30+ Best Stranger Things Trivia With Answers

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Since its debut in 2016, Stranger Things has grown to become one of the most popular shows today. Everyone knows someone who has watched the show if they aren’t that person themselves. But the question is, just how much of an expert are you on Stranger Things? Well, this Stranger Things trivia quiz seeks to test that. 

The questions below will be fun to answer whether you are a hardcore fan or a casual fan of the TV show Stranger things. Also, how well do you remember each of the seasons? And do you know the names of the cast and the crew? Buckle up because these Stranger Things trivia questions will test all that.  

30+ Best Stranger Things Trivia With Answers

Hard Stranger things trivia questions

For your trivia nights, you can use these hard Stranger Things questions to see who knows this show the best. Real experts of the TV series will have an easy time with this. But for everyone else, it will be quite the challenge. 

  1. Who is the main character of Stranger Things? Will Byers
  2. Who created Stranger Things? The Duffer Brothers
  3. What well-known actress plays Will Byers’s mother, Joyce Byers, in Stranger Things? Winona Ryder. 
  4. What is the name of the actress who plays Eleven in Stranger Things? Millie Bobby Brown. 
  5. What actor, popularized by The Lord of the Rings franchise, briefly served as a regular in Stranger Things? Sean Astin. 
  6. What did Will Byers name his hideout? Castle Byers. 
  7. What is the name of the newspaper where Nancy Wheeler works? The Hawkins Post. 
  8. What is the name of the Russian scientist who becomes a regular character in Season 3? Alexei. 
  9. What are the names of the Duffer brothers? Ross Duffer and Matt Duffer. 
  10. What is the name of the actress that plays Barb in Stranger Things? Shannon Purser. 
  11. What is the name of Lucas Sinclair’s sister? Erica Sinclair. What is the name of Dustin Henderson’s girlfriend? Suzie Bingham.
  12. In what year is the first season of Stranger Things set? November 1983
  13. What song do Dustin and his girlfriend sing over the phone during the climax of Stranger Things season 3? The Neverending Story
  14. What was the Stranger Things series originally going to be called? Montauk
  15. What book did Jim Hopper read to his daughter while she was on her deathbed? Anne of Green Gables
  16. What classic horror movie, made by Tim Burton, did Winona Ryder star in before her days of Stranger Things fame? Edward Scissorhands
  17. What is the name of the experimental band that makes the soundtrack to the movie? Survive
  18. What is the name of the clown that gives Bob nightmares? Mr. Baldo
  19. What country was Millie Bobby Brown born in? Spain

Easy stranger things trivia questions and answers

These Stranger Things themed trivia questions are much less difficult than those above. But they are still challenging in intelligent ways. Regardless of if you’ve seen Stranger Things enough times, you should be able to take these questions on. They cover all the strange things and strange characters in that wonderful world. 

  1. What is the name of the fictional town where Stranger Things takes place? Hawkins, Indiana
  2. What is the name of Will Byers’s older brother? Jonathan Byers
  3. What is the cause of Eleven’s supernatural powers? Scientific experiments
  4. Who plays the character by the name of Dustin Henderson? Gaten Matarazzo
  5. What nickname does Eleven give Dr. Martin Brenner? Papa
  6. What does Dr. Brenner’s organization do? They investigate supernatural events
  7. What state is the fictional town of Hawkins located? Indiana
  8. What actor plays Jonathan Byers in Stranger Things? Charlie Heaton
  9. Where did the climax of Season 3 of Stranger Things take place? Starcourt Mall
  10. Does Lucas Sinclair have a younger brother? No, he has a younger sister
  11. What role-playing game does the group of boys often play? Dungeons and Dragons
  12. What is Eleven’s favorite food? Eggo Waffles
  13. What did Joyce Byers use to set up an alphabetic board on her wall? Christmas Lights
  14. What specific food did Dr. Alexei need before he revealed important information? An ice-cold Slurpee
  15. What Basketball team did Lucas lead to a championship win? The Hawkins Tigers
  16. What is the name of the girl that Robin has a crush on in Season 4 of Stranger Things? Vicky
  17. What is the name of the room that the children being experimented on play in at Hawkins National Laboratory? The Rainbow Room

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Season 4 Stranger things trivia

The fourth season of Stranger Things was one of the most watched seasons of TV ever. It had far-reaching cultural impact on both social media and in real life. As the season that is most fresh in everyone’s minds, then this stranger things trivia should be very exciting. But will you get full marks? Try it out and see. 

