86 General Knowledge Trivia that are fun & easy

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General knowledge trivia can be a fun activity during family gatherings, ice breaker sessions, and also as a classroom activity.

The general knowledge trivia in this post is made divided into 5 categories:

  • For adults
  • For kids
  • Animals trivia questions
  • Geography trivia
  • American history general knowledge trivia questions

The best way to have a fun general knowledge trivia is to divide participants into smaller groups. Each group should be given at least 10 seconds to think of an answer.

Have a board to write down the scores and think of a penalty for the group who comes the last.

Here are some fun general knowledge trivia questions along with the answers:

General knowledge trivia for adults:

  1. What is the name of the Indian Holy river? Ganges
  2. Another name for the study of fossil? Paleontology
  3. What do penguins eat? Fish and Plankton
  4. What is the capital city of Turkey? Ankara
  5. After which animals are the Canary Islands named? Dogs
  6. Which famous group was known as The Quarrymen? Beatles
  7. What is the official currency in Nepal? Rupee
  8. In which city was the Titanic built? Belfast
  9. If I was biting into a “Granny Smith” what would I be eating? Green Apple
  10. On which island was Napoleon born? Corsica
  11. What is the capital city of Australia? Canberra
  12. Who wrote Merchant of Venice? William Shakespeare
  13. Which country had a prime minister and a president who were twin brothers? Poland
  14. What is another word for wall painting? Fresco
  15. What does the name of the Russian newspaper Pravda mean? Truth
  16. What is the lightest metal? Aluminum
  17. What is the name of the famous fitness method that was invented in German? Pilates
  18. In which city were Romeo and Juliet together? Verona
  19. What is the world’s largest office? Pentagon
  20. Which Italian artist painted the Birth of Venus? Botticelli
  21. What is a famous yoga post that stars with A? Asana

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General knowledge Trivia for kids:

  1. What do you call ice that shifts slowly down a mountain? Glacier
  2. What are the 2 countries that compete in the ashes? England and Australia
  3. What do you call a young wolf? cub
  4. What is the outside of a cricket ball made of? Leather
  5. Do Eskimos live in the north pole or south pole? North
  6. How many people are found on the field during a football match? 23
  7. What will the day after tomorrow be if yesterday was Sunday? Wednesday
  8. Do fish close their eyes when they sleep? No
  9. How many neck bones does Giraffe have? 7
  10. Which queen rules England for 64 years? Victoria
  11. Who invented the telephone? Alexander Graham Bell
  12. What season is it in America when it is summer in Australia? Winter
  13. What is the color of the flight that is raised when people give up in war? White
  14. How many arms does a squid have? 10
  15. Which continent is Japan located? Asia
  16. What is Harry Potter’s middle name? James
  17. How many rings make up the Olympic symbol? 5
  18. What is the name of Beauty & The Beast? Belle
  19. What do you call a group of lions? Pride
  20. In which country is Barcelona located? Spain
  21. Off what state in Australia would I find the Great Barrier Reef? Queensland
  22. What is the most eaten food in the world? Rice
  23. In which movie do you find the character Simba? Lion King
  24. What is the capital city of South Australia? Adelaide
  25. What animal is called canine? Dog
  26. Which fairy tale has the longest hair? Rapunzel
  27. In Australia, name the 3 months that would be spring? September. October, November
  28. What watercraft that travels underwater? Submarine
  29. What character lives in a rubbish bin in sesame street? Oscar
  30. What is the largest land animal? Elephant
  31. In what country is the Statue Liberty located? The United States?
  32. Where can you find the Eiffel Tower? Paris
  33. Where is Buckingham palace located? London
  34. What color is M from McDonald’s? Yellow
  35. How often are commonwealth games held? Every 4 years.
  36. What is the yellow of an egg called? Yolk
  37. In Thomas the Tank Engine, what color is perfect? Green
  38. Which is heavier, gold or silver? Gold
  39. Which year was the battle of Bannockburn fought? 1214

More Trivia for kids
Trivia For Kids

Animal Trivia:

  1. How many hearts does an Octopus have? 3
  2. Which animal lives the longest? Tortoise
  3. What do you call a female deer? A doe
  4. What animal is used by the US army to find underwater mines? Dolphins
  5. Which animal can sleep for 3 years? Snail
  6. What do koalas mainly eat? Leaves
  7. Which bird can fly backward? Hummingbird
  8. What is the fastest bird in the world? falcon
  9. What is the largest mammal in the world? Blue whale

Geography Trivia:

  1. In which Cite is the famous leaning tower located? Pisa
  2. How many players are there in a basketball team? 5
  3. What is the most popular musical instrument during the middle ages? The Lute
  4. What do you call a shape that has 10 sides? Decagon
  5. How many bones are there in the human body? 206
  6. What is the largest planet in our solar system? Jupiter
  7. Who wrote Romeo and Juliet? William Shakespeare
  8. Who wrote the book, Harry Potter? J.K Rowling
  9. What is the capital city of Ireland? Dublin
  10. Who was the first president of the United States? George Washington
  11. What language is mainly spoken in Brazil? Portuguese
  12. How many days are there generally in February? 28
  13. What are the 2 colors of the Japanese flag? Red and white
  14. What Disney film is about 2 sisters, Anna and Elsa? Frozen
  15. What popular video games allow you to make buildings from cubes? Minecraft
  16. What is a didgeridoo? A musical instrument from Australia
  17. Which country invented the boomerang? Australia

Growth Mindset Questions For Kids : 

General knowledge Trivia on American History:

  1. What is the capital city of the USA? Washington
  2. What date is independence day celebrated? 4th July
  3. Who discovered North America in 1492? Christopher Columbus
  4. What do you call the house where the president lives? The White House
  5. Which mountain has the faces of 4 US presidents carved into it? Mount Rushmore
  6. What is the animal symbol of America? Eagle
  7. Which city is the Empire state building located? New York.
  8. Which city if the statue of liberty located? New York
  9. What do the stars on the US flag represent? The number of states in the country
  10. How many colonies were there originally? 13
  11. Which US president stayed in office the longest time? Roosevelt.
  12. Who were the first people to live in North America?Native Americans
  13. In which year did the US gain independence? 1776
  14. What bill was passed in 1789 to protect individuals? The Bill of Rights
  15. Who did America fight against in the Revolutionary war? Britain
  16. In which year were women allowed to vote? 1920
  17. Who wrote the Declaration of Independence? Thomas Jefferson

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