pay for your drinks from now on.

· Finally 21! It only took me three years to realize my adulting game was weak.

· Now is the time! Finally, you’re free to “hit me with your finest shot.”

· We should celebrate these 21 years! Felicia, bye!

· Twenty-first birthdays are the result of bad choices.

· I will no longer celebrate my birthday in human years after today.

· We are commemorating your first yearly 21st birthday tonight. May there be a lot more in the future.

· Because turning 21 is for pleasure, it’s time to rhyme!

· Since 21 is so much fun, I may do it again the following year.

21st birthday captions for instagram

· The time has come, my friend. It’s time for you to buy M.E. a drink.

· I like cloud wine. 

· Since you are 21, the fun will start after the headache.

· The focus of your 21st birthday is fun, fun, fun! The day following your 21st birthday comes next. Enjoy!

· officially, you are 21. The prime of your life is over. It’s too late to change your mind now. Cheers to adulthood!

· Today is for celebrating, not moaning!

· 21! the one time you avoid being carded!

· improving my adulting skills. 21 and enjoying yourself

· On this day twenty one years ago, you were born. And you’ve reached half of 42. Isn’t that depressing?

· The knowledge that I currently possess the most priceless gift on Earth, LIFE, helps me to celebrate my special day.

· I will be happy on my birthday because I am aware of how far God has carried me in my life. May we always praise the good Lord.

· Today I realize the significance of the Y at the end of the word “birthday.”

· Good times.

· The excellent supposedly perish young. 

· That would make me a truly awful a** if it were the case. I’m glad to be here today!

· My family and friends are thrilled for me today even though I’m one year closer to passing away. We certainly live in a bizarre world.

· Tonight is the night you’re going to get lit — 21 candles, that is.

21st birthday captions for instagram

· To long life!

· Today is the day.

· I am certain that it is my birthday is nature’s way of encouraging me to eat more cakes!

· I suppose this year should be the beginning of my age deception. I’m glad to be here today!

· I’m wishing for a fantastic birthday! I wish my friends would recall my birthday rather than my age.

· Cheers to another year, lovely me! I am incredibly fortunate and favored.

· Every day of my life has been a blessing, and for that I am grateful to God. I’m a very fortunate person.

· I’m worth more to myself than all the wealth in the universe, in my opinion. Greetings on my 21st birthday.

· I have survived, and I always will. I’m 60 years old today.

· I’m reminded of God’s incredible generosity and love for me on each of my birthdays. I’m 60 years old today.

· I’ve successfully completed one-fifth of a century. 

· My special day.

· Never growing old.

· Older and bolder.

· Happy 21st birthday to the most unique being in the entire universe, me. May joy always be my companion.

· Greetings on my 21st birthday. I’m incredibly proud of the person I’ve become.

· The wonderful thing about becoming older is that you retain all the previous ages you have experienced.

· Where is the nearest bar. 

· Since it’s my birthday today, I’m going to treat myself like a king or queen, if only for the day.

· The day we are born and the day we learn why are the two greatest days in a person’s life.

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· What a beautiful human. 

· Every life has a narrative. Be a bestseller with yours! You’re only now, at age 21, beginning to write the chapters. Happy 21st birthday!

· I’m not getting old. I’m getting better.

· You should quit playing video games now that you’re 21 and start creating them instead!

· They say it’s your birthday. We’re gonna have a good time. I’m glad it’s your birthday. Happy birthday to you!

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Short 21st birthday quotes for Instagram

You are at the right place if you are looking for Instagram captions. These 21st birthday captions for Instagram will work for every type of Instagram posts. 

· “Turning 21 is hardly a cause for celebration!”

· “My present to you for turning 21 is that I won’t be taking any pictures of you tonight.”

· No matter what occurs, you won’t ever be a minor again.

· Finally, after all these beers, it’s legal!

· Happy Beer-th birthday!

· What a beautiful occasion. 

· Let’s dance and drink!

· Lots of birthday wishes.

· What a pitcher-perfect birthday. 

· Let’s party!

· Level up!

· Make a wish.

· Hugs, kisses, and many happy birthday wishes on turning 21!

· “Turning 21 is a significant milestone, but this momentous day is just the start of far greater things to come.”

