15+ Engaging Name Games: Fun for Students of All Ages

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Lets explore a wide variety of name games suited for different age groups and settings. From ice breakers to rhythm circles, these games are designed not only to foster name recognition but also to create joy, collaboration, and creativity.

Simple to set up and exciting to play, these name games are perfect for the start of the school year, new student orientation, or any time you want to add a fun twist to learning names.

Let’s dive into this world of fun name activities and discover how they can be a great way to bring joy and connection to classrooms and gatherings alike!

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Name Games for High School Students

1. The Last Name Challenge 

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A great way to learn students’ names at the beginning of the school year is the Last Name Challenge.


  • Have the students stand in a straight line.
  • The first person’s name should be said aloud, along with their favorite food.
  • The next person must repeat the first person’s name and food, then add their own name and favorite color.
  • Continue down the line, with each person repeating all previous names and adding their own.
  • Anyone who makes a mistake is out.
  • Continue until the whole thing is said correctly, or start over for more fun!

2. Name Card Game

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An engaging game that helps students learn the names of others and promotes interaction.


  • Provide each student with a piece of paper and have them write their first name and draw something they love.
  • Collect all the name cards and shuffle them.
  • Distribute the cards to students, making sure they don’t get their own card.
  • Each student then describes the drawing, and others guess the student’s name that matches the card.
  • Repeat for larger groups and multiple rounds.

3. Name String Web

A perfect way to build connections within a class using a ball of string.


  • Students stand in a large circle.
  • The first person holds the ball of string and says their first name and favorite word.
  • They then throw the string to another student while holding the end.
  • This continues until everyone is connected by the string.
  • The result is a physical web that connects everyone, symbolizing community.

4. White Crayon Mystery Names

name games

This game involves a creative twist and is a great way to learn students’ names.


  • Students write their first and last name using a white crayon on a piece of paper.
  • Swap the papers and have the next person paint over the name with purple (or any color) watercolor to reveal it.
  • The person then says the name aloud and shares something they know about that student.
  • Continue until everyone has had a turn.

5. Musical Name Beat

Music teachers might find this game engaging for high school students, using drum beats and rhythm sticks.


  • Sit in a circle, and one student starts by saying their name in a beat.
  • The next person repeats the beat and adds their own name in a new rhythm.
  • Continue around the circle, adding new rhythms for each name.
  • See if you can complete the whole circle without losing the rhythm.

6. Initial Letter Name Tag

A fun twist to the traditional name tag game, focusing on the initial letter of the students’ names.


  • Provide students with name tags and markers.
  • Have them write only the first letter of their first name and the last name.
  • The goal is to guess each other’s first names based on the initial letter and last name.
  • This can be done in small groups or as a whole-class activity.

These name games for high school students offer a variety of challenges and fun activities to encourage interactions and community-building at the beginning of the year or anytime. 

With options ranging from creative art to musical rhythm and strategic guessing, they appeal to different interests and foster a sense of unity and understanding among older students. 

Whether for the start of the school year or as a fun activity during a break, these games offer much fun and are some of the best name games to play with high school students.

Ice Breaker Name Games

1. Cookie Jar Name Game

A fun icebreaker activity for kids of all ages is the cookie jar game. It involves using name tags and rhythm sticks.


  • Place name tags in a cookie jar.
  • Have each child draw a name.
  • They must describe the person without saying their name.
  • The others must guess who it is.
  • The right hand plays the rhythm sticks to add a fun twist.
  • Continue until everyone has had a turn.

2. Name Bingo

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A fun twist on the classic Bingo game, helping participants learn their classmates’ names.


  • Create Bingo cards with students’ names instead of numbers.
  • Distribute the cards and provide markers or chips.
  • Call out a simple question like favorite food or color that corresponds to a student.
  • Players mark the student’s name if the information matches.
  • The first to get five in a row shouts “Bingo!” and wins.

3. Colorful Name Mural

A creative game that can serve as a beautiful piece of collective art.


  • Provide a large piece of paper and colorful markers or crayons.
  • Each student writes their name artistically and adds their favorite things as drawings.
  • Display the mural in the classroom as a great way to remember names and interests.

4. Name Memory Chain

A great icebreaker game for larger groups to learn names and a bit more about each other.


  • Students sit in a circle, and the first person says their name and favorite color.
  • The next person repeats the first person’s name and color, then adds their own.
  • Continue around the circle, each person repeating all previous names and adding their own.
  • If someone forgets, start over. It’s much fun and a good way to reinforce name memorizing.

5. Name Jigsaw Puzzle

An engaging game involving name puzzles that encourages students to work together.


