89 Positive words for kids to encourage self-belief

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Positive words for kids can encourage a growth mindset.

It is normal for kids to believe what they hear, hence the words we use when we are talking to them will influence their self-belief.

Using positive words for kids we will be able to instill confidence, and grit in children.

The positive words for kids are best used on a daily basis. For example, when you see your child trying hard, you can reward them by letting them know how proud you are.

Remember to always focus on the effort and not the end result when using positive words for kids

It is also good habit to keep reminding them of how special they are in order to keep them motivated.

In this blog post, we have included 89 positive words for kids that can be incorporated into their routine.

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Positive words for kids:

  1. You are loved
  2. you are blessed
  3. We love you
  4. You are important
  5. You can make a difference
  6. The world needs you
  7. We are proud of you
  8. Your hard work is recognized and appreciated
  9. We have faith in you
  10. You make us very happy
  11. You are the miracle we have been waiting for
  12. You can achieve all your dreams
  13. You are talented
  14. Put your mind into and you will achieve it
  15. There is nothing that you can’t do
  16. Don’t let anyone tell you what to do
  17. You will always be safe with us.
  18. God loves you
  19. I know you can do it
  20. There is nothing that you can’t do
  21. Keep trying and never give up
  22. Focus on the learning process
  23. Life is about the journey not just the destination
  24. Enjoy every moment
  25. I love you
  26. Follow your dreams
  27. Be lead by your heart
  28. Failure is always part of living
  29. It’s ok to ask for help
  30. You are stronger than you can ever imagine
  31. God will give you challenges and you will excel at them.
  32. There is nothing wrong in saying ‘No’.
  33. I appreciate all the effort you are putting in
  34. I can see that you are trying your best.
  35. Your opinion matters
  36. Always speak up your mind
  37. I appreciate your honesty
  38. You are creative
  39. I trust you
  40. I know you can do it
  41. You are born special
  42. You are the perfection in my life
  43. You give me a new meaning to life
  44. I cannot imagine my life without you
  45. I am grateful to have you in my life
  46. I will always support you, no matter what
  47. I want you to be happy with whatever you decide to do
  48. No matter what, I will stand by your side
  49. I am proud to call you my child
  50. I love spending my day with you
  51. There is nothing else I would like to do, then to be with you
  52. Let go of the things that make you unhappy
  53. You are not alone, you have people that care and love you
  54. I believe in you
  55. I will let you decide
  56. I believe that you will make the right decision
  57. There is nothing I would change about you
  58. Everything about you is perfect
  59. You are exactly how I dream you would be
  60. Keep up the good work
  61. Nothing great comes easy
  62. Practice will make you perfect
  63. You are born to do great things
  64. You can make a difference in this world
  65. You are the change that the world needs
  66. Don’t change the way you are to please someone else
  67. Be confident
  68. I respect your belief
  69. I admire what you stand for

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  1. I think you are capable of anything
  2. You are so creative
  3. You make the world a better place
  4. You bring sunshine into our world
  5. I respect your honesty
  6. I admire the fact that you never give up
  7. You are a good role model
  8. You will make an excellent leader
  9. You are born to do great things
  10. Go and do your best
  11. Every day is a new day that brings you closer to your goals
  12. You don’t need to win all the time. Losing teaches you a lot of things in life.
  13. You are braver than you belief
  14. Your kindness is infectious
  15. Thank you for being the way you are
  16. There is nothing I will ever change about you
  17. I admire the fact that you live life the way you want too
  18. Always remember that everyone loves you
  19. Never forget how much you matter to all of us
  20. No matter what, you will keep working hard

Tips on using positive words for kids :

1. Be Honest

Children are good at spotting when parents are lying to them. Be sincere when you are using positive words on them. When children believe that you sincerely mean the praise, it will make them feel much better about it.

Be consistent when using positive words for kids.

2. Do not praise them by comparing them to others

Children should be praised because of their own ability. They should not be compared to others.

This will create unnecessary competition from a young age. The only person your child should be compared to is his/her self.

That way your child will always work towards being a better version of themselves and not of others.


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3. Don’t overuse it

Positive words for kids lose its effect when it is overly used. This would mean praising them ALL of the time.

Positive words for kids should be used when it is appropriate.

In fact, research has shown that overpraising can result in narcissistic behavior.

4. Don’t control their behavior

Don’t use positive words for kids to control the way your child thinks or their self- beliefs.

Children should be given space and time to explore what they like and dislike.

If something they like does not match your expectations, then have a conversation with them regarding your concerns.

However, do not use positive words just because you want to control what your child does. This will make them think that they need your approval every time they want to do something. And how well they do it will depend on how you judge their performance.

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5. Be precise

Finally when using positive words for kids be precise. For example, instead of saying ” you are smart”, say ” I like how you came to that conclusion and your thought process”.

This will encourage your child to think deeper about their actions and its consequences. Be as descriptive as you can. be.

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There are endless possibilities on how you can incorporate a growth mindset into your child’s daily lives.

Growth mindset activities can be a useful tool for your child to be reminded of how unique and amazing they are.

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