65 Best Creative Pirate Names with meaning

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Do you want to add a creative element to your stories? Or are you bored with the plain old creative writing ideas? Don’t worry! I’ve got your back. Here are some interesting pirate names to star in your stories.

Whether you want cool names for your pirates inspired by greek mythology, treasure island, or the Caribbean sea, this list has got it all!

So, this version of the good pirate names will be your best friend!

Let’s get into this!

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Funny Pirate Names For Girls

  1. Anne Bonny: An English pirate known for her beauty, with a name meaning “the good one” or “the beautiful one.”
  1. Bells: The bells were two female pirates who were friends and partners in crime, with names meaning “bells” and “good luck.”
  1. Black Mary: A female pirate from the Caribbean who was known as a tough pirate during the 1600s and 1700s, with a name meaning “black Mary.”
  1. Calico Jack: A female pirate from the 1500s who had a cat on her shoulder and saved money for another ship to visit her whenever she wanted, with a name meaning “calico jack.”
  1. Dolly Madison Roosevelt: One of many women pirates during the early 1900s who had an adventurous life at sea before becoming an American socialite, with a name meaning “Dolly Madison Roosevelt.”
  1. Elizabeth Bonny: An English pirate known as an excellent marksman and navigator, with a name meaning, featured in Southern Italy.
  1. Bessy: Short for Elizabeth, means “God is my oath.”
  1. Bluebell: A name with a beautiful meaning, bluebells are a symbol of hope and renewal
  1. Breezy: The breeze blows freedom for you
  1. Davy Jones’s Locker: If you want to make the main character of your story the daughter of a pirate, this is the name for you!
  1. Deuce: Two is the number of pirates
  1. Fanny: A common name for girls in the 1700s and 1800s. The F stands for “fair” or “beautiful.”
  1. Florence Nightingale: Florence Nightingale was an English nurse who helped nurse soldiers during the Crimean War. She is one of the most famous female nurses in history. She also was known as Lady Florence or Mrs. Nightingale because she married an earl in 1858.
  1. Morrigan: Irish goddess of war, death, and sovereignty
  1. Captain Gingerbread: Leader of the pirates.
  1. Deanna Deare: A female pirate from the 1800s who was an explorer and writer known for her adventurous spirit.
  1. Lapis Lazuli: A story centering colorful calcium carbonate secretions, Sir Walter Scott, Daniel Defoe, and Captain Kidd.
  1. Cathey: A french phrase that is the variant of the name catherine/ combinations of the name catherine.
  1. Adriana: the name of the roman goddess of springtime inspired by the old name of the northern Italian town of Adria.

Captain Pirate Names

Captain Pirate names with meaning:

  1. Alasdair, Captain of the Jolly Roger, is a pirate who sails to the Caribbean
  1. Blackbeard, a pirate who lived in the 11th century.
  1. Calico Jack: a pirate who sailed with Blackbeard and was involved in several battles against British ships and forts.
  1. Captain Jack Sparrow: The main character in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. He is also a famous pirate.
  1. Captain Hook: One of the most famous pirates in history, he attempted to steal from Peter Pan’s treasure chest. Peter Pan and his fairy friends defeated him.
  1. Captain James Norrington: The main villain of the Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy was an English pirate who turned to piracy after losing his ship and crew to Davy Jones’ Locker.
  1. Captain Sao Feng: A Chinese pirate known for cruelty towards his crew members. He is said to have killed more than 1,000 people during his lifetime as a pirate captain before being killed by Jack Sparrow (the main character from Pirates of The Caribbean movies).
  1. Captain Buccaneer: A pirate who sails the seas on a ship called the Buccaneer.
  1. Captain Bluebeard: A pirate who sails the seas on a ship called the Bluebeard.
  1. Captain Blackbeard: A pirate who sails the seas on a Blackbeard ship.
  1. Captain Bloody Bill: A pirate who sails the seas on a ship called Bloody Bill.
  1. Captain Bligh: A pirate who sails the seas on a ship called Bligh.
  1. Captain Bones: A pirate who sails the seas on a ship called Bones.
  1. Captain Bootstrap: A pirate who sails the seas on a ship called Bootstrap.
  1. Captain Brownbeard: A pirate who sails the seas on a ship called Brownbeard.
  1. Captain Bulldog: A pirate who sails the seas on a Bulldog ship.
  1. Captain Bushranger (or Bushranger Captain): A pirate captain in Australia, also known as “Bushranger Captain.”  The name comes from his outfit, which consists of an old red coat and a red bandana tied around his head, making him look like he is wearing cowboy boots (bushrangers). He is also known as “The Red-Haired Bandit.”
  1. Captain Dominic: A name of Latin origin, has an important function in stories of fictional pirates who lives on the high seas.
  1. Name Captain Apulia is a good student name for those looking for a sweet name. He owns an older cat and is the leader of the slave ship. He has a fearsome reputation.

