Funny, creative & unique Zoom names for your next meeting

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One of the easiest ways to have a virtual meeting is through Zoom calls. All you need to do is to sign in through the Zoom web portal or Zoom mobile app and enter your email address and password. Good Zoom names are crucial as it is what you are identified as at the virtual meeting. It can be your legal name, household name, or even a brand name.

In this article, we will look at some of the most creative and funny names you can use on your Zoom account to either stand out or break the ice by being unique, creative, and entertaining during your online call.

Zoom names

Funny Zoom names

Sometimes people use hilarious Zoom names either to sound funny or just to get the attention of their co-workers. The host of the meeting can consider a name that will act as an icebreaker even before starting an online meeting. 

Funny zoom names are a fun way of letting people know it will not be one of those boring online meetings.

Below are some funny Zoom names :

  • Fast And The Curios: Remember the fast and the furious? Well, in this case, it is quick but also insanely curious!
  • Intelligent Zombie: This is an intelligent person who will also not shy from eating your brains!
  • Nabber of Naps: This is a person who will catch a nap at any slight chance available.
  • I Was A Mistake: This is a hilarious name for someone who feels like they happened by accident.
  • Fart Catcher: As the name describes, it is their job to capture farts!
  • Pissy Pants: Someone who pees themselves out of fear.
  • Numb Nuts: Just plain stupid and unaware of what is happening around them.
  • Big Bottom: One with an enormous back.
  • Skinny Minnie: Someone who is very slender and petite
  • Fancy Nancy: A nickname for a lady overly concerned with her looks or one who is way older than she dresses.
  • Sofa King: Someone who is absolutely in love with his sofa.
  • Is that your face? It is used for someone with an ugly face or who is way too high that their face looks funny.
  • Frog licker: Loves to lick frogs!
  • Coca-cola addict/ Addicted to coke: This is someone who is addicted to coca cola sodas.
  • Dog Catcher: Someone whose main business is catching stray dogs for animal control purposes.
  • Minion Maker: One who creates new Minions!
  • Gifted Kidnapper: This person has taken kidnapping a notch higher and seems talented in their ransom and extortion business.

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Creative Zoom Names

Apart from being hilarious, your Zoom name can also be creative and appealing. Below are some of creative names you can use in your zoom meetings:

  • Why u looking at me?
  • Connecting to audio…
  • Ok zoomer
  • loading…
  • connecting..
  • connection error…
  • Corona time
  • ur mom
  • zoomnivorous
  • Sherlock Holmes
  • The person below me is trash
  • Bad bleep
  • I can’t answer the question for you<3
  • milk from mars
  • joe exotic
  • ok z00mer
  • i’m here in my toilet
  • Uranus small
  • Yo mama
  • Zoomnivirus
  • uuhh why you reading this?
  • I am legend

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Cool zoom Names

In your future meetings, you can use a name that shows how cool you are. This can be a clever synonym, a funny nickname or just a name representing your alter ego. 

Here is a list of some cool names to use in your next online meetings:

  • I’m a lion: Shows people just how powerful you are.
  • Lizard Man: This is the name of a creature which is also known as bigfoot’s little cousin.
  • Goofy numbskulls: One who prefers their own company and is silly and clumsy at the same time.
  • Monkey Boy: Loves performing while dressed as a monkey as their stunt or when they are just on their own, away from their family.
  • Kitty Catnip: Refers to marijuana because it has the shape of a cat’s nip toy!
  • Borin clerk Kent: Superman’s alter ego who is not so flashy in real life.
  • Here comes everybody.
  • Get Away Driver: the ultimate driver who escapes an unfair situation.

How to change your name in Zoom during a meeting?

Below is the easiest way to change your Zoom name during a meeting:

  1.  Click on the ‘participants’ button on the top of the Zoom page.
  2. In the participant’s list, hover your mouse on your participant’s name. This is at the top right side of the Zoom web portal. Select ‘Rename’.
  3. Enter your preferred name and click ‘OK’ to give you a new name.
  4. You now have a new zoom name.
  5. Zoom names with meanings

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How to change your name in Zoom before entering a meeting?

  1. Sign in to Zoom
  2. Click on your profile which on the left hand side of the screen
  3. Next to your name you can click on Edit
  4. Once you click on Edit, you can change your display name
  5. Click save once you have decided on a display name

How to put emoji on Zoom name?

Unfortunately, you cannot add emoji in your Zoom username. However, you can give out reactions using emojis during a zoom call.

To do this you will have to click on the Reaction tab at the boom of the screen. You can choose from a range of emojis that are available.

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Fun Zoom names :

Already chosen a zoom name for your future meeting? Well, here is another list of some names you can use with their meanings:

  • Turtleneck: Someone who loves wearing a turtle neck sweater.
  • Face the Music: A statement that means to face the consequences of your actions.
  • Jumbo slice: One who loves a very large piece of pizza
  • Nitpicker: One who finds fault in others’ work and often seeks needless arguments.
  • Breadwinner: One who provides a substantial amount of the family’s finances.
  • Uncollared Sheep: This is a free sheep that does not have a collar for identification.
  • Master Is here!: Someone who knows a particular topic really well
  • Derelict Hunter: One whose entire job is to look for broken and abandoned buildings to demolish and pave the way for new constructions.


You can have fun with your Zoom name in your next meetings. There is no formula to picking the best name, but why not make it a fun and memorable name that also depicts your personality?

What is your favorite Zoom name?

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