What we know about Momo Challenge

Recently updated on November 25th, 2023 at 08:15 pm

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Momo Challenge has been reported coming into the UK and many parents have expressed their worry with regards to this challenge. However, there is little evidence to suggest that this challenge actually exist.

To all parents who are worried about this new creepy character online and feeling anxious, there are a few things I would like to share with you which will hopefully keep your mind at ease.

Parent zone has released a 3-minute briefing with regards to this. These are some of the findings:

  1. There is currently a lot of misleading information going around about the challenge and it can be difficult to separate fact from myth.
  2. There have been media reports of hackers ‘inserting’ Momo into Fortnite and YouTube videos but ParentZohasn’tn’t been able to find any evidence that supports this. Also, pic Games has so far not replied to Parent Zone’s enquiry.
  3. the number of reported cases of children harming themselves because of the challenge is extremely low.
  4. Professionals Online Safety Helpline has received several phone calls with regards to this but they have not seen a case of a child actually encountering the character online or interacting with anyone involved

Right now it is very difficult to know what is really going on with this.

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What you can do to keep your kids safe after Momo Challenge

Speak to your child about the dangers of talking to strangers online. It doesn’t matter whether its through social media apps or any other messaging platform, the risk is the same.

Guide your kids on how they can keep their online profile to private. Also, talk to them about the importance of protecting their privacy

Police have appealed to parents to not simply focus on Momo, urging them to:

  • Ensure they know what their children can access online
  • Tell their children no-one has the right to make them do anything they do not want to do
  • Use parental controls to keep children safe

If you are ever worried about your child you can contact organisations like NSPCC or Professionals Online Safety Helpline

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Here are tips to you keep children safe in the digital age : 

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  1. This is absolutely happening. My 10 year old daughter was watching a popular gamer play Roblox and MoMo cut into the game. She didn’t tell us because it said not to repeat it’s name if she didn’t want it to come to our house. When media reports came out we asked her about it and she was terrified. We are working with her school counselor now it has scared her so much!


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