· “You deserve all the joy and happiness life has to offer on your 21st birthday.”

· “21! The one night you don’t get carded!”

· “Here’s to a night you’ll never remember!”

· “Tonight the drinks are on your friends. Tomorrow you have to start paying yourself.”

· I own this day.

· It’s party time!

· Warmest wishes today on your birthday. 

· Keep calm and celebrate.

· “Every parent wants a daughter like you; may you always be true to who you are. Cheers to becoming 21!”

· What an awesome look. 

· “Hope your birthday is twenty-wonderful!” 

· “On your 21st birthday, warmest wishes to you. I hope you take every moment!”

· I’d want to wish you a happy and safe 21st birthday!

· Happy 21st birthday , my child! A daughter is someone you can dream with, laugh with, and love with all your heart.

· “The greatest thrill of my life has been seeing you develop into a confident, independent young woman. I am incredibly proud of you. Happy birthday to my incredible kid!”

· “At last, lawful. Do so with caution!

· The phrase “Hakuna ma-vodka” implies to celebrate turning 21 without worrying.

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Baddie 21st birthday captions for Instagram

We hope you like the below listed funny 21st birthday captions. 

· You look as beautiful as ever on this wonderful occasion. I hope your 21st birthday brings you many amazing memories.

· Celebrating life.

· Forever young.

· Happy Birthday to me.

· No matter what occurs, you will never again be a minor. Happy 21st birthday!

· Love is the best birthday gift of all.

· The key to staying young is to tell lies about your age.

· The more we celebrate life, the more we understand that there is much to be thankful for.

· The more stories you can tell as you get older.

· Birthday vibes.

· Blow the candle.

· Without cake, a birthday celebration is just a meeting.

21st birthday captions for instagram

· A simple event, a get-together of family and friends, an endless day.

· It’s only a number, age.

· Celebrate me.

· Welcome to my important milestone birthday event. 

· Happy Birthday to you from little old me. Now can I please have your old fake I.D.?

· Take risks and be brave. This is the time of your life to make the mistakes you’ll regret later. Have a fantastic 21st birthday.

· A year wiser.

· One year older next year.

· Aging like fine wine.

· I gained experience

· in life by living another year.

· Every birthday should honor not just the person who was born, but also the person who gave birth.

· Every birthday offers the chance to start over from scratch.

· Best. Age. Ever

· stronger, faster, better, and harder.

· My birthday spaghetti is to thank for my long life. 

· Let’s smile broadly as we embrace the lines on our faces.

· Live your life and ignore your age.

· When it’s your special day, everything always appears better.

· instead of counting the years, I’m making them count.

· It doesn’t matter if I don’t mind being older. Just a typical instance of “mind over matter”

You can use these 21st birthday captions for Instagram to wish any family members for their birthday celebrations. 

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Baddie captions for Instagram

21st birthday captions for girls

Here are some perfect 21st birthday captions. 

· Not the conclusion of an earlier year, but the start of a new one.

· You can be young

· at any age.

· When the cost of the candles starts to exceed the cost of the cake, you know you’re not getting any younger.

· With age comes wisdom. And today, I’m another year wiser.

· Another birthday? No problem.

· Avoid maturing—a it’s trap!

· The fireworks, not the candles, please!

· Growing older stinks! No more birthdays for me, at least not until further notice.

· Another year, another wrinkle.

· Born to shine, especially today.

· The presence of wrinkles is a sign of a happy existence.

· The first day of my new 365-day life experience begins today.

· Normally I don’t brag, but this is my birthday so I will. 

· The song “Happy Birthday” started playing repeatedly.

· I’m hoping my birthday cake tastes as good as I do.

· Greetings to the most fantastic human on the planet—me—on my birthday!

· I’ve made the decision to stop aging.

· Is what I’m smelling birthday cake?

· Since my last birthday, it seems like only a year has passed since then.

· Here’s my obligatory birthday selfie!

21st birthday captions for instagram

· I can’t keep calm because it’s my birthday.

· We don’t get older, we get better.

· It’s my special day, therefore calories don’t matter today!

· I’m happy that I haven’t passed away in the past year.

· There are so many candles that I suppose I’ll need assistance blowing them out.

· I want to get old enough to scare kids with my appearance.

· I’m still here, you moron! Don’t be fooled by my looks.

