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Fall is a beautiful season. It is that time of the year where the heat of summer ends and the cool breeze begins, it is a season of love and self-care. Many people like to spend the fall season outdoors, enjoying the colorful leaves and blooming flowers. The fall writing prompts in this blog will help you and your kids reflect on this beautiful season. 

As season change and days goes by, it is hard to find a moment to reflect on some good things that happen during a particular season.

The fall writing prompts below will help tap into your child’s emotions and imagination during this season. 

fall writing prompts

Fall can also be a season of deep emotions since it is associated with colorful leaves, shorter days, Halloween, and the start of winter. It is also a season of gratitude and reflection as the year is coming to an end. 

The fall writing prompts below are a great way your child can reflect on their achievements in the last few months and their goals before the year ends. 

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 Fall writing prompts : 

  1. What do you like most about the fall season?

2. What is your favorite activity during the fall season?

3. How does the smell of rain make you feel?

4. As the days become shorter how does it affect your mood?

5. Write a poem about orange and red leaves. 

Growth Mindset Questions For Kids : 

6. As the weather becomes colder, the days become shorter, and leaves change colors, how does it make you feel?

7. What are some fun outdoor activities that you would like to do this autumn?

8. What form of self-care activities do you enjoy most during the autumn season?

9. As the year is coming to an end, what are some of your biggest achievements this year? 

10. Is there anything else you would like to achieve in the next few months before the year ends? 

11. Have you met all the goals you set for yourself at the beginning of the year? 

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Journal prompts for kids

12. Write about your favorite autumn memory. What were you doing? Who were you with? What was so special about that moment? 

13. Carry a piece of paper with you outdoors for the next 30 minutes. Then write down everything that you can smell and see. How did it make you feel?

14. What is your favorite fall color? Is it green, yellow, orange or red?

15. Halloween falls in the autumn season. What would you like to dress as for Halloween this year?

16. Write about why the leaves that change colors during the fall season. 

17. Pick a country that you would like to visit in the next autumn season. Why would you like to visit this country? Why is this country so special during the autumn season?

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18. If you can start a new autumn family tradition, what would you be doing?

19. Research on what other countries do during the fall season. Is there any particular celebration in that country?

20. Create a fall picture that you can see from your window. 

21. How do fewer hours of daylight make you feel?

22. What do you dislike most about the autumn season?

23. If you are to spend an autumn season with just one person, who would you spend it with? Why would you like to spend the autumn season with this person? Are there any activities that you would like to do with this person?

24. Now that winter will be approaching soon after the autumn season, how does it make you feel?

25. What type of fashion clothing do you like most during the fall season?

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26. Imagine that you collected a large pile of leaves, you jumped on them and it took you to a different world. Where did you go? Who were you with?

27. If you can spend this fall season doing something special, what would you like to do?

28. Describe what your neighborhood looks like during the autumn season.

More autumn writing prompts:

29. What type of flowers do you see normally growing during the autumn season?

30. Choose three words that you would associate autumn with. Write a short story using those three words.

31. When do you think of the fall season what images come to mind? Can you write a story about it? 

Fall writing prompt for 8th grade & middle school

32. Write a story about a magical pumpkin that came to life during the fall season.

33. Think about the sound of leaves and wind when you are walking. Write a poem about it. 

34. If you can change one bad habit in this fall season, what would you change?

You can use the printables below to help your child deal with any anxiety they may be facing in their daily life or at school. 

35. If you can start one positive habit during this autumn season, what would you start?

36. Take a photo with your phone that captures the best fall image.

37. What’s on your fall bucket list?

38. Create a list of happy things she would like to do this fall season.

39. Describe what a perfect fall weekend looks like to you.

40. What are some scary movies you like to watch every Halloween?

41. Describe what the first frost of the season feels like to you.

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42. If you can spend this autumn season creating bonfires with people that are close to you who would you like to do it with?

43. What is the worst part of the autumn season?

44. How does this fall season differ from all others in the previous years? 

45. Write down a list of movies you would like to watch this fall season

46. Create a list of songs that reminds you of the calmness of the autumn season. 

Fall writing prompts for 1st grade

47. As fall starts, what would you miss most about the summer month? 

48. Write down some fruit and vegetables that grow during the fall season. 

49. If you can plan a fall festival, what kind of festival would you organize? Describe some of the activities during the festival and the food you would serve.

