How to get the yellow heart emoji on Snapchat?

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The yellow heart on Snapchat is known as the friend’s emoji. It shows someone you are very close to or you call as a best friend on Snapchat. Let’s look at how to get the yellow heart emoji.

Yellow heart emoji snapchat

What Does Yellow Heart On Snapchat Mean?

If you guys are regular Snapchat users, you would have seen the yellow heart emoji. This yellow heart emoji appears next to one of your friend’s names, also known as the friends’ emoji.

Do you know the yellow heart means something? This yellow heart appears to only one person at a time, and it will be that person to whom you talk and send snap a lot. 

Hence, the yellow heart denotes “best friend,” the person you send a lot of snaps to and have constant communication compared to others. This is a symbol of love, we can say. 

Maybe that’s why even people give yellow roses to others in real life in the name of love and care. People say that the yellow color symbolizes happiness and friendship. 

In the case of Snapchat, the person with whom the yellow heart appearance means you chat has long Snapchat streaks and share videos a lot, and you and that person share a strong bond.

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How To Get The Yellow Heart On Snapchat?

To get a yellow heart Snapchat emoji, try sending a regular snap and snap videos on consecutive weeks or straight weeks to a person. Then also, try chatting with your friend or that Snapchat user to create a bond. 

You will have to become a daily active user and increase your snap score with that person. Even if you give extra importance to one person for a few days, the Snapchat support team will notice it. 

This way, the friend’s emoji or the yellow heart Snapchat emoji appears next to the person’s name.

In simple terms, the yellow heart appears only after a mutual sharing of snaps and a little bit of texting with a particular person.

Note: This can be achieved if that person is your top mutual friend. Also, this kind of emoji appears only if the friendship is mutual. 

Has The Yellow Heart On Snapchat Disappeared? 

How to get the yellow heart emoji on Snapchat?

Yes, the yellow heart Snapchat emoji does disappear after a point in time. There are only two significant reasons why the yellow heart disappears.

The first reason is when the yellow heart Snapchat emoji is replaced by a red heart. This happens when you talk and share snaps with that person for more than two weeks. 

The yellow heart stays and denotes the Snapchat best friend only for one week. After that, if you are still best friends with that person, the heart changes into red color to denote the strong bond.  

The second reason is the sad one. When you guys are no longer friends, the yellow heart Snapchat emoji disappears.

This happens when you stop talking regularly or break the Snapchat streaks for a long time which is the snap streak the yellow heart fades.

Sometimes, the yellow heart Snapchat emoji gets shifted to another person from your best friends list. This means you have changed your best friend, so the yellow heart Snapchat emoji gets redirected to your new best friend. 

But if the emoji disappears due to any other reason, feel free to get additional support from the Snapchat team. Tons of other users out there always rely on the snap support team to solve issues in Snapchat officially.

Can You Get A Yellow Heart On Snapchat While Chatting?

We all tend to chat with our best friends regularly. You can get a yellow heart Snapchat emoji by constantly chatting with your friend. 

Similarly, Snapchat notices this regular conversation, the entire streak of consecutive best friends, the number of snaps on the number of consecutive days, and will update the bond with a yellow heart. This also will give you the idea of the best friends you have on Snapchat. 

Meaning Of Other Heart Emojis On Snapchat

All the Snapchat hearts are extraordinary, even known as relationship emojis.

If you are a new user or a recent Snapchat user, as a piece of additional information, read down the meaning of the list of emojis.

Pink Heart

The pink heart emoji is a particular type of heart that appears with your super BFF. If you regularly share day snap streaks and snape with a person for two months, then the pink heart appears.

Red Heart

The red heart emoji appears after being best friends with a person for more than two weeks. This emoji denotes BF, the next level of the yellow heart. 

Blue Heart Emoji

The blue heart emoji is unlike other face emojis; this, in general, represents the loyalty, peace, and trust between 2 individuals.

Golden Heart

There is just a yellow heart called the gold heart by a few in Snapchat that denotes BF. Additionally, a golden star shows a person replayed the snap after 24 hours. 

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