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Badass Pirate Names

You need a name that will get people’s attention when you’re a pirate. You want to be known as the one who can take on the giant, worst ships in the world and make them look like they’re going down in flames, and you want everyone to know it.

And that’s why we’ve put together a list of badass pirate names with meaning. We’ve got names like:

  1. The Raven and The Black Pearl are perfect for any captain looking to intimidate their opponents and ensure that no one will ever mess with them again.
  1. “The Heart of Gold” is perfect for anyone who wants to be remembered as an incredibly kind soul who always puts others first.
  1. Black Bart: Badass pirate of the highest rank who sees all other male counterparts as his enemies.
  1. Octie: Name of a character inspired by ‘octopus,’ a type of a sea creature.
  1. Baddie: A very badass pirate.

Pirate Names For Boys

  1. The Pirate: A pirate is a man who lives by his own rules. He does what he wants, when he wants, and doesn’t give a crap about anyone else. He’s independent and strong-willed. If you’re looking for a name that will support your independence and strength of character, this is the one to go with!
  1. The Swashbuckler: The swashbuckler is an adventurer who never backs down from a fight. That’s right—he’ll stand up to any challenge, whether it be an army or an angry mob of people who don’t like pirates. He may not be the most reliable person, but he’ll always be there for you when things get tricky!
  1. The Buccaneer: The buccaneer is known for being fearless and willing to take risks to make money or find adventure. He’ll never turn down an opportunity to win more money or experience than he did last time around… until he does. Then you’ll know why we called him this name!
  1. Jack: The pirate of merchant ships
  1. Neverland Pirates: They are a group of pirates, or you might have heard about pirates of the Caribbean Online, link the name and the story of pirates of the Caribbean in a similar way.
  1. Phylum Cnidaria: A toponymic name/ name of a sea polyp.
  1. A Jolly Roger: A flag with a skull on it
  1. A Parley With A Stranger: To make peace with another person, usually in an attempt to take something from them.
  1. A Shiver in the Night: A cold breeze during an otherwise warm day.
  1. A Sword and Gunpowder: A pirate ship with a cannon.
  1. Blackbeard: Captain of the ship Revenge.

Famous Pirate Names

  1. Blackbeard: A pirate with a mysterious past known for his ruthless attacks on ships during his career as a pirate captain. He was famous for keeping his face covered by a mask or bandana whenever he went out on land because he believed it made him look more intimidating!
  1. Captain Hook: An evil pirate thought to be the most feared pirate in Disney’s stories until Peter Pan came along! He was known for his old age and terrible temper when dealing with young children, but we all know how that turned out anyway.
  1. Calico Jack Rackham (also known as Calico Jack), a pirate from England during Queen Anne’s War who fought against colonial ships and forts
  1. Cobra Commander, a pirate who sailed with Blackbeard on his last voyage in 1717
  1. Edward Teach or Edward Thatch, a notorious English sea captain who terrorized shipping from 1691 to 1718 by plundering ships and murdering their crews
  1. Ginna Bellavista Bonetta: A very famous pirate.
  1. Captain John Smith: An English soldier who sailed the Caribbean and North America in the early 18th century.
  1. Calico Jack: He was a pirate who lived during the Golden Age of Piracy.
  1. Calico Jack Rackham: One of the most famous pirates.
  1. Black Spot: He was a pirate who lived during the Golden Age of Piracy and was captain of the ship Whydah Gally on which he sailed to Madagascar in 1697.
  1. Bartholomew Roberts: The most successful buccaneer of his time, he spent much of his life at sea raiding Spanish ships in the Caribbean Sea from 1719 until he died in 1722. He was believed to have been born around 1682 but was born around 1688 or 1689 (some sources say 1686) in Newfoundland
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In a Nutshell,

I have penned a complete list of pirate names with meanings to get your creative juices flowing.

Now, if you ever need to craft a story like Peter Pan, you’ll have a pool of pirate names to choose from to create your own story!

How amazing is that?

I hope you have as much fun writing as I did penning down these pirate names for you.

Keep in mind that pirates are a fictional character, so when looking for the perfect pirate names just don’t over think it. Even an old Roman name can make a good name

Happy Writing!

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