6 easy & fun bullet journal doodles ideas

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Bullet journaling is a therapeutic activity with so many benefits for the doers. Not only will it help you organize your plans and keep a record of your everyday events, but it can also be used as a medium of relaxation. Journaling can also be done in different ways. One basic idea to do journaling is by adding awesome doodles on your planner pages. This article will give you the best bullet journal doodles ideas to decorate your planners. You will find tons of suggestions, from simple shapes to complex and elegant doodles.

Bullet journal doodles

How to doodle on bullet journal?

First, you have to prepare your bullet journal spreads, including your daily planning pages, weekly spreads, monthly log, and yearly summary. Next, consider the theme of your doodles.

Start by thinking about your favorite things as the themes. The theme can be set monthly or yearly.

If you value freedom, you can even do random drawings. Not sticking to a single theme will give you more pleasure when doodling for your bullet journal.

Since you are here, I bet that you are still new to this activity. Finding some resources from YouTube videos or Instagram accounts can be helpful because they serve you with numerous bullet journal doodle tutorials.

Find a doodling and journaling artist from an Instagram account or a YouTube channel as a role model can be the best thing you can do. You can practice doodling by using your favorite posts or videos as inspirations.

If you don’t know who to follow, try to search for Masha Plans on the website, YouTube, and any social media account. She provides answers to your common question on doodling, including cute step-by-step doodle ideas and easy step doodling.

After a while, you will develop your doodling style and start decorating the empty spaces of your own journal with cute doodles. Watching a step-by-step drawing may gradually help you to practice and create better sketches.

Bullet journal doodle supplies

Even the simple doodles require some doodle supplies. Here are some favorite bullet journal supplies that the bullet journalists use to doodle their spreads.

The most crucial bullet journal doodles supply is a doodling pen. It would be best if you have a fine tip pen to draw a simple bullet journal doodle.

Sakura Micron is maybe the most popular fine tip pen. The price is affordable, but the quality is remarkable.

Next, you must also have a brush pen. Brush pens have various functions, including lettering, coloring, sketching, and doodling.

Tombow dual brush pens are the most recommended brand for the quality of the pen tips and brushes, the pigment of the colors, and the durability of the pens. They are also available in soft, pastel, and bright colors.

To create a great bullet journal, you must also have a bullet journal notebook. You can choose one of these two notebooks.

The first one is a fixed or stitched notebook. This kind of notebook has bullet journal pages that are attached to the cover.

The drawback of this kind of notebook is you cannot add more pages to it. You have to buy a new journal once you reach the last page.

The second one is a notebook cover with separate inserts. With this kind of notebook, you can add bullet journal pages—the so-called inserts—based on your needs.

You also need to consider the doodling and coloring methods you prefer to decide what kind of paper you need.

If you love to do bullet journal doodles and color your drawing with markers, you don’t need to purchase a particular paper. The paper is suitable as long as the piece is thick enough to hold the ink that does not sip to the reverse page.

Bullet journal doodles

However, if you use watercolor, acrylic paint, or liquid ink to draw or color your doodling, you need to buy a notebook or inserts with special papers. You may choose cold press or hot press watercolor papers for a better result.

If you are still confused about choosing your favorite bullet journal supplies, refer to your role model’s pages, social media (like Instagram accounts), and YouTube channel. The artists usually put some affiliate links to shop online and buy the items you need.

Benefits of doodling in a bullet journal

Bullet journaling is a form of art to arrange your plans daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly.

Bullet journaling allows you to have the capability to evaluate your life—including what you have and haven’t achieved, what to develop, and what to feel grateful for—and improve the quality of your life.

However, bullet journaling also has other benefits, especially when combining journaling and drawing, especially doodling.

Many psychologists claim that drawing can help someone improving their mental health.

Drawing and doodling have some positive effects, such as they can relieve stress because they give you so much fun. In addition, coloring can also make you feel relaxed.

If you are an introverted person, drawing and doodling is an easy step to express your feeling.

Your sketch and doodling can tell stories of your daily lives, and eventually, your whole life.

Other benefits of doodling include improving your drawing skills and adding some space to store your creative outlet.

Even the easy doodles of basic shapes can be used as a regular practice to create better and better strokes in drawing.

What to include in a doodle journal?

There are many things you can include in a doodle journal. For example, plant doodles, flower doodles, animal doodles, and also theme based doodles.

Theme based doodles can be based on seasons, for instance, spring doodles, halloween doodles, christmas doodles and many more.

Doodling should be a fun activity, hence you can include anything that reflects your mood.

Bullet journal doodles ideas

To nourish your creative outlet, you need to trigger your mind to seek for creativities consistently.

If you love bullet journaling, you have to manage yourself to do it daily.

However, creative ideas are not always easy to find. Sometimes, you experience a creativity block that you can’t even think of anything to write or doodle on your journal.

Therefore, as stated earlier, you need to search for some inspiration from your favorite bullet journalists. This easy way can help your escape from the creativity block.

