100+ Perfect golf captions for Instagram

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Regardless of the truth, golfers who use clever captions always seem to have more flair at the game. And so, to step up to the same level, these golf captions for Instagram might be of immense use.

With these captions, your golf pictures and Instagram posts will reach a wider audience, allowing you to take your social media game to the next level. Both golf lovers and nonlovers will appreciate what a good time you’re having.

golf captions for Instagram

How do you come up with the best golf captions?

Is there such a thing as the perfect golf caption? There may or may not be, but the pursuit is everything. What sort of golf lover are you? The competitive kind? The casual kind? The one who likes to kick back in the golf cart? The one who wants to take a good walk on the golf course?

The best captions for golf photos typically communicate the answers to those questions in some way.

Funny golf captions for Instagram

Funny golf captions are the best way to get a laugh out of your Instagram followers and create pleasant associations with your Instagram account.

We realize this is easier said than done. To achieve this, golf puns and pop culture references are your friends. Otherwise, some open your imagination and think outside the box. As such, we’ve provided a list of captions below to get you going.

  1. Me versus me. The most brutal game of golf of all time.
  2. Golf would be an easy game if the holes weren’t so damn small.
  3. First, tee time. Then, tea time.
  4. The most important shot I’ll take today is at the bar after I leave the golf course
  5. The pursuit of golf balls is much more important than the pursuit of happiness
  6. The only sure rule of golf is to look good doing it.
  7. My best day of work often involves a detour to the putting greens
  8. If only there were a little birdie around to help me hit a birdie
  9. I wish I had known earlier that modern matched sets of clubs don’t make you magically good at golf.
  10. Missing your swing is an essential part of any decent golfer’s diet
  11. I love big putts, and I cannot lie
  12. Does rain count as a water hazard for golfing?
  13. My drinking shots are better than my golf shots
  14. My mastery of golf on my phone led me to believe I could do it in real life
  15. Would have won if the fairways didn’t so hypnotize me.
  16. Calling on the spirit of Tiger Woods to help me today
  17. I am the best golfer in this neighborhood by par.
  18. A little skill parity would be appreciated in these golfing matchups
  19. Made so many tee-rific plays today
  20. The big leagues are not ready for me.
  21. It’s always a great time to go partee-ing.
  22. There’s a giant, golf ball-sized whole in my wallet
  23. Who do I have to pay for a good break around here?
  24. Somewhere in the world, it’s raining golf balls
  25. If the game were about sending the ball as wide of the hole as possible, I would be the world’s number one
  26. The golf course counts as the great outdoors, right?
  27. Pro tip: to hit the hole, aim the far side of it.
  28. Whose side is the wind on?
  29. Ready to hit some eagles today
  30. They should get an air traffic controller for my golf balls
  31. God never seems to hear me when I’m on the golf course
golf captions for Instagram

Short golf captions for Instagram

Keeping your golf captions for Instagram short and sweet is essential. Everyone’s attention span on social media is weaker than usual. These short golf Instagram captions provide a great way to do just that.

  1. You have more fun when you ignore the golf score.
  2. Fresh air makes you a better golfer
  3. Playing golf every Sunday taught me the value of routine
  4. In golf, a little bit of improvement goes a long way
  5. A short game of golf will do wonders to improve your mood
  6. Like Bobby Jones, I golf for the fun of it.
  7. Every great day involves a detour to the golf course.
  8. Golfing is a great way to meet awesome new people
  9. Good shots begin with perfect swings
  10. Old golfers are an absolute treasure trove of stories
  11. Learning golf counts as a study of a lifetime
  12. I’ve got game
  13. Always a pleasure to golf at the Mark Twain Golf Course
  14. The suitable Putters take you a long way
  15. Always keep it classy on the golf course
  16. It’s always a good time to go golfing.
  17. Avoiding obstacles in golf helps you avoid obstacles in life
  18. The greatest obstacle on the golf course is one’s mind
  19. Who needs prayers when you’ve got skill?
  20. Like the ball, the good times roll on.
  21. Playing golf is cheaper than therapy.
  22. Got golf on my mind
  23. Good golfing skills transcend equipment
  24. Good sportsmanship makes the game better for everyone
  25. In golf, resilience is more important than strategy.
  26. With this game, if you don’t lose, you don’t learn.
  27. Have the mindset that your best shot will be your next shot.
  28. If you don’t sweat during a game of golf, you’re doing it wrong
  29. In golf, hard work always beats talent
  30. Golf is easy. It’s just hard to play.

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Golf Instagram captions for couples

As a couple, cooking together or going to the movies are all well and good. But golfing together has its unique charms. Those charms can be challenging to communicate to those out of the know. These Instagram captions make things simpler.

