60+ Short and Clever Chicago Captions For Instagram

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Key Takeways
  • Suitable captions for Chicago Instagram posts include funny, short, clever, punny, and specific location-based captions, like those for the Skydeck, Millennium Park, Chicago Riverwalk, or the Chicago Theater.
  • Watch our perspective on Chicago, preferences, length of stay, favorite aspects, famous locals, then craft captions reflecting these insights.
  • Commonly used captions include short phrases expressing love for the city, humor about its weather or attractions, or puns related to iconic places.
  • Explore Chicago’s unique facets: humor in cold, love from afar, transformative walks, witty puns, global perspectives from Skydeck, joyous spins in Millennium Park, and a quote capturing Chicago’s essence: “Hollywood is Hype. New York is all talk. Chicago is the work

The Windy City is one of America’s most storied and beautiful cities, so it is often a primary travel destination for people inside and outside the country. But how are you supposed to capture the unique feeling of visiting Chicago? Well, with these Chicago captions for Instagram, of course!

Using these great Chicago captions for Instagram, you will relay perfectly to your social media followers how much you enjoyed your trip. They will boost your content, increase your follower count, and allow you to represent yourself more accurately.  

chicago captions for instagram
60+ Short and Clever Chicago Captions For Instagram

Funny Chicago captions for Instagram

Do you have a strong sense of humor? Then, these funny Chicago captions for Instagram will work well for you. They will also show your social media followers your fun side and the fun side of the windy city. They will also elicit a laugh, or at least a smile, from your followers, creating good associations with your page.  

  1. With how cold it can get, Chicago is on the wrong side of the globe. 
  2. Chicago traffic is much more tolerable if you see it as an architectural feature. 
  3. If Godzilla visited Chicago, he’d avoid destroying it because it’s so beautiful. 
  4. Sometimes, I fully understand why Gotham City was based in Chicago. 
  5. Is it true that visiting Chicago once is equivalent to visiting ten other great cities worldwide?
  6. Chicagoans have no clue how good they got it with a city that looks this beautiful. 
  7. Chicagoan DNA must be different in how it can withstand all this cold. 
  8. The Pied Piper would have to use a saxophone if he wanted to hypnotize the children of Chicago.
  9. Chicago may be better than my home city in every way, but at least the Bulls haven’t been great in a while. 
  10. I hadn’t ever felt the compulsion to tap dance until I stepped into Chicago. 
  11. Never in a million years would I have guessed that Chicago was built over 200 years ago.
  12. They say if you wander the streets of Chicago at night, you can hear the ghosts of jazz musicians still playing. 
  13. The skyscrapers in Chicago would give those in Shanghai and New York a run for their money.  
  14. I’m ready to pack up and move to Chicago permanently. Mind you. I’ve only been here one day. 
  15. That Chicago is not even one of America’s ten most expensive cities feels too good. 

Short Chicago captions for Instagram

Want to keep things short and sweet? Then, these short Chicago captions for Instagram will suit you. People must remember that Instagram is a platform best suited for images. Well, with these brief captions, you can let the photos of your Chicago trip speak for themselves while providing minimal input.

  1. I am having a great time in Old Chicago. 
  2. Blowing you kisses from across the windy city. 
  3. Something about this city makes food taste better. 
  4. Chicago night lights shine like diamonds.
  5. This city looks so different at night than during the day. 
  6. I have nothing but love for the cubs, the bears, and the bulls of Chicago. 
  7. I am so in love with this city. 
  8. Walking through Chicago is 24/7 eye candy.
  9. I always want to stay in the windy city.
  10. The people are as awesome as the places in this city. 
  11. Chicago called, and I proudly answered!
  12. Chi-Town Does Shine. 
  13. Chicago is an asphalt heaven.
  14. Here’s a fantastic photo for you on this Windy Wednesday. 
  15. Keep calm and enjoy Chicago. 

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Clever Chicago captions for Instagram

Are you the bright, cheeky, and sarcastic type? If so, these clever Chicago captions for Instagram will be your cup of tea. With these captions, you can relay the unique perspective you see in the windy city to all your Instagram followers. You’ll be able to set yourself aside from most Chicago posters.  