We hope you like the above list of 21st birthday captions for Instagram. 

21st birthday captions for guys

These 21st birthday captions for Instagram will work on all your 21st birthday pictures. 

· I’ll laugh as much as I want today because it’s my birthday. 

· The more birthdays you celebrate, the longer you live, according to scientists.

· I want more birthday cake

· for my birthday!

· Party, party, party is what I have planned for today! 

· My fresh face is proof that growing older need not entail looking older.

· Okay, let’s dispense with niceties. My particular day calls for gifts.

· Good luck.

· King or queen, long live!

· Even though it’s my birthday today, I’ll accept gifts at any time.

· It should be a holiday on my birthday.

· Wait, wait, wait—exactly how old am I?

· My happy spot is wherever there is cake.

· Who is the gorgeous person born on this day? Me!

· I made it through another year, woot!

· I’m going to celebrate today as if it were my birthday. Oh, it’s true!

· It’s a great reason to indulge in alcohol today!

· Today, treat me like a king or queen.

· Real joy comes from knowing that cake will be waiting for me later.

· since birth, snarky.

· Shhh… I’m wishing you a happy birthday.

· Now is your chance, anybody who has ever wanted to spank me! My birthday is today!

· I’ll be unfriending anybody who didn’t wish me a happy birthday today tomorrow.

· Feeling unwiser than I should.

· One more year until death.

· Please guide me to the birthday cake.

· Let the Birthday shenanigans begin!

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21st birthday captions for friends

We hope you like the below listed special birthday Instagram caption. 

· On this day, a royal highness was born.

· Older and braver by one year.

· Who else is going to light candles tonight, but mine for my birthday?

· Barbie, let’s go out and party.

· If you won’t be able to attend my birthday, don’t worry. I accept gifts at any time of the year.

· Sip sip.

· Hakuna ma’vodka.

· Fabulosity has no age.

· Age is merely a hashtag.

· Despite being a year older, he is probably not any wiser.

· My birthday candles are lit. 

· Would it really be my birthday

· if I didn’t take a selfie today?

· Old me in a new age.

· Just upgrading; not aging.

· Hit the like button because it’s my birthday even though I’m not after influence.

· Years of *insert your age here* effort went into making me this cute.

· Start your celebration now!

· I’ve just finished another orbit of the sun, hurrah!

· I don’t consider it to be getting older. It makes me think of leveling up.

· I’m constantly ablaze. However, I win the prize today.

· There is a new chapter of “My Life” available. This is going to be fascinating.

· I am a mama’s boy. 

· When everyone is invited, why do you need a guest list? Start the birthday celebration now!

· Today I awoke a little older.

· If you’re not aging, you’re very likely dead.

· Adding an extra candle on the cake.

21st birthday captions song lyrics

These 21st birthday captions for Instagram will also work for another special occasion.

· A toast to a day that is as unique as I am

· On my big day, that’s all I want to have.

· I do nothing other than age.

· Move along; today is my birthday.

· Happy Birthday to the other 17.7 million people who are celebrating their birthday today.

· Bring out the cake and blow up the balloons. My big day is today!

· celebrating my birth anniversary.

· taking pleasure in the candlelight.

· Another birthday, and you’re still just as stunning.

· I’m grateful to have another year.

· I’m having a birthday, bring the cake!

· I’m so frickin’ happy I was born.

· I’m so excited to blow the candles.

· Maximum happiness on my very special day.

21st birthday captions for instagram

· Another adventure-filled year awaits!

· Only happy thoughts will be entertained today.

· Staying sassy on my birthday.

· Still a kid at heart.

· Let’s hope for another dazzling year.

· Today, I can get away with being bad all day long.

· I’ve reached the age of 21 officially!

· even after all these years, still wild.

· So this is how it feels to be 21.

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Best 21st birthday captions  for Instagram

· The party  has just started.

· When I walk in, the celebration begins.

· The year has been the best thus far the best year of my life.

· Happy Birthday to someone who adds joy and goodness to the world.

· I’m sending you a heartfelt happy birthday message.

· I hope you are aware of how much we adore you right now and every day. Birthday greetings!

· Happy birthday to my all-time favorite person.

· Let’s toast to many more years of sharing in your birthday festivities.