Check out the open-ended questions for kids below:

50. If you can choose one color that all the leaves change to during the fall season, what color would you choose? Why do you choose this color? 

51. What animals do you normally see appearing more during the autumn season? 

52. Write down some favorite food you would like to eat during rainy days? 

53. As the weather gets colder during the autumn season, what are some of your favorite indoor activities? 

Complete the sentence

54. In the autumn I see……

55. In the autumn I hear…..

56. In the autumn I smell……..

57. In the autumn I feel…..

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58. I went for a walk one autumn evening and I witnessed……. 

59. If I were a farmer during the autumn season, I would ………

60. If there is one thing I can change about fall season, it would be……….

Fall Writing Activities for Second Grade

Engaging the young minds of second graders, these prompts are designed to explore the colorful and playful aspects of autumn.

Here are some fun fall writing prompts for second graders.

  1. Write a letter to a squirrel preparing for winter.
  2. What would you do if you were a leaf falling from a tree?
  3. Imagine you can talk to pumpkins. What would they say?
  4. Describe your perfect day of jumping in a pile of leaves.
  5. Write about a trip to a pumpkin patch with your family.
  6. If you were an apple, what kind would you be?
  7. Tell a story about a friendly scarecrow.
  8. Imagine you found a secret door in a corn maze. Where does it lead?
  9. Describe the taste of your favorite fall treat.
  10. Write about a magical fall wind that can grant wishes.
  11. Tell the story of a spider weaving its web on a chilly morning.
  12. What would you wear to a fall harvest festival?
  13. Describe the sounds you hear on a windy fall day.
  14. Write about meeting a talking apple tree.
  15. Imagine what a tree might feel as its leaves change color.
  16. What’s your favorite thing about Thanksgiving?
  17. Write about finding a mysterious key in a pumpkin patch.
  18. Describe how it feels to sip hot cocoa on a cold fall day.
  19. Tell a story about a mouse who wears a tiny sweater.
  20. If you could plant a magic fall garden, what would grow?
  21. Write about a rainstorm that only rains apple cider.
  22. What would happen if you met a ghost who loves the fall?
  23. Describe a Halloween party with your friends.
  24. Write about an animal preparing for winter.
  25. Tell a story about a witch who only uses fall ingredients.
  26. Imagine you can fly with the geese as they migrate.
  27. Describe a parade of colorful autumn fairies.
  28. What would you do if you found a magic acorn?
  29. Write about the day you helped a turkey escape from the farm.
  30. Tell the story of a family of pumpkins living on a vine.

Fall Story Starters

For those in need of a jumping-off point, these story starters are perfect to spark the creative flame.

  1. “As the last leaf fell, the door to another world opened…”
  2. “The pie was cooling on the window sill when suddenly…”
  3. “The scarecrow winked at me, and I knew…”
  4. “In the heart of the pumpkin patch, something magical was growing…”
  5. “The wind howled, carrying a secret message through the trees…”
  6. “The old oak tree had never spoken before until that autumn day…”
  7. “A loud crash in the cornfield led me to discover…”
  8. “Underneath the blanket of colorful leaves, I found…”
  9. “The acorns started to glow, and that’s when I realized…”
  10. “My reflection in the puddle wasn’t mine, but a ghost’s from long ago…”
  11. “A trail of candy corn led me to a mysterious cabin in the woods…”
  12. “The old autumn festival was about to begin, but this year something was different…”
  13. “I opened the ancient fall-themed book and was transported to…”
  14. “The harvest moon was full, and the village’s oldest legend was about to come true…”
  15. “My Halloween costume was no ordinary one; it had a life of its own…”
  16. “The fox with the golden tail had a story to tell about the autumn woods…”
  17. “The day after the first frost, a magical path appeared in my backyard…”
  18. “The haunted hayride took a turn no one expected when…”
  19. “The apple I picked was no ordinary fruit; it whispered secrets of the past…”
  20. “An invitation to an exclusive fall masquerade arrived, but it was from…”
  21. “The old harvest song came to life, beckoning me to follow its melody…”
  22. “A strange glow emanated from the pumpkin, revealing a hidden treasure…”
  23. “The family heirloom sparkled differently that fall, showing me a hidden map…”
  24. “A mischievous squirrel led me on an adventure I’d never forget…”
  25. “I stumbled upon an old journal in the attic, filled with autumn spells and enchantments…”
  26. “The farmer’s market was bustling, but one mysterious stand caught my eye…”
  27. “The autumn breeze carried a scent of mystery and ancient magic…”
  28. “I put on the old-fashioned fall hat, and suddenly I was in another time…”
  29. “A sudden chill in the air marked the beginning of a thrilling mystery…”
  30. “The first rainfall of the season unveiled a hidden pathway to…”

October Writing Prompts for Middle School

Middle school students are at a wonderful age to explore more complex themes, and these fall writing prompts aim to challenge and inspire them.