  1. I feel proud knowing that the world’s tallest building, designed by a female architect, is in Chicago.
  2. Chicago was the original place of the Brownie, so you are all welcome for that. 
  3. Walk through Chicago once, and your standards for what a city should be are heightened forever.
  4. To you, it’s fancy music. To us, it’s good old-fashioned jazz. 
  5. All Chicagoans have that Robin Williams-type humor deep inside of us. 
  6. It should be called Lake Chicago, if we’re being honest. 
  7. No other state is beating Chicago in a talent show. 
  8. In Chicago, our river is the only thing that goes backward.
  9. Chicago will forever be the architectural center of the modern world. 
  10. Prickly Chicago denizens can sometimes make it feel like such an onion field. 
  11. Chicago is one of the few cities where the term “skyscraper” is used in a more literal sense.
  12. This story takes place once upon a time in…Chicago. 
  13. Stop scrolling. Enjoy some lovely photos of Chicago. Keep scrolling. 
  14. I am visiting the United Center to pose with the most outstanding athlete ever. 
  15. If I had a penny for each time a tourist was astounded by the beauty of Chicago, I’d have a lot of pennies. 
chicago captions for instagram
Best Chicago Captions

Chicago puns captions

Punny folks will surely get a kick out of these Chicago pun captions. There are various ways to make your followers laugh or do a double take, and puns are some of the best instruments by which you can achieve this. You’ll get your followers every time with these Chicago puns for Instagram. 

  1. I’ve been to Chicago, and it’s just as great as they say.
  2. The Windy City just completely Blew me away.
  3. It’s Boat time. I made it to Chicago.
  4. I used so much Dough on this trip to Chicago.
  5. The food I’ve had here is as cheesy as my selfies.
  6. Moving through this city can be such an L-elevated experience sometimes.
  7. The Chicago Navy Pier is indeed peerless.
  8. We had such a Field Day at the football game. 
  9. The dogs sure do like to wiggle at Wiggly Park.
  10. What to do in Chicago? Whatever floats your boat, of course. 
  11. I left a Pizza Me in every great Chicago restaurant I visited.
  12. The chef is a real wiener for putting this meal together
  13. I saw the chef at this Chicago restaurant, and I swear he was a sage
  14. I A-door the city of Chicago!
  15. The Great Lawn is such a remarkable spot in Chicago. 

Skydeck captions for Instagram

The Chicago Skydeck is one of the most picturesque locations in the windy city. This automatically makes it a must-see for most visitors. So, to set your Skydeck post from the plethora of others on Instagram, these Chicago Skydeck captions will suit you. 

  1. You can see the whole world from here. 
  2. I’m the king of the world…or at least Chicago. 
  3. What is a fear of heights in the face of all this beauty?
  4. I am changing my last name to Skywalker after this. 
  5. It’s not going to break. It’s not going to die. 
  6. Chicago is even twice as dazzling from way up here. 
  7. Some of the lights glowing there come from bright and brilliant people.
  8. My spirit feels as high as my body right now.
  9. This is but a taste of the floating cities of the future. 
  10. I’m grateful to be petitioned to such a high and lofty view. 
  11. It’s a bird. It’s a plane. It’s the Chicago Skydeck. 
  12. Sunsets hit differently at the Chicago Skydeck
  13. I wish my house had the same type of glass as the Chicago Skydeck. 
  14. A nap over here would go so hard. I know it. 
  15. From down there, I’m nothing but a dot in the sky. 

Millennium Park Instagram captions

The Millennium Park is pretty neat, but its centerpiece, the bean, is one of America’s most iconic monuments. Everyone wants to take a picture with the bean! If you want to spice up your bean photo for Instagram, these captions will be of great use to you. 

  1. It’s only a matter of time before Millennium Park becomes the nation’s most iconic park. 
  2. Why did they choose a bean, not an onion or garlic clove? 
  3. Millennium Park has to be one of the most picturesque places I’ve ever visited. 
  4. Nothing quite like going for a spin at the McCormick Tribune Ice Skating Rink.
  5. The BP Pedestrian Bridge has such an inspired design. 
  6. I love the Greek-inspired architecture in Wrigley Square. 
  7. Biking through Millennium Park is so easy and comfortable. 
  8. Millennium Park is one of the best-ever locations to host a music festival.
  9. The Great Lawn in Millennium Park feels like something from a science fiction movie. 
  10. Over 25 million people visit Millennium Park annually, and I am one of the lucky ones. 
  11. Millennium Park is so beautiful that it hurts. 
  12. Early morning yoga over here would be such an experience
  13. Unfortunately, splashing in Crown Fountain is not above me
  14. Do you guys think the bean could ever fall over?
  15. Lurie Garden is one of the most serene places I’ve ever visited. 