  • Write each student’s name on a piece of paper, then cut it into puzzle pieces.
  • Mix all the pieces together and divide students into small groups.
  • Each group must assemble as many names as they can within a set time.
  • The team with the most completed names wins.

6. Name Tag Scavenger Hunt

This fun activity mixes the excitement of a scavenger hunt with the task of learning names.


  • Create name tags for each student with a hint about their favorite food, word, or color.
  • Hide the name tags around the room or playing area.
  • Give each student a list of clues to find the name tags.
  • The first to find all the tags or the one with the most found when time’s up wins.

These ice breaker name games provide fun ways for students to interact, learn names, and share a bit about themselves.

With variations that cater to different interests and learning styles, from visual art to mental challenges, these games can be adapted to various age groups.

They are perfect for the beginning of the school year, for integrating new students, or for simply rejuvenating the energy in the classroom

Kindergarten Name Games

1. Teddy Bear Name Puzzle

name games

A perfect way for younger children to learn letter names and practice fine motor skills is the Teddy Bear Name Puzzle. It also encourages name recognition.


  • Cut out teddy bear shapes from a piece of paper.
  • Write each child’s name on a teddy bear.
  • Cut the name into letters.
  • Allow the children to assemble their own name using letter stickers.
  • Kindergarten teachers can use this as part of lesson plans for the start of the year.

2. Name Fishing Game

A delightful game that offers younger children a chance to fish for their classmates’ names.


  • Write each child’s name on a paper fish and attach a paper clip.
  • Create a fishing rod using a stick and string with a magnet at the end.
  • Scatter the fish in the middle of the circle, and let each child “fish” for a name.
  • Once they “catch” a name, they must read it aloud.

3. Name Train Game

A fun way to align names in a straight line as if forming a train, perfect for teaching name recognition.


  • Provide each child with a name card containing their name and a favorite color.
  • The first child starts by saying their name and attaches their card to a wall.
  • The next child links their card to the previous, forming a train.
  • Continue until the whole class has added their cards to the train.

4. Magnetic Letter Name Match

An educational name game that promotes fine motor skills using magnetic letters.


  • Write each child’s name on a sentence strip.
  • Provide magnetic letters for children to match the correct letter to their name.
  • Encourage them to identify the letter sounds as they work.

Kindergarten name games like these provide not only fun name activities but also foundational learning experiences. 

They present various ways to involve children in playful exploration, whether through fishing for names, painting with color purple, or linking up a train of name cards.

With the guidance of a kindergarten teacher, these games can be adapted and expanded upon throughout the school year. 

They offer the perfect way to engage the youngest students in learning their own name, letter names, and the names of others, fostering a sense of community and joy in learning from the very beginning of their educational journey.

Fun and Easy Name Games

1. Johnny Whoops

name games

Johnny Whoops is a simple game for young children and older kids that incorporates the first letter of their name. Music teachers often use this game as a fun activity.


  • Sit in a large circle.
  • The first child points their finger at the second person’s name and says “Johnny Whoops.”
  • The second person does the same to the third person while holding up the first letter of their name.
  • Continue around the circle.
  • Add drum beats for extra fun.

2. Middle of the Circle Name Cubes

For younger students, the Middle of the Circle Name Cubes game can be fantastic fun and educational.


  • Write students’ names on name cubes.
  • Place the cubes in the middle of the circle during circle time.
  • Have the first child roll a cube.
  • The child must then say the name and toss it to the next child.
  • Continue until all names have been said.

3. Name Rhythm Circle

A musical game that encourages participants to create a rhythm with their names, great for all ages.


  • Sit in a large circle, and the first person says their name while clapping to a beat.
  • The next person continues the rhythm by adding their name.
  • Go around the circle, building a rhythm with each person’s name.
  • Try to keep the rhythm going as long as possible. It’s a great idea and much fun!

4. Alphabetical Name Race

A fast-paced game that requires thinking on your feet and is a great way to learn the order of classmates’ names.


  • Divide the group into two teams.
  • Provide a piece of paper to the first child in each team.
  • At the signal, the teams must write the names of everyone in the room in alphabetical order by first name.
  • The first team to finish correctly wins a small prize or gets a point.
  • Repeat several times, using last name or different ways to challenge them.

The inclusion of a lot of name games in your classroom is a great idea for building community, enhancing name memorizing skills, and adding fun and creativity.

From the best icebreaker games to fun name activities using color purple crayons and magnetic letters, there are different ways to engage students.

Whether you’re a new student or an older student looking for a fun twist on learning names, these name games can bring much fun and enjoyment to the classroom or small groups.

Enjoy the next time you play, and don’t forget to include your favorite word or favorite color to make it uniquely yours!

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