30+ Best Easter trivia for kids with answers

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Looking for a way to occupy your children during the Easter season? Well, then, look no further than this easter trivia for kids. These easter quiz questions cover many interesting facts and fun facts about the holiday. By attempting these easter trivia questions, kids will learn and be entertained. 

Fun trivia questions like this always present great ways for the whole family to have fun together. Especially when other easter games are not as engaging, use these to determine who paid the most attention during Sunday school and who should get the biggest easter egg on Easter Sunday.  

30+ Best Easter trivia for kids with answers

Easy Easter trivia for kids

This easter trivia quiz contains the easiest questions that almost anyone can answer without trouble. These questions are meant to remind kids about the most basic easter traditions and why they exist. 

  1. What does Easter Sunday represent? The resurrection of Jesus Christ
  2. Where did Jesus go on Palm Sunday? He entered Jerusalem
  3. What happened to Jesus on Good Friday? He was crucified
  4. During which months do the Easter holidays typically occur? March and April
  5. During Easter, chocolate candies are typically fashioned into which animal? Chocolate bunnies
  6. Is the sermon on the mount an Easter story? No
  7. What do people typically place in their easter baskets? Easter eggs, chocolate bunnies, and other sweets
  8. What do Easter bunnies bring along with them? Easter eggs
  9. What is the most famous symbol of Easter? Easter eggs
  10. What annual event does the white house host during Easter? The white house easter egg roll.  

Catholic easter trivia

Even though Easter is a widely celebrated holiday, Catholics take it more seriously than most, keeping its religious significance at the forefront of their celebrations. This easter trivia quiz is meant to capture that aspect of the easter celebration and appeal to Catholics the most. 

  1. Who was the first person to see Jesus after his resurrection? Mary Magdalene
  2. What is the typical easter sacrificial animal? A lamb
  3. How many days does the full easter season last? 50 days
  4. Easter is about a new life in what entity? A new life in Christ
  5. In the Old Testament, with which term is Easter referred to? Passover
  6. Who does the term “lamb of god” refer to? Jesus Christ
  7. What easter tradition do Christians do to their face during lent? They paint a black cross
  8. What is the significance of Holy Saturday? It commemorates the final day of Christ’s death
  9. For how much money did Judas sell Jesus out to the Romans? 30 pieces of silver
  10. How many different sayings did Christ utter on the cross? Seven
easter trivia

Easter questions for youth

It is more important for young people to learn about religious customs and practices than any other age group. And this is why these easter trivia facts are essential. They have been carefully selected to teach younger people interesting facts about the celebration. 

  1. What is another name for Peter Rabbit? Peter Cottontail
  2. Where did the idea of the easter bunny come from? German immigrants in 1700
  3. Why is Sunday considered the first day of the week on the Gregorian calendar? Because the Gregorian calendar is derived from the Hebrew Calendar, commemorating Christ’s death on Palm Sunday
  4. What does Mardi Gras have to do with Easter? The date of Mardi Gras is determined by the date of Easter
  5. Doing the laundry on Easter Sunday is said to bring…? Bad Luck
  6. What type of cake is typically eaten as an Easter food? Fruit cake or Simnel cake
  7. Around Easter, what food does a Jewish feast entail? Matzoh or Marzipan balls
  8. What is another name for Shrove Tuesday? Pancake Day
  9. When does Easter Monday occur? After Easter Sunday or Palm Sunday
  10. What is the name of the Charlie Brown Easter movie? “It’s the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown

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Good Friday trivia questions

Good Friday is one of the most important days of the easter week. Although many people know to celebrate on Easter Sunday, Good Friday is the reason the whole week exists. As such, these Good Friday questions refocus on the significance of that day. 

  1. Does Good Friday fall on the same year every year? No
  2. What does the Pieta of Michelangelo represent? Mary holding the broken body of Jesus after his crucifixion
  3. Which denomination eschews Good Friday because they believe Christ was crucified on a Wednesday? The Philadelphia Church of God
  4. Which Psalm did Jesus quote on the cross? Psalm 22
  5. Why is it called “Good” Friday? Because the eventual outcome was good, as Christ died for the sins of his followers
  6. What is another name by which Good Friday is referred to? Black Friday
  7. How long does the Paschal Triduum last? Three days
  8. What food is forbidden for Catholics on Good Friday? Meat
  9. What number is most associated with Easter? Three (3)
  10. Which is older, the celebration of Easter or the celebration of Christmas? Easter

Easter facts

At this point in history, Easter is a combination of both Christian practices and pagan ones, honored in so many ways. This Easter trivia for kids highlights some of these ways and what they mean. 

  1. Who made the most famous painting of the last supper? Leonardo Da Vinci
  2. What event is Maundy Thursday meant to commemorate? The Last Supper
  3. What type of scavenger hunts do most families like to participate in during Easter? Easter egg hunts
  4. What is easter island most famous for? Statues of giant heads
  5. On what day of the holy week is the hot cross buns snack typically eaten in the United States? Good Friday
  6. On what day does Easter fall? The first Sunday after the full moon date of March 21st
  7. What astronomical phenomenon typically occurs on 21st March that is related to Easter? The Spring Equinox
  8. What practice is believed to bring on good luck during easter time? Wearing new clothes
  9. During what century were the first easter eggs made? During the 13th century
  10. What is the meaning of hard-boiled eggs on Easter? New life, fertility and rebirth.  h

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  1. Just to clarify, we Christians do not paint a black cross on our faces during Lent. We received blessed ashes on our forehead as a reminder that we are dust, and to dust we will return. It is a reminder to turn away from sin and follow Christ.


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