30+ Mythical And Fire Dragon Names With Meaning

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Key Takeaways
  • Best Dragon Names: Diaval, Elliot, Idris, Drake, Kai.
  • Creativity Matters: Opt for a creative and unique name. Avoid generic or overused terms, and strive for something that stands out in the competitive esports landscape. For example, Saphira and Ryuu.

Dragons are mythical creatures that fascinate us by their sheer size and powers, breathing fire and flying. This article has compiled a list of awesome dragon names, including their possible origins. Whether these magical creatures existed or not does not stop them from being some of the most talked about animals. 

30+ Mythical And Fire Dragon Names With Meaning
30+ Mythical And Fire Dragon Names With Meaning

Male Dragon Names With Meaning

Glaurung – Glaurung is the “father of dragons” in J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Children of Hurin and The Silmarillion. He is a trickster and a fire-breathing dragon known as “the deceiver.”

Arman – This dragon’s name originates from the 2015 film. He’s a dragon

Darksmoke – Name of the dragon in the movie Adventures of a Teenage Dragon Slayer

Dagahra – Japanese name of a dragon found in the film Rebirth of Mothra II

Falkor – The name of the dragon in The Never Ending Story.

Apalala – Hindi myth name of a water dragon

Aiden – Irish dragon name that means “Little fire.”

Brenton – Means “flame” or “fire.”

Belido – German for dragon

Brantley – the German name for fire.

Drake or Draco – the Greek name for a dragon.

Dracul – Romanian name that means “dragon” or “The devil.”

Cadmus – Greek name meaning “dragon teeth.”

Fraener – Has old Norse origin. Fraser was a dwarf that was turned into a dragon.  

George – Greek name meaning farmer. In British history, St. George was best known for slaying dragons.

Attor – Old English for venom or poison.

Chua – Native American Hopi name for a snake.

Shesha  – Sanskrit for the king of serpents.

Ryuu – Japanese for dragon

Slayer – English for someone who kills, often one who does so with a sword. A slayer is mostly a knight who kills dragons or vampires.

Veles – Slavic origin. Veles is the god of the underworld associated with trickery and dragons. Appeared in the form of a serpent.

Viper – Latin for the king of snakes.

Kai – This is a Scottish name that means “fire.”

Longwei – Chinese dragon name that means “greatness of dragon.”

Ladon – This name has a Greek origin. It is a 100-headed dragon, which is also a river god.

Nithe – This is an old Norse name that means “dragon” or “snake.”

Tyson – It means “hot-tempered.” 

Tatsuya – This is the name of the Japanese sign of the dragoon.

Ormr – Stands for “Snake,” “serpent,” or “dragon.” 

30+ Mythical And Fire Dragon Names With Meaning
Male Dragon Names with Meanings

Girls’ Dragon Names 

Saphira – The name of the red dragon in the book, Eragon.

Ehecatl – This is the name of ‘the wind serpent’ in Aztec mythology.

Yu-Gi-Oh! – This is a white dragon with blue eyes.

Maleficent – This is the villain’s name in Disney’s Sleeping Beauty, who also shifts into a dragon.

Aine – Stands for “Fire” or “Splendor.”

Adalinda  – This is the noble serpent.

Brenna – Originating in Celtic mythology, the name means “blazing light.”

Edna – In Hebrew, Edna means “Fiery red.” 

Chumana – Native American Algonquin name meaning “Snake maiden.”

Kaida – The name which has a Japanese origin stands for “little dragon.”

Kayda – Japanese name which stands for “looks like a dragon.”

Malinda – An old Greek word that means “Sweet serpent.”

Mindy – Stands for “dark serpent.”

Ryoko – this Japanese name means “a female who is like a dragon.”

Anastasia – Greek name meaning resurrection. The dragon’s name is from Dungeons & Dragons.

Chusi – Native American for Snake Flower.

Dalinda – An old English name for a noble serpent.

Belinda – German origin name meaning a bright serpent.

Hydra – This is a name of Greek origin. It is the 100-headed water dragon that Hercules slew.

Medusa – This is a Latin name. This beautiful Gorgon was cursed to have snakes on her head instead of hair.

Tiamat – A Babylonian name. She was the dragon goddess who was known for creating chaos.

Tanis  – Greek for serpent lady.  

Melusine – This is a German name. It was a spirit who lived in fresh water and, from the waist down, had the figure of a serpent.

Wyvern – Anglo-saxon. It is a famous two-legged dragon in European folklore.

Vyara – Bulgarian for faith or belief

 Zafira – It is an Arabic name meaning success. The dragon’s name is from Dungeons & Dragons.

Fire Dragon Names

Fire-breathing dragons are the most fearful and destructive. Here are some fantastic dragon names with meaning.

Aine – Irish female dragon name meaning bright and fiery.

Aiden – Irish male dragon name that means little spark or little fire. Aodh, the Celtic god of fire, inspires its origin.

Alina – This is a Slavic female dragon name meaning bright and beautiful.

Alev – Turkish male name that means “fire.” 

Brenton – This is an old English name. It is unisex and means fire or flame.