  1. Write a suspenseful tale about a haunted corn maze.
  2. Describe a historic event happening on a dark and stormy October night.
  3. What would happen if all the leaves turned into gold?
  4. Imagine you can travel through time, but only in October. Where do you go?
  5. Write a detective story set in a small town during fall.
  6. Create a conversation between two leaves about to fall from a tree.
  7. What would happen if you woke up and it was eternal autumn?
  8. Describe a mystical creature that only appears in October.
  9. Write a poem about the sensation of walking through a crisp autumn forest.
  10. Tell the tale of a ghost who’s afraid of Halloween.
  11. Write a story about a family that goes apple picking and finds a magical tree.
  12. Imagine your school is transformed into a haunted house for a night.
  13. What would it be like to attend a school for witches and wizards in October?
  14. Write a mystery involving a lost family recipe for pumpkin pie.
  15. Create an alternate world where autumn never ends.
  16. Write a spooky tale involving a full moon, a scarecrow, and a mysterious key.
  17. Describe a family tradition that takes place every October.
  18. Write about a Halloween night when all the candy comes to life.
  19. Imagine that you discover a secret society that only meets in the fall.
  20. What if you found a magic book that only worked in October?
  21. Write a spooky play to be performed on Halloween night.
  22. What would you do if you discovered a hidden October holiday?
  23. Create a story about an ancient autumn festival with mystical powers.
  24. Imagine you’re the mayor of a town where it’s always fall.
  25. Write about a day when all the world’s pumpkins vanish.
  26. Tell the tale of an autumn leaf’s journey from the tree to the ground.
  27. Create a fictional fall sport that becomes wildly popular.
  28. Write about a magical harvest festival with games, food and surprises.
  29. What if you could control the weather, but only in October?
  30. Imagine you find a lost autumn-themed treasure map; describe your adventure.

Fall Writing Topics

Explore these writing topics that capture the essence and wonder of the fall season.

  1. Your favorite fall tradition and why it’s special.
  2. The true story of a haunted house in your neighborhood.
  3. How the forest changes from summer to autumn.
  4. A profile of a person who embodies the spirit of fall.
  5. The science behind the changing colors of leaves.
  6. The legend of a mythical creature that comes alive in the fall.
  7. How animals prepare for winter during the autumn months.
  8. The art and craft of pumpkin carving.
  9. The history of a famous fall festival in your country or community.
  10. The cultural significance of autumn in different parts of the world.
  11. A guide to hosting the perfect fall-themed party.
  12. The importance of family gatherings during the fall season.
  13. The role of autumn in literature and poetry.
  14. The environmental impact of the change from summer to fall.
  15. The symbolism of autumn in art and music.
  16. How the fall season affects fashion and clothing trends.
  17. The relationship between harvest rituals and modern-day fall celebrations.
  18. A review of a book or film set in the fall season.
  19. The psychology of why autumn can be a nostalgic time for many people.
  20. How different cultures celebrate the arrival of autumn.
  21. The economic aspects of fall, such as seasonal jobs and markets.
  22. The influence of autumn on popular culinary dishes and recipes.
  23. A day in the life of a farmer during the harvest season.
  24. The spiritual significance of fall in various belief systems.
  25. The impact of climate change on the typical autumn weather patterns.
  26. How fall inspires creativity in various artistic mediums.
  27. The role of fall in shaping historical events.
  28. The connection between autumn and the school year.
  29. The health benefits of seasonal fall foods.
  30. The philosophy of change and renewal as represented by the autumn season.


Whether you’re writing for fun, school, or just to explore the world around you, these prompts are meant to inspire creativity and foster a deeper connection to the magical season of fall.

Grab a warm beverage, find a cozy spot, and let your imagination soar through the crisp autumn air.

We hope you have enjoyed the fun fall writing prompts above. Happy writing!

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