How to view Tik Tok followers list? Quick and easy steps

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Tik Tok is a fun app that allows users to share short video clips with their followers. It is a relatively new app but already has millions of users. If you are new to Tik Tok, you might be wondering about some of its features since this app works quite differently than other social media apps. This article will help you learn how to view Tik Tok followers list on the Tik Tok application and other aspects of Tik Tok.

Actively posting new videos with good content on Tik Tok will help you gain many followers. Becoming very popular in Tik Tok needs a little effort and a sense of timing for posting the content. 

Creating videos based on the current trend or any relatable situation helps boost your number of followers and makes you a popular figure. 

People who follow you in Tik Tok tend to follow in other social handles. If you become a popular content creator on Tik Tok, you will automatically increase your followers count on other social media platforms too. 

How to view Tik Tok followers list?

How to View Tik Tok Followers List?

If you are new to this app, you will have few basic doubts. One big question that commonly arises amongst new TikTok users is how to view Tik Tok followers list?

Here are the following steps that you need to follow to know your follower’s list.

  • As the first step, open the app and then log in to your Tik Tok profile
How to view Tik Tok followers list?
  • At the bottom of the home page, you will find a menu icon that will lead you to your profile.
  • Click the button and then choose the follower’s option on your profile.
How to view Tik Tok followers list?
  • Now, you will see the complete list of people with their usernames who are following you.

Tracking the followers is a straightforward step. Hence, the answer to the question, “how to view Tik Tok followers list,” has been cleared. 

But can we view the followers while using other devices too? Let’s take a look at that. 

How to View Tik Tok Followers List on a Computer?

Tik Tok can be enjoyed using other devices as well. For example, you can easily access this Tik Tok utilizing a computer by visiting the Tik Tok website.

You can upload and view TikTok videos directly from the desktop browser on your PC. All you need to do is, type the URL “” in the search bar of any browser from the computer. This will lead you to log in to your account to the site landing page.

To log in to your account, click on the Login symbol on the top of the website and then type your login details to enter into your page. 

Once you log in to your profile, the homepage will automatically appear on the screen.

On the screen, you will see various options like For You, Following, Suggested accounts, and your top accounts.

On the “For You” tab (content tab), all the recommended new video performances or popular videos are displayed based on your preferences. 

How to view Tik Tok followers list?

On the “Following tab,” you will see the types of videos of people you already follow. 

Next, on the “Suggested Accounts” tab, Tik Tok recommends some users for you to follow after analyzing your preference and the people you already follow. 

Finally, in the “Top Accounts,” Tik Tok influencers of this app with whom you interact are shown.

On your profile, near the Tik Tok bio, there is a list of people who follow you. By clicking that option, you will view the Tik Tok followers tab. 

However, when using the computer you can only see the number of followers, you cannot click on them.

The only way to see the accounts of the followers is to open the app from your mobile device.

Once all the doubts regarding how to view Tik Tok followers list are cleared, we get the urge to know if any of our followers are famous.

How to Find Your Most Famous Follower on Tik Tok?

Tik Tok is the world’s leading social media platform for short videos, and this has become a home for a huge number of celebrities. 

Everyone is created here on this platform, be it a singer, dancer, prankster, or even actor. 

There are billions of people using Tik Tok, and few have millions of followers. 

These people with so many followers are considered famous personalities of Tik Tok or Tik Tok celebrities. 

Many celebrities are fighting to be the king or queen of Tik Tok, but Ryan Higa, who is a famous comedian and creates music, blew the Tik Tok in the early stage. 

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He has over 25 million followers, and his followers love him for his down-to-earth attitude and hilarious comedy.

Like him, there are various people with many followers for their profiles. If any one of them follows you, then that person is the most famous follower of yours on Tik Tok.

How to Find Your First Follower on Tik Tok?

It is always fun to know the firsts of everything that happened in our life. Similarly, we get interested in knowing who our first follower on such influential apps were. 

Recently, Tik Tok has come up with a new version in which the followers can be viewed in order.

 The recently followed person’s username will be on the top of the list in this version. By scrolling towards the end of your followers’ list, you will be able to find that person who was your first follower.

How to See Tik Tok Complete Followers List in Order?

Tik Tok algorithm and Tik Tok analytics are different when compared to other media platforms. Hence, Tik Tok is more addictive and has the most famous social media account of all.

Like I mentioned previously, Tik Tok’s new version has made it even more unique by making the followers list in order. Now we can view our followers in order based on the time when they followed our profile. 

Why Can’t I See My Followers On Tik Tok? Possible Reasons

If you seem to find that your follower count is decreasing, then maybe people started unfollowing you due to these possible reasons:

  • The type of content you post is no more entertaining or relatable to the viewer. 
  • The Tik Tok shadowbanned you, which will make your account disappear for 14 days or maybe even for a lifetime.
  • Your followers have become inactive, resulting in Tik Tok removing those inactive accounts from the platform only active user’s profile.
  • If you are a new user or opening a new account and all your followers are your friends, they might unfollow you if they did not accept their follow request.

A few good ideas to maintain a good profile and increase your growth is by:

  • Always keep track of your follower’s activities and drop specific video posts based on their likings.
  • Do not encourage fake followers or free TikTok followers to gain video views.
  • Create a good social network with other creators by collaborating with them in making Instagram reels because Instagram is another perfect place to influence.
  • The easiest way to become popular is by including your Facebook friends and family to create your followers or increase video viewers in the initial stage.
  • Do not increase your profile views by sharing personal details like phone numbers but on the other hand, learn the first thing is to learn Tik Tok marketing strategies to take your profile in the right direction toward success. 

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1. Does Tik Tok’s following list go in order?

Yes, based on the recent update, the following list is displayed in order. The new followers appear on top, and the old followers appear on the bottom of the list.

2. Can you see other people’s followers on TikTok?

The following list is nothing but a list of people who follows a particular profile. We can view other people’s followers by visiting their profiles and clicking on the “Following” button. 

3. Who is the most followed person on Tik Tok?

Here is the list of users who changed their private Tik Tok account into a Tik Tok business account after becoming world-famous.

5 – Zach King

4 – Addison Rae

3 – Bella Poarch

2 – Khaby Lame

1 – Charli D’Amelio

After becoming one of the top users, these people earn through brand awareness or posting new content every day based on their target audience. They also have Tik Tok audiences on other platforms, so one live video on their Youtube channel at the right time makes them earn a lot.

4. Can you view someone’s followers without having an account?

Yes, it is possible to view other’s profile page and their followers even if we do not have an account. The advantage is that they do not have a private account. They will not know that you have visited their profile too.

Hopefully, this article cleared all your doubts regarding Tik Tok, especially how to view Tik Tok followers list. If you want to be a famous personality in any form of art, then an application like Tik Tok is the right place for you.

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