How to disable read receipt on Whatsapp? Simple & easy steps

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How to disable read receipt on Whatsapp? This is a question many ask to set themselves free from the compulsion of replying to a text.

WhatsApp introduced the feature of blue checkmarks long ago to indicate to the sender that the intended recipient has read the message. However, not everyone is a fan of these blue ticks, and for many reasons, people want to turn them off. 

WhatsApp hence also facilitates the option to turn these blue ticks off, so a sender doesn’t know if the receiver has read the message. Once you have put the blue tick feature off, it remains disabled for the new message until you turn it on again.

Today we will let Whatsapp users know how to disable read receipts using your Android and iOS. You will also not show if you see someone’s online status with the same feature.

How to disable read receipt on Whatsapp?

How To Disable Read Receips In Whatsapp Group?

You should know that disabling the blue ticks or the read receipts only works for the individual chats. The option is not yet available in the chat app for group conversations. The sender will know if you have read the message using the group info screen.

Read receipts are the feature of blue ticks that, if you put disabled, won’t show blue ticks to the sender even if you have read the message. This means that you don’t have to give an instant reply to the message, and you can take your time.

So if you are one of the group participants and looking for how to disable read receipt on Whatsapp for a particular group, then there is no option. It can be availed in the future, but you have to bear with it for now.

How to disable read receipt on Whatsapp?

How To Read Whatsapp Messages Without The Sender Knowing?

There is a way to be confused about disabling read receipt on WhatsappBy utilizing the feature, you can read all the Whatsapp messages or the sent message without letting the sender know.

The sender won’t identify whether or not you have read the messages. 

To disable read receipt on Whatsappyou need to turn off read receipts. However, you should also know that once you have turned off blue ticks on reading receipts, you will also not be able to find whether the person has read your text messages or not.

This is the compromise you have to deal with; you will also see the grey ticks. Hence this is a two-way street!

To do this:

Open WhatsApp and tap on the 3 vertical dots on the top right corner of the screen

How to disable read receipt on Whatsapp?

Click on Settings

Click Account

How to disable read receipt on Whatsapp?

Tap the Privacy option, and you will see the Read Receipts option.

How to disable read receipt on Whatsapp?

Just toggle it off by swiping left, and you are done.

Also, some people want to know when the receiver has read their messages. That is why they don’t want to turn off the read receipt feature for the WhatsApp texts, but they still don’t want the sender to know if the messages have been read.

In this case, you need to utilize your phone’s Airplane mode. Once you have received a WhatsApp message that you want to see, however, without the sender, get to know, then turn on the Airplane mode. 

While the mode is still on, you can check the WhatsApp messages and turn the Airplane mode off. This means that you will not use any mobile data, and hence the sender will not know it.

This way, you will still read the messages, but the sender will not know about it, and this is how to disable read receipt on Whatsapp.

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There is one more thing you can do for more privacy. You can turn off your last seen. It means that no one will know when you were online the last time. This feature also gives you some power and control over your WhatsApp account.

Open WhatsApp messenger and go to WhatsApp Settings. Now tap Account and then Privacy settings. From there, you can disable the delivery status.

How To Disable The Blue Tick In Whatsapp Group?

Many want to know how to disable read receipts on Whatsapp for WhatsApp group chats. However, WhatsApp has not facilitated any such option for WhatsApp group messages. 

This means that blue tick marks can only be turned off for individual chats or personal chats; this feature is unavailable when you chant in a Group. There will be no gray checkmarks if you have read the messages.

How To Disable Read Receipts In Private Whatsapp Chat?

If you want to know how to disable read receipt on Whatsapp, here are the simple steps to follow for modifying the chat settings. We will perform it for both iOS and Android.

How To Disable Read Receipts On Whatsapp For iOS?

First, iPhone users need to launch WhatsApp and Tap Settings. You should see this option at the bottom of the page.

Then go to Accounts and tap the Privacy tab. Now you will see the option “Read Receipts.”

There should be a toggle that you need to slide, and it will get turned off. The sender will only see the grey checkmarks.

How To Disable Read Receipts On Whatsapp For Android Phone?

The method is almost the same as iOS. To disable the blue ticks, open your WhatsApp app and Tap on the three dots or the vertical dots on the top right corner.

How to disable read receipt on Whatsapp?

Now tap on Settings and then select Account. You see the “Read Receipts” option on the next screen, which you need to toggle off by sliding to the left.

Now the sender will only see a double tick which will not be blue on the chats screen. This also means that no one will know if you have viewed someone’s status update.

You should also know that this feature doesn’t work for the audio file in the WhatsApp application. When you have heard the WhatsApp voice messages, the sender will see the blue ticks.

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