Chicago riverwalk captions

It takes forty-seven minutes to walk along the entire Chicago Riverwalk, and there are so many sights and attractions during the course. With these Chicago riverwalk captions, you can capture just how magical any part of that 1.25-mile stretch in the middle of the windy city is. 

  1. The Chicago Riverwalk is perfect for me as someone who loves the water. 
  2. Date nights on the Chicago Riverwalk are pretty dazzling.
  3. The Chicago Riverwalk is home to such beautiful outdoor art galleries. 
  4. I would have loved to visit the Chicago Riverwalk when it was still a shipping channel. 
  5. What’s your favorite place to eat on the Chicago Riverwalk? 
  6. They could easily rename the Chicago Riverwalk to the Boardwalk Empire. 
  7. I wonder what deep sea divers will find at the bottom of the Chicago River
  8. Honestly, the location of the River Theater elevates artistic performances.
  9. The Chicago Riverwalk is much prettier than in pictures and movies.
  10. Oh, to be proposed to before this magnificent shimmering body of water!

Best Chicago city quotes

Some say Chicago is the best city in America, and with its beautiful look, they have a great case. Chicago is also highly culturally relevant, increasing the pride of its residents and tourists. With these Chicago city quotes, you can show how unique the windy city has been and will always be. 

  1. Frank Lloyd Wright was correct when he said Chicago would be the last great city left in the world.
  2. Like Barack Obama, I’m from Chicago, and I don’t break
  3. Hollywood is Hype. New York is all talk. Chicago is the work. 
  4. Whoever said they miss everything about Chicago except January and February hit the nail on the head. 
  5. “I must confess a shameful secret: I love Chicago best in the cold.”
  6. “Chicago Cubs Fans are ninety percent scar tissue” -George F. Will
  7. What’s your favorite quote about Chicago? 
  8. Chicago will give you a chance. The sporting spirit is the spirit of Chicago.” – Lincoln Steffens.
  9. “It is wonderful to be here in the great state of Chicago.” – Dan Quayle
  10. “The people of Chicago are proud – and for a good reason,” said Jane Byrne.

How to come up with an outstanding Chicago caption for Instagram

If you want to go beyond this article’s captions, here’s a handy guide for generating your own. Chicago is very expansive and volatile, with over a million things one can say about it. Want to come up with an outstanding Chicago caption for Instagram? Well, keep these tips in mind. 

  • What perspective do you have of Chicago? Are you a local or a visitor?
  • What do you like best about Chicago? The food? The architecture? The attractions? The weather?
  • How long have you been in Chicago? How long do you intend to stay?
  • What single aspect about Chicago strikes you the most?
  • Who is your favorite famous person from Chicago? 
  • What are you doing in Chicago? Are you there for business or pleasure?

You can better understand what you want to say about Chicago by answering questions like this. From there, putting your thoughts into an Instagram caption to accompany your social media posts should be easy. 

Places to take the best pictures in Chicago

A good Instagram caption is only as great as the accompanying photo. Thankfully, Chicago has so many picturesque locations to choose from. If you need help to think of a place, consider a few areas we point out below. 

  • Millennium Park: Millennium Park is one of America’s largest and most beautiful parks. Other than its ultramodern design—

Combining the best modern architecture, lush gardens, and gorgeous greenery—it’s also a bustling socio-cultural hub with many exciting activities for visitors to participate in. Oh, and it’s also the home of the infamous Chicago Bean. 

  • The Chicago Skydeck: The Chicago Skydeck is one of the closest things to a simple space elevator that humans have been able to build. You can take pictures of yourself floating 1353 feet above ground level at this fantastic location. 
  • The Chicago Riverwalk: Not feeling a trip to the skies? Then, a trip to the Chicago riverside may be in order. Along this 1.24-mile stretch, many attractions are worth your time, money, and your camera’s eye. 
  • Lincoln Park Zoo and Conservatory: Who doesn’t love a trip to the zoo? Instagram surely does. Visiting the Lincoln Park Zoo to take some cute pics with the animals is what you need to do to spice up your Instagram feed.
  • The Chicago Theater: There’s something about the front of the Chicago theater that makes it seem like something straight out of an old Hollywood movie production. Taking pictures at that spot will capture some of the magic of Chicago’s rich past. 


Although this is not an exhaustive list, these places are some of the most incredible spots in Chicago to hang out and take cute pictures. Remember that you do not need to be at any particular location to take a picture for Instagram. Magic moments can happen anytime and anywhere. Once you capture them authentically, they will surely resonate with your followers. 

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