Umbrella crafts for preschoolers & kids

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Ready to make a rainy day more fun? Check out these easy umbrella crafts for preschoolers! They’re perfect for kids to enjoy some creative time, cutting and pasting their way to colorful masterpieces. Let’s get crafty and add a splash of color to those grey skies!

Fun umbrella crafts for preschoolers & kids

1. Paper Plate Umbrella Craft

Umbrella crafts for preschoolers

Materials Needed:

  • Paper plates
  • Paints (watercolors or acrylics)
  • Colored construction paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • String or yarn

How to Make:

  1. Cut a paper plate in half to form the shape of an umbrella.
  2. Let your child paint the paper plate with their favorite colors and designs.
  3. Once the paint dries, cut out a handle from the colored construction paper and glue it to the flat side of the half-plate.
  4. If desired, use the string to create a hanger for the umbrella craft, which can then be displayed around the house or in their room.

2. Umbrella Collage with Tissue Paper

Umbrella crafts for preschoolers

Materials Needed:

  • Cardstock or any thick paper
  • Tissue paper (various colors)
  • Glue
  • Pencil
  • Outline of an umbrella (can be pre-drawn or traced)

How to Make:

  1. Draw or trace an umbrella shape onto a piece of cardstock or use the outline below
Umbrella crafts for preschoolers

2. Tear the tissue paper into small pieces.

3. Apply glue within the outline of the umbrella and stick on the tissue paper pieces, overlapping them slightly to create a colorful mosaic look.

4. Once the glue dries, your tissue paper umbrella is ready to brighten up any space!

3. Umbrella rain drops

4. Paper umbrellas

5. Folded umbrella craft

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6. Paper umbrella craft

7. Paper plate umbrella

Umbrella crafts for preschoolers

8. Umbrella craft and drawing

9. Umbrella origami

10. Umbrella card idea

Umbrella crafts for preschoolers

Materials Needed:

  • Construction paper in various colors
  • Cardstock for the card base
  • Glue stick
  • Child-safe scissors
  • Decorative stickers (optional)
  • Crayons or markers

How to Make:

  1. Prepare the Card Base: Fold a piece of cardstock in half to create the card. Choose a color that will make a good background for your umbrella.
  2. Cut Out Umbrella Shape: Help your child cut an umbrella shape from a different colored piece of construction paper. If using scissors is difficult for them, you can pre-cut the shape for them to use. Use the image below.

3. Decorate the Umbrella: Allow your child to decorate the cut-out umbrella shape with crayons, markers, or stickers to personalize it. They can draw patterns or faces, or even add glitter for a sparkly touch.

4. Attach the Umbrella: Use a glue stick to attach the decorated umbrella shape to the front of the folded cardstock. Make sure it’s centered and pressed down firmly.

5. Add a Handle: Cut a thin strip of construction paper to serve as the handle of the umbrella. Glue this onto the card beneath the umbrella shape.

Umbrella coloring pages

  1. Simple umbrella drawing

2. Fun umbrella coloring page

3. Hello spring coloring page

Umbrella crafts for preschoolers

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  1. These umbrella crafts are so cute! I’m definitely going to try making some with my little ones this weekend. They’ll love getting creative and using their imaginations. Thanks for the inspiration!


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