How to get rid of bats in Minecraft? 6 easy ways

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In Minecraft, bats are harmless mobs and do not discern much of the player’s attention. However, flying bats can sometimes annoy you, and getting rid of them is the only solution to avoid the disturbance. We will show you how to get rid of bats in Minecraft.

New in Minecraft? You will probably meet this rare mob that may occasionally annoy you. Bats hang peacefully or fly around passively around Minecraft. You may also notice them flying into lava falls since the game has not registered them as any threat for various reasons.

As bats are not valuable for you in any way, you may want to get rid of them and stop the shrill squeaks, which becomes annoying as you progress in the game.

Apart from giving you company as a lonely miner, they will constantly annoy you, especially when you are stuck in the cave alone. For this reason, you may feel like getting rid of them. But, do you understand how you can do this permanently? Here we look at various ways you can get rid of bats in Minecraft.

How to get rid of bats in Minecraft

How to get rid of bats in Minecraft

1. Use bright lighting to get rid of bats in Minecraft

Bats will avoid any forms of lighting altogether, including both dull and bright lights. They are known to spawn at a minimum amount of light or where there is no light at all.

Lighting which goes above level 7 would scare them. That explains the reason why they can only be found in caves as there is minimum light.

Therefore, one way we can successfully get rid of bats is by increasing the light levels of Minecraft.

This feature will get them frightened and scare them away permanently.

The strategy works successfully, just like with the other mobs who get repelled to other sources of light or simply a torch. Keep bright lights on where you are at all times.

It will ensure none of them will spawn in around you. Therefore, lighting is probably the most suitable method in Minecraft to get rid of bats.

Use torches and other sources of light to make the area brighter than the bats can withstand.

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2. Behavior Interference

Just like other mobs, bats are passive and love to squeak a lot.

By looking at them, you will notice that they prefer flying towards the east more than in any other direction. Interrupting them during this time causes them discomfort and would probably get rid of them from the area.

Bats tend to hand upside down; by interrupting their ability to hand upside down, you can get rid of them in Minecraft. You can do this by using solid blocks and placing things to prevent them from flying in ceilings.

Bats also like spawning in groups. Interrupting them and ensuring they don’t get in these groups helps drive them away as they cannot spawn.

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3. Avoid bats in Minecfraft

Bats are trickier mobs as they can spawn whenever the player comes near them.

However, they are well-known to despawn whenever you move away from them.

Since they are harmless and do not interfere with you as a player, you can choose to move far away from them and prevent them from spawning from time to time.

So, when you see them spawn near you, just let them be since they do not interfere or cause harm to what you are doing. Instead, keep off and, whenever possible, use lighted areas where they cannot come near due to their fear of bright lights.

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4. Push them off blocks

Bats like to hang on the ceiling. When the player breaks or hits the blocks on the top, they disturb their peace and will get them to fly away.

So, when you see them hanging when they are idle, quickly hit or move the block on the ceiling to scare them away.

Keep pushing the blocks to disturb them. Once they realize that there is no safe place for spawning, they will take off and avoid coming near your Minecraft.

5. Kill them

Like other mobs, bats can quickly die by using conventional weapons and tools in the game.

Once you see them, you may choose to start fighting and killing them. It will undoubtedly finish them although it might take a long time due to their numbers.

Again, killing them might be a tricky job due to their small size. Therefore, this method can only be suitable if no other methods are available for you as a player.

Physically it will drain your energy to continue playing, and they are not harmful to you as a player.

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6. Use the command block to get rid of bats in Minecraft

Command blocks are pretty crucial in Minecraft.

They help players to host servers and create their adventures during the play. They also enable you to meet any desires during the game.

To get rid of bats, you need to type the “/kill@e[type=Bat]” command, and you are all done.

That appears to be the quickest way of getting rid of the bats and other mobs in Minecraft.

It is probably the quickest and easiest way to get rid of bats in Minecraft.

The only thing you need to master is the command, and all will be gone by the time you finish entering it into your keyboard and pressing the enter button.  

Final thoughts

Though harmless to the players, bats can be annoying creatures due to their pesky nature.

Their behavior and sounds will call for your attention in Minecraft. And at times, they will get you terrified due to their numbers and their ability to hang upside down.

The best thing you can do is to get rid of bats in Minecraft so you can enjoy your game without being annoyed by them.

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