50+ Cute & Unique Unicorn Names for Girls & Boys

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Key Takeaways
  • A diverse range of unicorn names is provided for you, including famous ones from franchises, names for boys & girls, cute and funny options, princess-themed names, Instagram-worthy names, and a guide for creating unique names, catering to various preferences.
  • Unleash creativity for name ideas by blending brainstorming, thematic depth, word fusion, online generators, collaborative insights, imaginative wordplay, audience connection through feedback, and the poetic allure of thesaurus exploration.
  • In the enchanting realm of unicorn names, oft-favoured choices embrace the celestial allure of Starlight, the mystical charm of Twilight, and the crystalline elegance of Crystal, dancing alongside whimsical companions like Luna Sparkle and iconic references such as Shadowfax.
  • Our top name picks encompass Nebulae, Rainbow Lily, Lady Lyra, Snuffles, Feather Light, Fiona’s Apple, Shadowfax, and Luna, offering a rich array of femininity, cuteness, humour, royalty, and masculinity themes.

Unicorns are some of our most popular and beloved mythical creatures, especially among women, girls, and young children. What makes each Unicorn unique is its personality, and a considerable part of its personality is informed by its name. In this article, we’ve provided a great selection of unicorn names that you can pick and choose from. We’ve also provided a quick guide by which you can come up with your unicorn name should the need arise. 

All Unicorn Names

A NamesB NamesC NamesD NamesE NamesF NamesG NamesH Names
Adorable DoraBaby RoseCadillac, from Planet UnicornDark WingEmber HeartFalse GallopGemstoneHeart Trail
AlizeBeeBeeCassiopeia UltimaDarker MaterialEtherFayetteGlitter WayHeavy Foot
ArcadiaBlack ReaperCharlitoDoe EyesEther AuraFeather LightGlory from My Little PonyHorned Horse
AshaiBlue, from Charlie the UnicornChiaraDraco NocturnFeathers, from Planet UnicornGolden Eyelash
Aura SupremeBubbly BlueCirco LocoFiona’s AppleGuardian Angel
Azure FlameBubble Gum PrincessCloud CherryFire Eyes
Buttercup from Toy StoryCrystal LilacFlame Mane
Butterfly BurstCrystal LightFlower Pop Wave
Crystal SeaFur Forest
Crystal SmileFur Jacket
Cyber Ghost
50+ Cute & unique unicorn names for girls & boys
50+ Cute & unique unicorn names for girls & boys

Famous Unicorn Names

Unicorns are some of the most popular fantasy creatures in our pop culture. These are the most popular unicorns from the most beloved franchises in the world. Certain huge franchises have featured many special unicorns. Ahead, we list a few of their names. 

Famous Unicorn Names
Blue, from Charlie the Unicorn
Buttercup from Toy Story
Cadillac, from Planet Unicorn
Feathers, from Planet Unicorn
Glory from My Little Pony
Jewel, from The Chronicles of Narnia
Julian from Animal Crossing
Knight from Gauntlet: Legends and Gauntlet: Dark Legacy
Lady Amalthea from The Last Unicorn
Lady Rainicorn from Adventure Time
Majesty, from My Little Pony
Moondancer from My Little Pony
Morell Thule from Everquest
Rapidash, from Pokemon
Rarity from My Little Pony
Rose, from Filly Funtasia
Tom Cruise, from Planet Unicorn
Twilight Sparkle from My Little Pony
Uni, from Dungeons and Dragons
Unico, from The Fantastic Adventures of Unico

Unicorn Names For Girls

A lot of unicorn aesthetics primarily appeal to femininity. In the same way, boys typically love dragons; girls usually love unicorns. Many girl children wish that unicorns are real. They can easily name their imaginary unicorns with the names provided below.

Unicorn Names for Girls
Aura Supreme
Cloud Cherry
Crystal Lilac
Gardean Angel
Glitter Way
Heart Trail
Kimmy Kup
Le Fleur
Marie Rose
Pale Flower
Purple Pony
Queen Legiana
Rainbow Lily
Red Ribbon
Star Trail
Sweet Stubble
Warm Embrace

Cute Unicorn Names

All fantasy creatures have some unique-sounding names. But unicorns have the cutest names of the bunch. We’ve provided a selection of some of the cutest unicorn names ever. These names will always get an “aww” from you or your friends.