  1. What was the name of the villain of season 4 of Stranger Things? Vecna
  2. What is the name of the club that the boys join? The Hellfire Club
  3. Victor Creel is played by an actor which starred in what other classic horror movie? A Nightmare on Elm Street.  
  4. What episode of the season did Max get saved by Running Up The Hill? Episode 4
  5. What happens to Chief Hopper this season? He gets trapped in a Russian prison
  6. What is Jim Hopper’s nickname when he is in the Russian prison? “American”.
  7. What is the name of the young girl who gets killed by Vecna in her trailer home? Chrissy Cunningham
  8. What is the name of the strange boy, who later becomes Venca, that Eleven crushes with her powers? Henry Creel
  9. What is the mythical place in San Diego, California where part of the season is set? Leonora Hills
  10. What is the name of the stoner who quickly becomes a favorite character of many Stranger Things fans? Argyle.
  11. Who sang the hit song “Running Up The Hill” from the fourth season? Kate Bush.  
  12. What tools were used to defeat the baby Demogorgon? Flamethrowers
  13. Who is the leader of the Hellfire Club? Eddie Munson
  14. What happens to Eddie Munson at the end of the season? He dies
  15. How does Venca attack his victims? By exploiting their guilt and tearing their bodies apart
stranger things trivia

Season 1 Stranger things trivia

Die-hard fans remember stranger things season 1 the best. As such, this quiz will be particularly enticing to them. In any case, this stranger things quiz would be suitable for anyone at all for anyone who wants to try their hands at it. It’s a journey through time. One that reminds you of your favorite characters and moments.

  1. What tool did Will’s mum use to communicate with him when he was trapped in the Upside Down? Christmas Lights
  2. What is the name of the actor who plays police chief Jim Hopper? Billy Hargove
  3. When did the first episode of stranger things air? July 15, 2016
  4. Who is the first character of the main cast that we see in the Stranger Things tv show? Mike Wheeler.  
  5. What is the name of the mysterious girl that Mike and Will befriend? Eleven
  6. What happens at the very end of the season? Will Byers coughs up a slug-like creature into a sink
  7. What actor plays Dr. Brenner? Mathew Modine
  8. Who is the director of Halloween, on which much of Stranger Things is based? John Carpenter
  9. What movie series, staring Harrison Ford, was a major inspiration for Stranger Things? Indiana Jones
  10. What is the name of the missing boy who they try to find? Will Byers

Facts about stranger things

Just how well are you familiar with the mythology of Stranger Things? How well do you know the cast and the crew? How well do you know what goes on behind the scenes? If you think you know all that pretty well, well then this trivia quiz will put you right to the test. Find out if you are as much of a nerd as Nancy Wheeler. 

  1. What Stranger Things character went from shallow villain to character favorite hero? Steve Harrington
  2. Who is the chief villain in the Stranger Things universe? The Mind Flayer
  3. What actor plays Steve Harrington in Stranger Things? Joe Keery
  4. What actor plays Mike Wheeler in stranger things? Finn Wolfhard
  5. What is the name of the actor that plays Will Byers? Noah Schnapp
  6. What actor plays Max’s stepbrother in Strange Things? Dacre Montgomery
  7. What exactly is the upside down down? An alternate dimension
  8. How many seasons of the series are planned? Five
  9. What is the name of the ice-cream parlor where Steve works in Season 3? Scoops Ahoy
  10. Do the kids play video games or board games in Stranger Things? Board Games

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