What does Pending on Snapchat mean and how to fix it?

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Pending on Snapchat happens when a message has not been sent on the app. There are various reasons why this may happen. Let’s go through the different possibilities

What is ‘Pending on Snapchat?’

This means that a private message or Snap has not been sent on Snapchat, and lots of reasons could be why your message appears pending on Snapchat.

Some of the main reasons are:

  • You are a new user
  • No longer connected with your old friend
  • Low network connectivity
  • Another user has deleted their Snapchat account.

We will discuss these points later in detail, why pending on Snapchat actually occurs, and how could we solve this issue.

You can often resolve this problem by waiting for the other person to accept the pending message or snap from their end.

Does pending on Snapchat mean blocked?

No, this does not necessarily mean you have been blocked. Usually, when you send someone a message or snap on Snapchat, and you get the ‘pending’ arrow, this means that the other person has not accepted your message or friend request.

However, it could also mean that the person has blocked you and does not want to receive any messages from you.

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How long can pending messages on Snapchat last?

30 days.

As long as the person accepts your message or sends it within 30 days of you sending the message, then your message will not be deleted.

After 30 days, your message can disappear.

Why does ‘Pending on Snapchat’ happen?

There are many reasons for this. Here are some of the most common reasons

you must be aware of these:

If you are new to Snapchat, you might not be added as their friend, so you are getting the pending message sign on your chat. Just send them a friend request and wait for their acceptance.

This could also happen when you are no longer connected with that friend, and he/she unfriended you from their friend list or sometimes blocked you while you were added.

The second most common reason is you have low internet connectivity to send the message so you get the pending message sign.

The third main reason is the friend to whom you are trying to send the message has deleted their Snapchat account, so you get the pending sign.

Let’s discuss all these reasons in detail now.

1. Not a friend with the other user

One of the most common reasons for pending messages is that the other person has not added you as a friend yet.

This will most likely happen if you attempt to contact a new user.

The other user will have to accept your friend request for this to not happen in the future.

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2. Blocked by the other user

Snapchat allows users to block other people to maintain the privacy of their accounts.

If someone has blocked you, you will not be able to send them a snap or message.

Hence, your messages will come out as ‘pending’.

If the other user’s account is public, then you can view their stories but not be able to contact them privately.

The person has the choice to keep you blocked or accept your message.

3. Network issues

Sometimes ‘pending on Snapchat’ can appear because you do not have an internet connection when sending the message.

This tends to happen when you are already friends with the other person but cannot send a message or snap to them.

In such cases, your message will be pending until you get a good internet connection.

If you feel your internet connection or wifi is stable and yet you are still having this issue, then you can try the following things :

  1. Restart your device
  2. Close Snapchat and reopen it.
  3. Clear cache on your device or browser

4. Friend account deleted

When someone has deleted their account, Snapchat does not send notifications to their friends.

The account will still appear in your friend list, and you can view previous messages.

However, if you send them any messages after they delete their account, it will appear pending.

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How can someone see a pending Snapchat?

This is what happens when there is a pending message on Snapchat :

  1. The other user will get a notification that there is a pending message
  2. The other person can view the message without clicking on ‘accept message’ or ‘accept friend request’.
  3. If the person has read your message, you will get to know that the ‘pending’ arrow will turn blue.
  4. The other person then has a choice if they would like to receive messages from you in the future or if they would like to be friends with you.

How to check if messages have been delivered on Snapchat?

Once your message has been accepted by the other person, you can see that your notification has changed from ‘pending’ to ‘delivered.’

You must check this by going into the ‘Chat’ section on Snapchat and clicking on the person’s name.

Snapchat will not notify you that the other person has accepted your message or informed you of a status change.

This is the only way to know if a message is delivered on Snapchat.

How to know if someone deleted you on Snapchat?

You can do this by checking your follower list and checking if the person’s name has disappeared.

Snapchat will not send you a notification if you have been deleted from a friend list or if you have been unfollowed.

Here’s one way to check if you have been deleted :

  1. Swipe right from the camera screen to the friend’s screen.
  2. Click on the Search bar and type in the name of the person you are looking for.
  3. See if the name shows up on your friend list.

If you can see the person’s snap score, that means that the person is still following you.

If you cannot view their snap scare, they most likely have deleted you from their friend list.

How to view Snapchat history?

You can view your entire Snapchat history and see the exact time and moment you sent a snap to someone.

This can be done on the computer or on your mobile device.

To do this on a desktop :

  1. Go to accounts.snapchat.com
  2. Log in with your Snapchat ID and password
  3. Click on ‘My Data’
  4. Click ‘Submit Request

Snapchat will start collecting all your information.

You will then receive an email with all your chat history.

Remember that the email will be sent with the email ID associated with your Snapchat account.

It can take a few hours for you to receive the email.

Once you get the email, click on ‘Download your Snapchat data.’

We hope you have enjoyed this guide and understand what ‘pending on Snapchat means and how to resolve the issue. Feel free to comment below with any questions you have.

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