Cute Unicorn Names
Lady Lyra
Puni Uni
Sweet Vanilla
Twilight Twinkle
Yuki Love

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50+ Cute & unique unicorn names for girls & boys
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Funny Unicorn Names

Sometimes, unicorns are best when not taken too seriously. The following list of funny unicorns reminds us of that fact. These names are guaranteed to remind you that unicorns are meant to be a source of joy, happiness, and laughter.

Funny Unicorn Names
Bubble Gum Princess
Darker Material
False Gallop
Flower Pop Wave
Fur Forest
Fur Jacket
Heavy Foot
Horned Horse
Jolly Good Girl
Lost Lord
Melted Ice-cream
Midsummer Nights Dream
My Little Nutmeg
Ninth Foal
Quenched Fire
Red Ruby Rose
Shakespeare’s Bane
Snow Sniffer
Tasty Sprinkles
Warm Icicle

Princess Unicorn Names

Having a unicorn is one thing, but giving it an appropriate name is challenging. Is any princess an actual princess if she doesn’t have her Unicorn? Below, we’ve provided a great selection of royal names for a princess’s Unicorn. 

Princess Unicorn Names
Bubbly Blue
Crystal Sea
Crystal Smile
Doe Eyes
Ether Aura
Feather Light
Glitter Wave
Golden Eyelash
Lady Blue Moon
Lady Joy
Lovely Luciana
Mystic Maiden
Pinky The Stallion
Platinum Diamond
Purple Saint
Rainbow Dash
Valiant Voss
Winged Wish
50+ Cute & unique unicorn names for girls & boys
Princess Unicorn Names

Unicorn Names For Instagram

Instagram is the best social media app for image-based content. So, if you want to show off your unicorn aesthetic, that app is your best bet. You may have the pictures ready to go, but have you put much thought into what you’re putting into your caption? To avoid that pitfall, consider using the following Unicorn Names for Instagram.

Unicorn Names for Instagram
Adorable Dora
Baby Rose
Butterfly Burst
Cassiopeia Ultima
Circo Loco
Crystal Light
Cyber Ghost
Fiona’s Apple
Jolly Lucia
Lady Dawn
Lady Dusk
Lady Pegasus
Lady Snow White
Little Miss Pretty Unicorn
Miss Fortune
Mona Monalisa
Queen Choreomania
Shimmer Sleeve

Unicorn Names For Boys

Although Unicorns are typically associated with girls and all things feminine, boys have also recently started taking an interest in these marvellous mythical creatures. In this list, we’ve provided a list of cool unicorn names for boys to make getting into them a little easier.

Unicorn Names for Boys
Azure Flame
Black Reaper
Dark Wing
Draco Nocturn
Ember Heart
Fire Eyes
Flame Mane
Iron Will
Ivory Heart
Lip Lightning
Lord Boaz
Red Rush
Shadow Steed
The Shadow Runner
Thunder Hooves
Titanium Horn
Vesper Vox
Wind Walker

How do you come up with your Unicorn Name?

If none of the unicorn names included in this list are doing it for you, we’ve provided a quick and nifty guide for coming up with your unicorn name below. There are many ways and means by which you can easily do this.

  • Coming up with a good unicorn name is easy. As mentioned in the article, unicorn aesthetics have much to do with femininity. And so, to come up with a good unicorn name, think about the things that girls typically like. 
  • You could also break convention by going for something entirely different. More and more boys are getting into unicorns these days. So, you could instead think of something typically related to masculinity. 
  • You could also let a unique program known as a fantasy name generator do much of the heavy lifting. These programs generate countless names for you after receiving a simple prompt. So, keep an eye out for that. 

We hope you have no trouble selecting or coming up with your unicorn name. Trust your instincts and go for it once you’ve found something that feels right. Make sure you take your time to pick out the perfect name. 

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