· Birthday greetings! I wish you a wonderful and unique day that reflects who you are.

· You have my undying love on your birthday.

· Waiting for my birthday cake.

· An in-her-prime dime has a happy birthday!

· Yolo, as Drake would say.

· Even though you are a Gemini, I still adore you. Birthday greetings!

· Well guys, it’s official: I’m getting old!

· Why is today my favorite day? Because it’s all about me today!

· The start of yet another great year is here.

· The way I view you is magnificent, incredible, kind, brilliant, compassionate, hilarious, and great. I hope you see yourself in that way as well.

· The first day of a brand-new 365-day adventure is your birthday. Let’s savor each minute!

· In the face of a trying year, you have been so strong and resilient. Here’s to future success.

Creative captions for turning 21

· I hope your hangover tomorrow isn’t too awful for your birthday.

· I hope your day is filled with the same love and happiness that you bring to me!

· I hope your day is as unique and fantastic as you are!

· Birthday greetings! You have my undying love.

· Being with you makes life more enjoyable.

· I hope your birthday is as enjoyable as you are.

· I hope your special day this year makes you feel incredibly cherished and content. 

· I want you to realize how exceptional and outstanding you are this year.

· Hakuna Moscato.

· I wish for all of your birthday wishes this year to come true!

· Happy Birthday, beautiful.

· Where is your birthday crown. 

· Happy Birthday to my favorite person.

· My life would suck without you.

· Today is all about you.

· Happy Birthday to my truly beautiful and unique best friend!

· Even though I can’t be there in person, I’m sending you the best birthday wishes!

21st birthday captions for instagram

· Let’s look forward to another orbit of the sun. Birthday greetings!

· Happy Birthday to my favorite material girl 

· Let’s make this year’s birthday one that will go down in history.

· I’m looking forward to toasting you all day long!

· Happy birthday to my friend, who is youthful at heart and always will be.

· Happy birthday to the world’s best friend of mine.

· The world tells us to eat extra cake on our birthdays.

· I’m overjoyed to have this opportunity to share in your life.

· Each birthday comes with its own present.

Awesome 21st selfie caption

These 21st birthday captions for Instagram will go with any selfie you take on your birthday. 

  • On our birthdays, we get a chance to start over.
  • Cheers to my closest friend!
  • Since it’s my party, I’ll drink if I like.
  • Today is a great day to celebrate me.
  • I’m just here for the cake.
  • If I didn’t take a selfie
  • on my birthday, was it really my birthday?
  • One star was born on this day.
  • it’s national me day.
  • officially of a sufficient age to require a skincare regimen.
  • When the cake is more expensive than the candles, you know you’re getting older.
  • Thank you for giving birth to such a wonderful person, Mom.
  • That’s the tea, and today is my birthday.
  • Making my years count instead of counting the years.
  • Live your life and forget your age.
  • Birthdays are the universe’s way of telling us to eat more cake.
  • Act my age? No thanks!
  • This is the year my dreams come true.
  • Wishing on candles and chasing my dreams.
  • So thankful for friends, family, and of course, birthday cake.
  • I.D. love a drink, thanks!
  • I really auto get a car now.
  • Cheers to 21 years!
  • Giving you hugs, kisses, and all the birthday wishes.
  • To a lifetime of Happy Birthdays.
  • Happy birthday to this goofball!
  • Too young to be this old.
  • The best is yet to come.
  • One year older, one year bolder.
  • Following my birthday bliss.
  • Having my cake and eating it, too.
  • I hope you have the most wonderful birthday ever!
  • I was awarded a certificate when I was born because I’m so great.
  • I’m eager to blow out my candles.
  • Keep your cool and keep having fun.
  • You sparkle, birthday girl.
  • Sending you birthday wishes wrapped in love.
  • Without the people you love and care about, birthdays are incomplete.
  • An ideal celebration for my ideal best friend.
  • “This birthday selected me, not the other way around.”
  • Cheers to a day as unique as I am.
  • “Nothing can stop me this year.”
  • Life is too short not to celebrate moments like these.
  • Keep calm and celebrate on.
  • “Vibin’ and thrivin’.”
  • “My birthday, my rules.”
  • “Cue the confetti.”
  • “Lovin’ my birthday glow.”

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