Pompom drop activity for toddlers

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This is one of the easiest activity to set up for toddlers. The most exciting is that toddlers tend to love pompom drop activity. Keeps them entertained for quite a long time.

Using this activity I teach my toddler to develop fine motor skills, identify colors and counting. Also helps a toddler understand cause and effect.


Materials you need for pompom drop activity:

  • Tube (I rolled up an old cereal box since I had no tubes)
  • pompoms
  • Duct tape
  • container or bowl


I stick my tube at the radiator since I did not want to destroy the wallpaper at my house. You can always stick it to a table or a surface that won’t damage the wall.

Also, ensure that your toddler can actually reach the tube so not too high or too low.

Do keep in mind that your toddler might not immediately engage with the activity. They might be more interested in the bowl or just the pom pom. Let them explore on their own.

You can keep showing them how to play it but do not force them to do it. All kids develop differently so just give it a go and see how they respond.

If they can’t enjoy the activity now then give them a few weeks and try it again, you will be surprised how quickly they can learn.

Make this activity more challenging :

Tilt the cardboard a little bit and make it more challenging for your toddlers. Once they have mastered throwing the pompom in a straight line then adjust the angle of the tube.

You can also use bigger pompom and adjust the speed at which it drops. Using bigger pompom it takes time to drop and sometimes my toddler will peak inside the tube.

Since I used a cardboard cereal box I squeezed it a little more and made the tube tight. This makes the pompom hard to drop and my toddler will put her fingers in to get it to drop.

So using the different techniques you can make this activity more challenging while improving on their fine motor skills.

Now is your turn, have your toddler enjoyed the pompom drop activity? My next plan is to recycle the pom pom and make a water activity for her. Stay tune.

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