Brenna – This is a Celtic female name meaning blazing light.

Edna – This is a Hebrew female name and means fiery red.

Egan – Irish male dragon name that means little fire.

Idris – Hindi name meaning fiery.

Katla- This is a female name of Icelandic origin. Katla means volcanic in Icelandic. It is also a dragon’s name in the children’s book The Brothers Lionheart. 

Kai – This is a Scottish male name meaning fire.

Kimba – This is a female Aboriginal name meaning bush fire.

Nuri – The dragon queen in the Dragon Rage video game. It is a Hebrew name meaning my fire.

Tyson – a French unisex name meaning hot-tempered or high-spirited.

Orinda – This is an Anglo-Saxon name meaning fire serpent.

Tanwen – This is a Welsh female name meaning white fire.

Reese – This is a Welsh female name that means ardent. It can also mean the birth of fire. Idris – Hindu name meaning ‘fiery.’

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30+ Mythical And Fire Dragon Names With Meaning
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Cute Dragon Names

Below are some unique names for dragons to choose from.

Arya – This is a Persian name that means friend or faithful. The book ‘Eragon’ is the name of the princess.

Diaval – It is an Irish name for the devil. It is used in the Disney film Maleficent.

Elliot – It is an English variation of the Hebrew name Elijah. It means ‘the lord is my god.’ Elliot is also the dragon’s name in the Disney classic Pete’s Dragon.

Errol – This is a Scottish name that means ‘wandering.’ In the book Guards! Guards! Errol is the name of a swamp dragon.

Eustace – Eustace is the dragon’s name from the Chronicles of Narnia series. It is a male name that means productive or fruitful.

Haku – This is a Japanese name meaning master or lord. In the anime Spirited Away, Haku is the river guardian who appears as a dragon.

Mushu – In the film Mulan, Mushu is a sidekick of a dragon. The Chinese name means fearless, intelligent, and loyal.

Thorn – The English name inspires the dragon’s name from the series Dragonvale World.

Vritra – The name has a Hindu origin. It is a dragon demon that brings drought and hardships. 

Figment – It is the Latin name for imagination. It is also the name of the mischievous purple dragon who is the mascot for Epcot at Disney World.

Azar – This Hebrew name means flame.

Brande – a Czech name that means the one who stays in a burned clearing.

Danbala – This is the name given to the Haitian sky god.

Chance – English name for good fortune.

Blaze – the Latin name for fire.

Ember – French for a spark of fire.

Kenna – It means to be born of fire.

Iseul – a Korean name that means to be born in the morning or ‘morning dew.’

Kirin – Sanskrit name meaning ray of light.

Orochi – An eight-headed serpent in Japanese lore.

Knucker – This is an old English name. In Beowulf, it is the name of a water dragon.

Syrax – this is an Irish name. It is a dragon in the book Ice and Fire.

Shenron – This Japanese name is found in Dragon Ball.

Sol – Spanish name meaning the sun. 

Mythical Dragon Names 

Below are some badass dragon names that have existed for centuries or may be a myth.

Pendragon – The dragon’s name originates from Celtic mythology. It means “Chief dragon.”

Lormungand – According to old Norse Jormungandr, Lormungand is the name of the Midgard serpent/world serpent and lives beneath the earth, under the ocean.

Hyperion – A name in Greek mythology meaning “the high one.” It is the name of one of Uranus and Gaia’s Children, the 12 Titans.

Fafnir – Fafnir is a dwarf in Norse mythology. He transforms into a dragon and is seen as a sign of greed.

Xiuhcoatl – In the Aztec religion, this is the name of the fire serpent.

Apep – According to Egyptian mythology, this is the evil dragon that was the nemesis of the sun god. Apep means “to slither.”

Boruta – This is a Polish name that means to fight. In Slavic mythology, the Boruta protected the plants and animals in the forest. However, when Christianity spread across Eastern Europe, the Borutta were labelled demons.

Scylla – This is a sea serpent in Greek mythology. 

Tarantasio – Italian dragon that lived in Gerundo Lake.

Slibinas – Lithuanian hydra with multiple heads.

Aitvaras – This was a Lithuanian bird that had a dragon-like appearance.

Zaltys – This was a household spirit in ancient Lithuanian mythology.

Coca – a Hispanic dragon that was a ghost monster akin to the bogeyman. The name is also given to the Portuguese mythological female dragon that fights with Saint George.

Zilant – Tatar dragon that is the symbol of the city of Kazan.

Naga – Hindu serpentine dragon. They are sometimes multiple-headed, depending on their ranks. They look more like giant snakes than dragons and have no arms or legs.

Pakhangba – This is a Manipuri dragon with a close relationship with humans.

Teng – A flying dragon in Chinese mythology.

Yinglong – This winged dragon is also the rain deity in Chinese mythology.

Shenlong – This is a divine dragon that brings rain in Chinese mythology.

Azure dragon –  In Chinese mythology, this dragon represents the east and spring seasons.

Gonggong – this mythical creature was a water god and destructive monster in Chinese mythology.   