  1. Today’s an absolutely gorgeous day to go golfing with the love of your life
  2. Win or lose, my lover remains the best prize
  3. Your lover is always the best person to go golfing with
  4. The fun part is that they let me win
  5. A bad day of golf made better by the best person in the world
  6. Complimentary back rubs are the best thing about golfing as a couple
  7. You make a good time on a golf course turn into a great time
  8. You turn the golf course into one of the fairways of life
  9. The skill levels may not match, but the love levels do
  10. Shooting shots on and off the golf course
  11. Like carriage rides, golf cart rides are intensely romantic
  12. The golf course is not a bad place for a picnic, is it?
  13. The other couple stood no chance at all.
  14. Like the balls, I fall for you on the golf course again and again
  15. I win at golf because I have my own special cheerleader
  16. You are the best golf partner by par.
  17. You make me love this silly game
  18. I was so distracted by my partner that every ball went wide
  19. I don’t even like golf. I just like you.
  20. I always try harder when you’re around.
  21. A couple that plays golf together stays together
  22. Golf is the best couple’s therapy there is
  23. I may let you win arguments, but I won’t let you win on the golf course
  24. Here’s an underrated date idea: playing golf together
  25. It’s always great when you don’t have to pick between them and the game
  26. I never thought I’d meet someone who I love more than golf
  27. Divorce rates would plummet if more couples played golf together
  28. The golf course is an underrated location for meeting the love of your life
  29. Like I fill these holes with balls, you fill the void in my heart
  30. You’re my little birdie

Golf cart captions

Cruising around on a golf cart is half the appeal of golf for some. What’s not to love about being driven around like royalty on your way to taking your next lousy shot? The following captions will help you communicate that love affair to your Instagram followers.

  1. Golf carts are an essential golfer need
  2. The only thing I love about this game is the carting around
  3. Golf carting is an expensive way to lose in style.
  4. I swear half of the golf is carting around.
  5. The better my golf cart, the better I play
  6. I need more exercise, but alas, golf carts are just too good
  7. After an excellent shot, I reward myself with a cart ride
  8. If Arnold Palmer carted around, who am I not to?
  9. What golf game is complete without a cart ride?
  10. Don’t be deceived. The cart is for my big bowl of golf balls.
  11. Would a golf helicopter be too extra?
  12. I may not have the best swing, but I have the fastest cart
  13. With how much I cart around, I might as well join Nascar
  14. Faster carts make you better at golf, right?
  15. Who says carting is for older golfers only?
  16. I may be bad at golf, but at least I haven’t lost my drive.
  17. If only we could cart the balls from hole to hole rather than hitting them
  18. Props to my caddy for keeping everything copacetic
  19. Golf would be a cooler sport if we replaced the carts with hoverboards
  20. What’s the speed limit on a golf course?
  21. Drinking and driving are fine on the golf cart, right?
  22. I would easily tear these folks up in a golf cart race
  23. Why did we skip over bicycles and go straight to golf carts?
  24. I hope we don’t roll into a sand trap
  25. I wish I could drive this cart to work
  26. How much does parking cost on the golf course?
  27. I prefer the name golf buggy
golf captions for Instagram

Golf captions for girls

Most people have the misconception that golf is an activity solely for rich white men. However, girls golf, too, and they’re just as capable of a hole-in-one. Want to show your Instagram followers that you’re a badass girl golfer? Well, these captions will go a long way with that.

  1. Cute in my golf outfit like I’m Jessica Day
  2. Hot girls play golf
  3. Whoever maintains this golf course needs to give my lawn the same treatment
  4. Out here serving looks and golf balls
  5. I’m just here to ride around in the cart and look cute doing it
  6. I’m as cute as a little birdie
  7. My golf game blows just as much as the wind
  8. I need a treat for being the best caddy in the world
  9. Cheetahs don’t get birdies
  10. Who wants to help me pick out the right club?
  11. Anyone order a bowl of golf balls?
  12. I’d play better if I had a lot of balls
  13. I’d give up golf if I didn’t have so many cute skirts
  14. I wish golf clubs came in pink
  15. Real queens slay on the golf course
  16. Gave up trying to understand this game a while ago
  17. I may not be the best golfer but I sure am the best golfer
  18. Getting some tees in this cute tee-shirt
  19. Out here getting my iron like a hot girl should
  20. Normalize girls being bad at golf!
  21. Having fun in Daddy’s Caddy
  22. The clubhouse snacks are impeccable
  23. I’m only here for the participation trophy
  24. Watching golf is way easier than playing golf. Who would have known?
  25. Sunshine hits better on the golf course.

Cute golf captions for Instagram

Are you a casual who merely wants to communicate how golfing can be a cute activity overflowing with good vibes? Then these captions will augment your cute golf photos with just that.