Usually, YouTube videos or videos from other social media platforms present a step-by-step tutorial to follow. For example, you can try keywords like simple step-by-step doodles of coffee cups or a simple flower.

Each step guides you to doodle the thing easily. Then, you can elaborate your doodle by adding your personal touches.

Another great way is always to ask yourself what are your favorite things. People can elaborate their ideas better when they are exposed to their favorite things.

Those are easy doodle ideas for you to try, especially when you are still new to bullet journaling and doodling.

1. Aesthetic bullet journal doodles

Creating elegant and aesthetic bullet journal doodles does not always require exceptional drawing skills to draw overly complicated objects. Often, the simple way of doodling is the best.

You can draw some objects with a simple step. For example, you can have hot air balloons to decorate the summer month of August and maple leaves for the fall season.

Having two-tone colors is also another basic idea to increase the aesthetic of your bullet journal. Red and black or blue and pink are a great color combination to choose from.

2. Bullet journal doodles flowers

Flower doodles are popular things to draw nowadays. You can bring your bullet journal decoration to the next level by adding some flower drawings to it.

Although floral drawings look easy to make, they need more effort to give a realistic touch. You need to know gradation techniques to make the petals look real.

It is also a great idea to draw the flowers in a cartoon style if you are still a beginner in drawing. For example, drawing a simple tulip or sunflower.

3. Plants doodles

To accompany your floral doodles, it is also a great idea to draw plants. Monstera leaves, tropical themes, or cacti are popular things to draw in your bullet journal.

The above picture is an excellent example of how simple doodle ideas can look so pretty and mesmerizing.

Drawing plants and leaves are relatively easy doodle ideas—at least, they are easier than making floral drawings.

4. Minimalist bullet journal doodles


Here are several simple doodle ideas for your minimalist bullet journals.

The first thing to keep in mind is to add some emotion to your doodle. You can have a smiley face or weather doodles to indicate your moods or feelings.

Food doodles are always a great option. You can make vegetable or fruit doodles and color them in bright colors.

A hot drink like a cup of coffee or a teapot is a simple way to make minimalist bullet journal doodles.

Those kinds of drawings are not only easy doodle ideas but also cute enough to elevate your mood to fill up your planner pages consistently.

5. Halloween doodles

Halloween can be used as the theme for October bullet journaling.

In the above picture, you can see that pumpkin doodles are the main icon of Halloween doodles, apart from the human skull, witches, bats, and classic white ghosts.

Although the theme sounds a little bit scary, Halloween is not always dark and fearful. You can add a little touch of cuteness to your doodles.

Black and red are also not the only colors that resemble Halloween. You can put some happy colors like orange and pink to brighten up your doodling pages with some creativity.

Try washable markers to give fade effects to your drawing. The result will be fantastic, especially when you open your journaling notebook later in the future.

6. Animal doodles

You can also draw cute animals that resemble your mood or monthly tasks.

For example, suppose you are packed with deadlines in a particular month. In that case, you can draw your spirit animals or cute animals that depict hard work and strength like a lion or a horse—or unicorn doodles to make your journal even more attractive.

Those are some great bullet journal doodles you can use to beautify your bullet journal pages. However, those are not the only ways to doodle on your planner pages.

You can draw almost anything. You can even put different things on a single doodle page.

By doing so, you can create your personal style in doodling that can inspire others. Your drawings can be a great resource for other bullet journalists.

Once you are consistent in bullet journal doodles, you can establish your brand. You can have a small commission by accepting doodling projects from clients.

When people recognize you and your work, you can even create social media accounts and share your learning experiences to help other journalist-want-to-be.

You can post different doodles every week and provide bullet journal doodle tutorials.

You can also participate in a doodling event and create a 30-day-doodle-challenge.

In this kind of event, you will ask fellow bullet journalists all over the world to draw in 30 consecutive days—nonstop—with a particular topic every day.

If you join a doodling event and win a prize, you will get some rewards—including doodling art supplies. You can also strengthen your brand or identity as a bullet journalist to have more followers at no extra cost.

To participate or create such doodling or journaling challenges, you need to open your social media accounts and change the privacy policy of your accounts. Otherwise, other people may not be able to view your art.

Bullet Journal doodles Pinterest

Here are some Pinterest accounts to follow if you would like to get more doodles inspiration :

  1. https://www.pinterest.co.uk/sudrajatd9550/_created/
  2. https://www.pinterest.co.uk/curlylindsay/_created/
  3. https://www.pinterest.co.uk/LemonyFizzCrafts/_created/ated/
  4. https://www.pinterest.co.uk/byrawpixel/_created/

Bullet journal doodle apps

There are some apps that can help you create doodles for your journal.

Below are some apps that you can download from Play Store :

  1. Elisi
  2. Beautiful mood
  3. Inspirational Doodle writing & quotes
  4. Cute doodle ideas
  5. Canva


We hope you enjoyed the doodle journal ideas above. What do you enjoy doodling the most?

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