Ancient Dragon Names

Below are some excellent dragon names you can choose from.

Al Tinnin – The Greek translation of this dragon’s name contains 31 stars.

Ebren – This is a Turkish dragon that secretes fire from its tail.

Falak – This is a Middle Eastern mythological dragon.  

Abzu – Babylonian mythology dragon.

Bahamut – Giant sea serpent in latter days also called a dragon.

Vishap – In European mythology, this is a winged snake that sometimes also had elements from other animals.

Marduk – Babylonian. Ruler of the gods and is best known for slaying Tiamat to take the throne.

Tiamat – Powerful dragon in Babylonian mythology.

Yam – This is the god of the sea in Levantine mythology. 

Lotan – In Levantine mythology, Lotan was the servant to the sea god, Yam, and was a demonic dragon controlling the waters.

Leviathan – Sea monster in Jewish / Levantine mythology.

Azhdaha – This gigantic dragon is a lizard-like creature or snake in Persian mythology. It is associated with life in the sea, air, and earth.

Ur – Persian king of the darkness who takes the form of a dragon or snake.

Agorghan – In Persian mythology, the Argoghan are believed to be seven-headed.

Kur – Dragon from the ancient Sumer.

Bolla – Dragon with a long and winding serpentine body. It has tiny wings and four legs and was popular in Albanian folklore.

Dreq – Albanian dragon that Christians demonized to become one of the names of the devil.

Tatzelwurm – It was a lizard-like creature with a serpent-like body, a cat’s face, and four legs.

Drac – Two-legged serpent-like creature which sometimes also had wings in Catalan mythology. They had a poisonous fire breath, and their faces resembled animals like lions. 

Vibria – Female dragon in Catalan mythology.

Veri Selen – This is a shape-shifting, fire-breathing, and winged dragon popular among the Chuvash people.

Peluda – French dragon that shot deadly quills which were on its back. It is also known as La Velue or the Shaggy Beast.

Tarasque – A dragon-like French mythological creature that Saint Martha tamed.

Wyvern – German mythological two-legged dragon that had two wings.

Puk – Four-legged dragon in Germanic folklore. It had a serpentine body and sometimes wings.

Fernyiges – a black dragon of Hungarian origin and is also known as the lord of dragons.

Zomok – Giant Hungarian dragon that looks like a winged snake. It rules over storms and bad weather.

Sarkany – In traditional Hungary, this was a dragon in human form. It was a giant with mostly more than one head, which was also its power source.

Game Of Thrones Dragon Names 

If you watch Game of Thrones, you know about House of the Dragon. Dragons are the most popular pet reptiles in this famous TV series and are used to exert power. Here are some of the dragon names with meanings:

Viserion – Named after Khaleesi’s brother, Viserys Targaryen, and was the first one of hers to turn ‘bad’.

Rhaegal – The second Khaleesi dragon was named after Rhaegar Targaryen, the prince of Dragonstone.

Drogon – Khaleesi’s dragon was named after Khal Drogo, her Dothraki husband and first love.

Archonei – Was bred by the house of Targaryen, and his giant skull was used to decorate King’s Landing’s Red Keep. Archonei means ‘flame of a dragon’s soul.’

Arrax was a dragon on Dragonstone Island, and its rider was Prince Lucerys Velaryon.

Balerion – His rider was Aegon Targaryen, and he is one of the most enormous dragons. His skull, stored in the Red Keep, shows he was way more significant than Daenerys’ Drogon.

Grey Ghost – This was one of the wild dragons and got his name because he could never be found whenever people of Dragonstone organized searches to capture him. He stayed in a Dragonmont volcano and lived by fish and other prey, avoiding humans.

Meleys – This bright red dragon was also known as the Red Queen. Alyssa Targaryen and Princess Rhaenys rode her into battle.

Daenerys – In the Game of Thrones, this fictional name means the mother of dragons.

Valryon – This is a dragon that the Targaryen family owned. The Latin name means strength and health.

Khaleesi – The Dothraki name is in the Game of Thrones series, meaning ‘the mother of dragons.’

Eirwen – It is a female Welsh name. The dragon’s name is found in the Game of Thrones.

Ice Dragon Names 

Not all dragons breathe fire! Some are associated with ice and coldness. Here is a list of ice dragon names with meaning:

Alba – Stands for ‘white and bright.’

Colden – Stands for ‘the dark valley.

Eira – Stands for ‘snow.’

Eirwen – Stands for ‘white snow.’

Lumi -Stands for ‘snow.’

Finola – Stands for ‘white shoulders.’

Lixue – Stands for ‘pretty snow.’

Nieves – Stands for ‘Our Lady of the Snows.’

Kari – Stands for ‘covered with snow.’

Olwen – Stands for ‘white footprint.’

Yukio – stands for ‘snow.’

Zohar – Stands for ‘brilliance’ or ‘Light.’

Learn what your best dragon names mean from this exclusive list of names. After that, you can choose the perfect name for your fantasy dragons or even name your pet after a flying serpent. Please share the cool dragon names you like in the comment below.

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