How to install Ares Wizard on Firestick? Step by step guide

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If you are a Kodi user, you must be familiar with the built-in Ares Wizard. Due to some legal problems, the Ares project was shut down. However, just recently, with the Kodi 18.9 Leia new update, the Ares Wizard has been reintroduced to the platform. In this article, we are looking at how to install Ares Wizard on Firestick?

Disclaimer : Online streaming copyright content can get you into legal troubles. Be aware when streaming such content. This article is just for educational purposes.

How to install Ares Wizard on Firestick

What is Ares Wizard?

The Ares Wizard is an all-in-one tool on the Kodi platform. It was used to host third-party add-ons

Some users would only install the Ares Wizard tool on their platform.

The Ares Wizard allows the users to seamlessly remove the saved cache files from the browsers, which eventually slows down the device’s processing speed.

The video cache size on Kodi can reach high numbers. That is why it is good to clear cache from time to time.

Features of Ares Wizard

One helpful feature of the Ares Wizard tool is the RAM detection feature. This feature allows the detection of unnecessary files and cache.

After being granted permission, this feature will remove these files, thus improving the overall performance of your device.

There is also a Maintenance tool built into it. This tool helps with removing unnecessary thumbnails, deleting temp files, and deleting cache files from your device. It also lets you stream TV shows.

Thanks to this feature, users do not need to remove their cache from the Android Devices Settings area. They can do it directly from the Kodi device Addon area.

There is also one Backup Utility feature on it. This feature helps users save their Kodi Installation settings as per their requirements.

Users can use this backup file when they update their device or share it with friends who need the same installation settings.

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How to install Ares Wizard on Firestick?

In the below section, we are looking at the installation of Ares Wizard on the Amazon Fire TV stick.

·     Launch the Kodi installation addon.

How to install Ares Wizard on Firestick

·     Select the Settings option. (Gear Icon)

·     From there, open System Settings.

·     Turn on “Unknown Sources” from the Add-ons Menu area.

Ares wizard firestick

·     Hit Ares the Yes button from the next window.

·     Now navigate back to the System Page.

·     Select File Manager.

How to install Ares Wizard on Firestick

·     Hit on the Add Sources button.

·     Click <None>.

·     Paste the following ares wizard download URL ( in the field that says “Enter the Paths or Browse for the Media Location.”

·     Enter a name for the Media source.

·     Type in Ares if you cannot develop any other interesting name.

·     Navigate back to the System Screen, ad select the “Add-ons” option.

·     Select the option “Install from Zip File.”

·     From the next window, select “Ares,” or whatever name you typed in for the Media file.

·     Hit the ZIP URL link –

·     Wait until the installation is complete. You will see a success message when the Ares Wizard Add-on is successfully installed on the platform.

·     After installing Ares wizard, it will appear on your Kodi Home Screen.

Arez Wizard failed to install? Possible reasons. 

Now you know how to install Ares Wizard on Firestick. If the installation fails, there can be various reasons.

The first reason might be using an older or corrupt version of the Kodi app. If you still can’t get it up and running, you might want to use a Kodi VPN. It hides your IP Address by creating a virtual private network.

Ares Wizard not working. How to fix it?

If you know how to install Ares Wizard on Firestick yet fail to launch the Ares Wizard, make sure you use the latest add-on version.

As Its developers have discontinued Kodi, Kodi users might face sudden shut-downs. Also, Kodi buffering issues are very common. If you face such situations, you can fix it by-.

·     Use the latest version of the Kodi tool.

·     Do not use the corrupt Ares Wizard Installation file.

·     Blocked Network Access.

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Ares Wizard alternatives

Now that you know how to install Ares Wizard on Firestick, it is time for us to take a look at some Ares Wizard Alternatives.

·     Cosmic Saints Wizard

·     Looking Glass Wizard

·     Cazwall Ares Repo

Whatever alternative you pick, always use a good VPN for a smoother streaming experience.

How to install Ares Wizard on Kodi Android?

In this section, we look at how to install Ares Wizard on Firestick Kodi Android.

·     From the Navigation Menu, select “Add-ons.

·     From the top left, select the Open Package option.

·     Select “Install from Zip File.”

·     As the Source File, select Ares.

·     Scroll down until you see

·     From the top-left, select the “Add-ons” option.

·     From the left menu, select “Program Add-On.”

·     From the Program Add-On list, select “Ares Wizard.”

This step is the same for windows pc and other devices running on different OS.

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How to install Ares Wizard on the Kodi matrix?

The steps for installing Ares Wizard on Kodi matrix are similar to How to install Ares Wizard on Firestick. Scroll up to see the complete step-by-step instructions.


Is Ares Wizard still working?

Yes, it is. But Ares Wizard was discontinued. However, it has been relaunched and now works with the Kodi 18.9 Leia. Go through the legal disclaimer if you have any further confusion.

Can you stop buffering when using Ares Wizard?

Yes, you can. To do so, you need to use any of the Cache Settings, such as the Indigo or Ares Wizard.


So, there you go, in this article, we have looked into how to install Ares Wizard on Firestick. Do leave a comment below if you have any further queries.

Do let us know if you want us to cover an article on the best Kodi add-ons or if you want to know about the best fire stick tricks.

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