50+ Funny & unique Orc names with meaning

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Orcs are some of the most iconic creatures in all high fantasy, partly because of their unique and exciting culture. And a massive part of that culture comes from the hilarious and zany orc names. 

As someone with intentions of roleplaying as an orc, how exactly do you develop a good orc name?

Well, in this article, we’ve compiled a great list of names you can choose from. We’ve also revealed an easy way for you to come up with your unique orc name. 

50+ Funny & unique Orc names with meaning

Funny Orc names

These names capture the wild and ridiculous side of orcs. Orcs take themselves way too seriously, and the effect is hilarious. The orc names in the following list are shining examples of this. 

  1. Goran The Shoesniffer
  2. Tazman Rippedarms
  3. Giant Slapper Mugax
  4. Bendo The Hog
  5. Krova Noteeth
  6. Grobba the Grabber
  7. Duz Wormwhisperer
  8. Durvo the Junk Hunk 
  9. Flycatcher Cygax
  10. Ariza The Sneezer
  11. Goldo Nobathing
  12. Guvekk The Lizardfriend
  13. The Indomitable Ratt
  14. Twatt The Hatt
  15. Dum’mer the Wise
  16. Baelin Bignose
  17. Kla’Ux the Antfriend
  18. Lu’Sa the Winner
  19. Scarad The Courageous
  20. Bentux Noears

Orc names for boys

These orc names reflect the toughness and machismo often associated with the orc species as a whole. They are also sure to appeal to boys. 

  1. Auglu The Warchief
  2. Gyruk Stonethrower
  3. Ulni The Chef
  4. Gaolu Who Hunts
  5. Zeller The Yeller
  6. Herax Sevenswords
  7. Magoran The Raider
  8. Garish Charges First
  9. Sukan Ten Teeth
  10. Pretah The Slayer
  11. Adun Gatecrusher
  12. Bolgo The Hog
  13. Sotan Loresinger
  14. Batux Leftarm
  15. Gahan the Kid
  16. Pentax Parades
  17. Yorm The Wormeater
  18. Boshu Who Cleaves
  19. Heeder The Weeder
  20. Runix Silverhammer

Orc names for girls

Although orcs have primarily been associated with masculinity and male ideals in the past, newer high fantasy stories are seeking to break this mold. With these orc names for girls, doing that becomes a little easier. 

  1. Shanti Nohair
  2. Olon The Seer
  3. Cyruk Who Cooks
  4. Glorax Manyhusbands
  5. Lunas Tenthdaughter
  6. Aribag The Duchess
  7. Uliani The Singer
  8. Fyda The Fast
  9. Alux Sixrivers
  10. Shenki BogWog
  11. The Amazing Mazon
  12. Shugra The Healer
  13. Norun Who Weaves
  14. Lu’Sha The Wanderer
  15. Limi’na Twopence
  16. Gormlaith The Fair
  17. Mi’Sku The Radiant
  18. Ho’Dar Cleanteeth
  19. Deebah Brightsmile
  20. Son’Tag The Poet

Famous Orc names

With how much epic fantasy content is being produced these days, there’s no doubt that some orcs have become pop culture icons. The orc names in this list pay homage to them. 

  1. Ugluk (From Lord of the Rings)
  2. Adar (From The Rings of Power)
  3. Ogrim Doomhammer (From World of Warcraft)
  4. Grishnak (From Lord of The Rings)
  5. Gortwog gro-Nagorm (From The Elder Scrolls)
  6. Mogul Khan The Axe (From DOTA 2)
  7. Rehgar (Meaning Swift, from Heroes of the Storm)
  8. Torug gro-Igron (From The Elder Scrolls)
  9. Nutt (From The Discworld Saga)
  10. Atusa (From Divinity: Original Sin)
  11. Adar (From Rings of Power)
  12. Azog (From The Lord of The Rings)
  13. Baloth Bloodtusk (From The Elder Scrolls)
  14. Arkail (From Of Orcs And Men)
  15. Bolg (From The Hobbit)

Badass Orc names

Most of the appeal of orcs simply comes from the fact that they are quite badass. What isn’t awesome about large and strong creatures charging into battle with axes and cleavers? These orc names capture that aspect of their concept. 

  1. Katan Sevencrowns
  2. Bayder the Elf Slayer
  3. Aldo Who Soars
  4. Jagan The Ripper
  5. Alunax Thousandvictories
  6. Veal The Dragontamer
  7. Dogon Crystalsword
  8. Fex The Hexbreaker
  9. Tiz’zm the codebreaker
  10. Wa’gru of the West
  11. Len’Shar the Decapitator
  12. Ben’Tax The Butcher
  13. Oben’Sin Who Conquers
  14. Gra’Phux The Walking Cataclysm
  15. Tal’Nar The Traitor Ender
  16. The Incredible Dol’Nar
  17. Wa’kab the Negotiator
  18. Ga’Sun’Tay the Screamer
  19. Re’Shar Caveguardian
  20. Nampat the Wereman

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Orc names with meaning

Most orc names are fun nonsense. But in some rare cases, they can have lofty and elegant interpretations. This list of orc names is a great compilation of such meaningful names. 

  1. Frodde (Meaning Clever or Wise)
  2. Zibba (Meaning Gorgeous)
  3. Suska (Meaning Lily)
  4. Baldur (Meaning Bearer of Light)
  5. Garuda (Meaning King of Birds)
  6. Shardul (Meaning Tiger)
  7. Yaeger (Meaning Hunter)
  8. Jurrgen (Meaning Farmer)
  9. Basheer (Meaning Bringer of Good News)
  10. Khaddim (Meaning One Who Serves)
  11. Binnh (Meaning Peaceful)
  12. Vau’Ghan (Meaning Small)
  13. God’Dard (Meaning As Strong As God)
  14. Egemen (Meaning Superior)
  15. Adda (Meaning noble)s

World of Warcraft Orc names

As one of the most popular MMORPGs in the world, Orcs are a huge part of World of Warcraft. If you want to play as an orc character, these orc names will help you distinguish your character from that of other players.

  1. Kar’gin Lostfury
  2. Loo’Igi Blackhearth
  3. Mixy Nosmoke
  4. Grel’zan Snakefriend
  5. Baz the Banger
  6. Gu’Gu’Ron Heavysleeper
  7. Duran Drumbreaker
  8. Para Shan Solara
  9. Thraller The Caller
  10. Dan’Gan Southwind

How To Come Up With A Great Orc Name

There are no fixed rules for coming up with an orc name. Your imagination really only gates you. But over the years, certain conventions have arisen that most fantasy fans and writers adhere to.

For instance, Orc Names are mostly only two or three syllables long. Any longer will suggest a level of complexity that isn’t typical of their species. 

Also, syllables like “Ax”, “Ux”, “Ug” and “Ag” are quite popular building blocks of Orc names. You might also want to separate the syllables with an apostrophe. For example, “Thu’Nar” works better than just “Thunar”.   

Lastly, make sure to associate the orc with something they are known for. For example, “Garax The Raider” or “Garax Stonebreaker” is a much more apt orc name than simply “Garax”.

With this as a guide, coming up with interesting orc names should be easy.

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