60+ Fun & Jolly Good Christmas Team Names

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Key Takeaways
  • Best Christmas Names: Santa’s Love, Jolly Good Times, Chimney Climber, Little Elves, Mistletoe
  • Positive and Joyful Vibes: Choose names that exude excitement and joy, contributing to a joyous and celebratory atmosphere. For example, Gym freak Santa, Holy Christmas.

Christmas is an annual festival celebrated by Christians commemorating the birth of Jesus Christ. It is celebrated on the 25th of December as a religious festival. Family and friends gather for a Christmas dinner, followed by playing games. If you plan a fun game, you will need exciting Christmas team names.

One of the essential characters on Christmas is Santa Claus, Saint Nicholas, or Kris Kringle, whose long history is steeped in Christmas tradition.

Here are some interesting team names you can use when playing Christmas games with family and friends! 

60+ Fun & Jolly Good Christmas Team Names
60+ Fun & Jolly Good Christmas Team Names

Funny Christmas Team Names 

Some funny Christmas team names are as follows:

Funny Christmas Team Names
All fun, no sleep
Angry Santa
Be clause I love you
Beer gang
Bobtail rings
Bushel of fun
Chimney stories
Christmas Company
Elves and the city
Elves on shelves
Enjoy at the Polar Express
Fairy lights
Fairy stories
Feeling Santa-mental
Flakes and snow
Free to chill
Frosty flakes
Garland doors
Get on the Polar Express
Here for the beer
Here for the whiskey
Ho ho lite
Holly jolly
Holly month
It was a quiet night
Jingle all the way
Jingle bell ring
Jingle bell rock
Jingle bell swing
Jingle bell team
Jingle bellies
Jingle gang
Jingly feet
Lights and trees
Mistletoe steps
My lit friends
Naughty elves
Naughty Santa
Never fir get you
One horse open sleigh
Rascal elves
Red socks
Reindeer's legacy
Reindeer's sleigh
Santa and the Chimney
Santa and their elves
Santa Claus beard
Santa Ho ho ho
Santa in the house
Santa, the ho ho ho
Santa's little worker
Sharing is caring
Snow and fun
Snowin’ and blowin’
Snowy city
Snowy express
Sugar plum
Sweet and candy
Take a Break
The holiday team
The jingle humms
The jolly holly
The major Santa
The Nicholas
Tree-mendous friends
Trick and treats
Wassup team
We sleigh
We sleigh together
Windy Xmas
Xmas and frosty air
Xmas bakery
Xmas cupcakes
Xmas Eve night out
Xmas frost
Xmas lights
Xmas night
Xmas team
Xmas trees

60+ Fun & Jolly Good Christmas Team Names
Funny Christmas Team Names

Fun Christmas Team Names

Here are some fun Christmas team names:

Fun Christmas Team Names
6 pack Santa
A December to remember
Best or bust at Xmas night
Candy cane shelves
Chimney climber
Cookies and trees
Crew of Chocolates
Friends in December
Gym freak Santa
High elf-esteem
Ho ho ho, heroes
Holy Christmas
Hot fudge drizzle
House full Xmas
Jollies, hollies, ho ho ho
Jolly good times
Lights and ice
Looney tunes at Xmas
Meowy Christmas
Merry Xmas team
Music everywhere
Pepperminty friends
Polar express party
Santa cap
Sleepy hollow brownies
Sleigh ride
Smarties cookies
Snow angel
Snowy December
Sundae with Xmas drizzle
Team golden balls
Team lights and music
Team nice
Team polar express
The best wing
The December gang
The red stocking
The stocking factory
The stocking stuffers
The tomorrow team
Very merry Xmas party
Winter breeze and city lights
Xmas December and us
Xmas dress show
Xmas mannequin
Xmas sales

Christmas Group Chat Names 

Here are some Christmas group chat name ideas:

Christmas Group Chat Names
All I want for Christmas is for you
Christmas wrapping
Cocoa and butter
Dance the night away
Dasher, dancer and prancer
Distance makes the heart grow
Don't open your gift early
Elvie shelvie
Little elves
Luck card
Magic wand
Polar Express train ride
Santa giving gifts
Santa Lucky
Santa's love
Santie pie
Sparkly luck
The dream train
The gift hampers
The gift stories
The Jingly dreams
The time of the year
Tree-mendous peep
We, the clause family
Wonderful time

Winter-themed Christmas Names

Have a look at winter-themed Christmas name ideas:

Winter-themed Christmas Names
After School
Alcohol you later
Alice in Xmas Wonderland
Bar b que tonight
Booz night
Bring the night
Celebrations with Santa
Charity work
Christmas cookies
Christmas for everyone
Christmas, ho ho ho
Cookie cocktail
Cool breeze
Delish food
Donate and share
Driving home for Xmas
Drizzle night
Eating is fun
Family and friends
Festive fiesta
Food for life
Friends forever on Xmas
Frosty lakes
Frosty roads
Frosty vibes
Fun for everyone
Funky fest
Garland ideas
Gift hampers
Happy birthday christ
Helping poor
Hit the show
Ho ho ho, we are back
Home Decor
Home full of jingle
Ho's and bro's
In Santa's good book
Jingle bell rock
Jingle bells everywhere
Jingle and mingle
Joy to the world
Let's bake together
Lights twinkling
Love and Xmas
Love at first sight
Love in the air
Love is sharing
Love your self
Magic in her street
naughty dress
Nicholas bebe
No prank December
Nutcracker bash
Nutcracker smash
O Christmas tree
Party at his house
Razzle dazzle
Rum and whiskey
Sandle and cocktail
Santa coming
Santa in action
Sending goodwill
Show up at the bar
Snowy eves
So much humbug
Sparkle in drizzle
Sparkly streets
Spirit and joy
Spiritful eve
Stocking and food
Street food
Streetlights and Xmas trees
The bartender
The big star
The food we like on Xmas
The golden night
The goodwill gala
The three-month vacays
The wow moment
Throw party
Throw Xmas party
Tipsy night alcohol
Trees with funky lights
We love cookie
We love Xmas
White Christmas
Winter windy
Winter Wonderland
Wrap and rum
Wrap it around the tree
Xmas carols
Xmas cloak
Xmas cookies
Xmas day
Xmas dinner
Xmas excitement
Xmas lunch
Xmas night
Xmas pranks
Xmas prayers
Xmas preps
Xmas travel plans
Xmas treats

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60+ Fun & Jolly Good Christmas Team Names
Catchy Green Team Names Ideas

What Is The Best Way To Choose A Christmas Team Name?

The best way to choose a Christmas name is to find the fun, winter, and Santa element, which gives positive energy and the holiday season vibe. Exciting and joyful names help define the fun Christmas vibe as a team and family.  

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