18 Minimalist and fun bullet journal mood tracker ideas

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Changes in our moods are very regular. It is not necessary to always be in a happy state of mind. There are good days and bad days, and anger, despair, sorrow are part of our lives. But if somehow you get stuck over your sorrow or anger and cannot find a way out, then tracking your mood with a bullet journal mood tracker can be of immense help.

If you are experiencing many ups and downs in your mood without knowing the actual reason, then the bullet Journal Mood Tracker ideas in the article can help you identify moments that make you feel happy or sad.

Mood trackers are a fun way to keep track of your emotions daily.

bullet journal mood tracker ideas

What is a bullet journal mood tracker?

A mood tracker is a page in your bullet journal or planner that permits you to keep track of your emotions.

Whether you are happy, sad, tired, angry, bored, or whatever emotional state you are in, you can create a monthly mood tracker to keep track of your mood. 

You can pen down the days of the month and add a color designated for the moods you wish to track. And then fill it in every day.

Mood trackers are a fantastic way to keep track of your good days or gloomy days, which will help to identify the triggers leading to changes in mood.

The bullet journal mood tracker ideas below can lift your spirit and combat the different moods you might be experiencing.

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Why monitor your mood?

Monitoring your mood is as vital as monitoring your health.

Understanding and monitoring your moods can bring changes in your lifestyle, such as making good health decisions to prevent negative attitudes.

The process is straightforward, you need to watch out for the changes in your mood, especially very high swings or very low dips.

A mood tracker is a self-monitoring tool that is easy to do and hardly takes any time. Try incorporating it into your daily routine.

With the bullet journal mood tracker ideas below, you can begin your self-monitoring process.

What is a Mood Chart?

To gain a better understanding of what we need to measure when viewing the moods, we have to emphasize three key terms, and they are: affect emotion and mood.

How do you do a mood tracker in a bullet journal?

To create a mood tracker in your bullet journal, use your favorite things, like your best and favorite pens for writing and favorite colors for your mood tracker.

Then decide whether you want a yearly or monthly mood tracker page. For detailing purposes, a monthly mood tracker is ideal.

Bullet Journal Mood Tracker Ideas.

Here are some creative ways to track your moods:

     1. A year in Pixels

This mood tracker can track your moods for an entire year all on one page.

This tracker tracks five moods in the key: angry, neutral, stressed, sad, and good.

2. January mood tracker

This is a straightforward mood tracker, and it is focused mainly on December and January.

3. Bullet journal Mood Tracker October

This mood tracker goes for October, with Halloween as its theme. Add words to the page, and every day circle the word that describes your mood.

At the of the month, look at which word you circled most to analyze your feelings in October.

bullet journal mood tracker ideas

4. Mandala Mood Tracke

This mood tracker is very colorful and artistic.

 5. Unicorn Mood Tracker

Who does not like Unicorns? They have their special magic and fantasy tale, and they are so cute. So a unicorn-themed mood tracker can be very fun.

6.  Leaf Me Alone

This pretty yet straightforward leaf design keeps track of your mood for the month using various shades of green.

bullet journal mood tracker ideas

7. Up, Up and Away

A hot air balloon mood tracker is a clean, clear, bright and beautiful mood tracker, and it uses only four shades of color for four kinds of emotions.

For example, blue for gloomy days, red for bad days, green for healthy days, and yellow for happy days.

Bullet journal mood template.

Bullet journaling is a very unique and creative way of keeping track of your mood.

 It is fun and can make your life more organized and productive. All you need is an appropriate pen, journal, layouts, and ideas to embark on your journey.

Check out some of the templates compiled for you.

8. Mood Mandala

Mood Mandalas are very much enjoyed on Instagram and are very powerful in fixing your mood. When creating this adorable mood tracker, a matching compass is required, and you are ready to go.

When creating a Mood Mandala, your mood is tracked most artistically. And coloring elevates your spirit to a new level.

9. Mood Tracker with Calendar

This is an excellent and straightforward mood tracker idea. Make use of your calendar, create simple designs and monitor which days you are happy and sad. You get both the calendar and mood tracker on one single page.

10. Jar of Hearts Mood Tracker

This is a cute mood tracker. Update your bullet journal mood tracker with this creative jar filled with hearts. Each heart represents one day. It is perfect in the month of February, the month of love.

Simple Bullet Journal Mood Tracker Ideas

Make your bullet journal fun by using more colors. Colors can brighten up your mood instantly. Do you love the variety of color options? Here are some Bujo trackers for your mood upliftment.

11. Moon Mood Tracker

Moon and mood can be coupled together. The position of the Moon affects our mood, and this is an age-old belief that is dismissed by modern sciences. However, this creative bullet moon mood tracker can twist and twirl your mood to make you feel much better.

12. Gumball Machine

bullet journal mood tracker ideas

Who would have thought that you could add a gumball machine into a bullet journal? The different shades can be added easily and at the end of the month when all the gumballs are colored, it will look very lovely in your journal.

13. Flower Petals

This super cute tracker is good-looking and straightforward. It allows you to use different colors, write on the petals about each day’s mood, and doodle on it. At the end of the month, it appears colorful and vibrant.

Monthly Bullet Journal Mood Tracker Ideas

It’s easy to fall into the prey of a bad mood which can happen quickly, but there is also an excellent way to combat it by creating a positive mindset and getting out of that funk.

You can always rely on a bullet journal mood tracker to help you focus on your attitude.

Here are some great bullet journal mood tracker ideas which you can incorporate into your monthly mood tracker to wipe out your negative thoughts.

14. Use Plants to feel better

Plants work miracles on your mood, and they are proven to alleviate your mood, then why not use them in your bullet journal?

15. Just use words

This simple mood tracker is just a collage of simple words to describe your mood, and it is a fun way of mood tracking.

Minimalist Bullet Journal mood tracker ideas

These themed mood trackers are an excellent idea to prevent mood disorders.

16. Calender

You can track the whole month in these simple boxes on a single page. This minimalist spread bullet journaling, finances, reading, and league. This is one of my favorite mood trackers.

17. One-word cloud

One word each day. Just choose one word that describes your day or encourages you. What kind of words are you choosing? Are they positive or negative? Are they motivating or demotivating? Words play an essential role. Use a tracker, jot down your word each day and see the difference over time.

18. Moon tracker

Image by @ohmysheet

An innovative, circular-shaped tracker based on the phases of the moon which also tracks your sleep pattern. The right side of the page has a Habit Tracker


Mood swings are common in our lives and can occur in many situations. Most women face mood swings during their menstrual cycle, and while among men, mood swings can take place if their physical health gets affected. These simple bullet journal mood tracker ideas can help to overcome negative thoughts and also from mental illness.

Bullet Journal Mood Trackers are a self-help method to gain control of your mental health. 

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