  1. Golf courses are the right place to take cute pics
  2. I sure put on a tee-refic performance today
  3. Who else thinks it’s time to par-tee?
  4. Here’s evidence that I’ve got game
  5. Putt, I look so good today
  6. Golf courses are the playground of the good life
  7. I lost, but I looked great doing it
  8. Golf would be more fun if we could draw cute, little faces on the balls
  9. First putting, then pudding
  10. Dear wee ball, please turn into a tee ball
  11. What’s the best beverage for playing golf?
  12. I only play this game because I have to make use of these sweaters somehow
  13. It’s an adorable day to go carting after some golf balls
  14. Great swinging works my back out
  15. The golf course is one of the most beautiful places to spend your time
  16. I love the pure elegance of this game
  17. Golf fashion is hands down the best thing about the sport
  18. Ignoring the odds and focusing on the game
  19. Golf tours are the only tours I’m interested in
  20. Playing golf is an underrated form of exercise
  21. Few things are as beautiful as the sun setting over a golf course
  22. People who maintain golf courses should be given countless accolades

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Bad at golf captions

Who says you have to be good at something to enjoy it? You may not be as good as Tiger Woods or Jack Nicklaus, but you can sure find as much joy in golfing as they do. If you’re bad at golf but love it anyway or want to express your frustration to your followers, these captions will be great for you.

  1. It’s a good day to absolutely suck at golf.
  2. Even great golfers have their bad breaks.
  3. Even bad golfers get good breaks.
  4. A man’s true character is often demonstrated by how graciously he loses at golf.
  5. Pro golf tip: don’t suck!
  6. I swear I wouldn’t have lost today if it wasn’t for all the bad weather.
  7. Golf is a stupid game when I lose. But the best game ever when I win.
  8. Today has been a perfect demonstration of why I never made it to the big leagues.
  9. Could anybody please share some golf tips? I’m tired of losing.
  10. I would have saved myself the long walk if I knew it would end in defeat.
  11. I’m not even going to try to make up lies about how I did today
  12. I could say I crushed my golf game today, but that would be a bad lie.
  13. Win some, lose a lot.
  14. I let them win, I swear.
  15. You can beat me at golf but you can never beat me at life
  16. I would have won if the grass wasn’t so green
  17. Things would have been different if I had my favorite golf club with me
  18. My revenge will be swift and severe
  19. The only thing worse than graciously losing is gracelessly losing
  20. I may have lost, but I still had tons of fun.
  21. Who was keeping score anyway?
  22. This game wouldn’t be any fun If I won all the time.
  23. I should have taken those golf lessons serious, huh?
  24. The first step to being good at golf is to be horrible at it
  25. It’s a bad golf day, not a bad golf life
  26. Praying to the golf gods to give me a break
  27. I’m definitely not as bad at golf as my boss thinks.
  28. I have a suspicion that the referees just don’t like me
  29. 120 strokes is a good gulf score, right?

Mini golf captions

The appeal of miniature golf has endured because it’s a fun activity for people of all ages. Regardless of the general aesthetic of your Instagram page, you can probably still fit some mini golf photos on there. These mini golf captions make the process simpler.

  1. It was my worst day of mini golf, but I still had fun.
  2. It’s a mystery, but I always win when I keep score
  3. A lot of other sports could benefit from the mini treatment
  4. I didn’t miss the hole. The hole missed the ball
  5. Mini golf a great way to learn to control your strength
  6. To worms, it’s a giant golf
  7. I swear I’m a local mini-golf sensation
  8. I hate golf. Until I win. Then I love golf.
  9. If regular golf has carts, mini golf should have ziplines or something
  10. They call me the golf father for a reason
  11. Mini golf would be way more fun if they added timed challenges.
  12. You can destroy me at regular golf, but I’ll crush you at mini golf
  13. Mini golf led me to love traditional golf
  14. Is there such a thing as competitive mini golf? Because I’m thinking of going pro
  15. Glow in the dark mini golf courses are everything
  16. Did you know mini golf was invented in South Africa in the 1910s?
  17. I feel we’ve barely scratched the surface of what mini golf could be
  18. Mini golf is fine but how about we take things a step further to micro golf?
  19. Is there such a thing as Macro Golf? I bet I’d rule at it.
  20. A small golf course should be balanced with big trophies
  21. Mini golf is the closest game to perfection

The game of golf is much more elegant and sophisticated than most people credit it. This list of good captions is the best way to show your Instagram followers how much fun you’re having or not having on the golf course. 31All suggestionsWould·Complete the sentencea good·Choose a different wordlose·Choose a synonymbut·Add a commaserious·Change the adjectiveserious·Choose a different worddefinitely·Remove the phrase120·Spell out the numbermissed·Choose a synonyma·Add a missing verbbut·Add a commasmall·Choose a different wordA small golf course should be balanced·Rewrite the sentence

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