79 powerful affirmations for self-love and acceptance

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The best way of using affirmations is to read them in the morning when you are fresh and full of energy. Try to dream about them during the day while you are doing your daily activities. And before going to sleep at night repeat them once more. positive self-love affirmations are an amazing tool to remove negative thoughts and a great way to start living a happy life. In this post, we will look into affirmations for self-love that you can say to yourself.

Best way of using affirmations for self-love:

Affirmations are very powerful when you associate them with positive emotions. If you say “I am confident” just because, you will not benefit from affirmations for self-love. Instead, try to feel confident while you say “I am confident”.

In addition, affirmations for self-love work better when your subconscious mind believes in them.

If you say “I love myself” and your subconscious mind doubts this statement, affirmations for self-love will be ineffective. Instead, try to feel love for yourself and you will notice that affirmations for self-love work faster.

Finally, the more often you use affirmations for self-love, the sooner will your subconscious mind believe in them.

Affirmations for self-love

So, just keep saying affirmations for self-love as often as you can and you will be surprised by the amount of positive energy it brings to you.

Find a quiet time during your day and repeat the positive phrases below as part of your self love journey.

Why is affirmations important for children?

Children do not know what their worth is – they look to others to guide them in what is and isn’t good, to let them know if they are acceptable or not. As a parent, your opinion matters a lot to them.

Using powerful statements on a daily basis with your children can help remove any negative self-talk and instill positive things into their minds.

Self-loving affirmations help children know their self-worth at a time when they need it most. It will help them develop a positive outlook in life and generate a positive mindset even when they are having bad days.

Children should have someone encouraging them to be the best they can possibly be as early as possible. This will help them develop healthy relationships in the future.

Without such love and support, they could become adults who love or respect themselves enough to make the most of life.

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For this reason, affirmations for self-love are important for children because they can have a positive effect on their self-esteem. It can be part of their self-love journey.

The second major benefit that affirmations provide is that they can reduce the chance of depression forming in later life.

Studies have shown that adults who do not feel good about themselves are more likely to experience this mental condition, and affirmations can help prevent that from happening and improve their mental health.  

Affirmations are about making a child feel in control of their destiny and capable of doing anything; they allow him or her to build up the self-esteem that will hold them in good stead throughout adulthood.

How to teach children about self-love?

Here are some tips to help children learn to love themselves:

You can stick the words of encouragement below in the bathroom mirror using sticky notes so your child can read them every morning before starting the day.

Start out by telling your child that you love him and that he is a special boy/girl. Then, expand this to affirmations about his abilities; say things like “I know you will do well on the test tomorrow”, or “You are an amazing artist”.

Make these positive comments as often as possible, always being specific about what you appreciate in the child. For instance, if you say “I love your sunny nature”, it will be less effective than saying “I love how you always make me smile”.

Avoid generalized positive comments such as “You are a good boy” – they do not mean much to children and can even sound backhanded and sarcastic.  Include a Hug

Studies have shown that hugs can boost your self-esteem, and they are the ideal way to end a session of positive affirmations.

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Tell the child how much you care about him or her and then give them a hug – this will make them feel safe, loved, and protected.

Let your children see that you are a confident and self-loving person. Children find it easier to love themselves if they see adults who do the same, so make sure that you show them that this is possible.

If you say something that is slightly backhanded and your child seems upset, take the opportunity to apologize and explain that you were trying to make a positive statement but could have been more careful about choosing what words to use.

Also, if you find yourself having difficulties loving yourself, talk about this with your child; show them how hard you are trying to change your attitude and how difficult it is for you.  

They will appreciate that you are being honest with them, and they will learn from your example.

When this happens, always make sure that there is a positive reinforcement on offer as well; tell the child what steps you have taken to improve and praise yourself for any progress you have made.

List of affirmations for self-love:

Here is a list of affirmations for self-love that you can use, print out or copy into your journal. Speak them to yourself every morning and evening; memorize them if you can.

Note: if you are not feeling confident enough to read positive statements about yourself aloud, then speak the affirmations in your head instead.

Example of affirmations for self-love:

  1. “I love my face because it shows my personality; I have a happy smile and kind eyes .”

2. “I am so grateful that I get to be myself. I like the person that I am.”

3. “My body is strong and healthy. My heart beats regularly and feels joy at the simple things in life.”

4. “I love my hands because they are capable and sensitive; I can do so many interesting things with them.”

5. “My legs are strong to carry me far. They take me on adventures and let me run for joy!”

6. “I am a good friend, who is thoughtful and loyal. I know how to listen when someone is upset, and I am gentle with everyone.”

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7. “I love the way I think; my mind is capable of coming up with new innovative ideas. My thoughts are fun – they let me picture wonderful scenes from books I have read or places I have visited in my imagination.”

8. “I appreciate the simple things in life. A cup of tea with a friend, or snuggling up in bed on cold winter’s nights – these are the things that make me happy.”

9. “I appreciate my sense of humour. I laugh at myself whenever I can; no one is perfect, so it is good to see the funny side of mistakes!”

10. “People like being around me because I am easy to talk to. I have a good sense of humour, and I can make people smile.”

11. “I love my creativity; I can paint beautiful pictures that help other people feel happy inside.”

12. “I have a kind heart. This is because I care about others and am able to express how much they mean to me with words and actions. I am there to support my friends when they are upset and to show them that everything is going to be alright.”

13. “I resist negative thinking; this means that I will not let myself think bad things about other people, or believe baseless criticisms of the world around me. Instead, I look on the bright side of life.”

14. “I like myself because I am a good person. I try to look out for everyone, and I appreciate all the things that are good in the world.”

Take some time today to go over this list and decide which affirmations you would like to use on a regular basis.

If you can, choose affirmations that focus on more than one aspect of yourself. This way, your positive statements will be more powerful and you won’t worry about forgetting to ‘cover all areas.’

List Affirmations for acceptance:

Here is a list of affirmations for self-acceptance that you can use, print out or copy into your journal.

The list of affirmations for acceptance below can help remove negative self talk and help you feel the loving energy of the universe

Example of affirmations for self-acceptance :

15. “I accept that I’m not perfect and I am happy with who I am.”

16. “I don’t need to be the best at everything. It’s okay if I struggle at times, because that makes me more real; it means that my life has purpose.”

17. “I never want to feel ashamed of myself or of what I’m doing. I want to live my life openly and honestly.”

18. “It is okay if I don’t know everything. My work will stand out because it is unique; there will be no one else thinking the way that I am thinking.”

19. “I accept that everyone in this world is valuable, whether I get along with them or not. I am unique and that is an amazing gift!”

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20. “I am able to improve myself whenever I want to. It’s okay if I make mistakes, but it doesn’t mean that I’m not a smart person.”

21. “It is okay if my work isn’t perfect. There will always be areas for me to improve on; the most important thing is to keep learning.”

22. “I accept that there are questions and problems that I will never be able to answer. I can find peace in this, knowing that my life has a purpose beyond simple answers.”

23. “It’s okay if I come up with ideas that aren’t perfect – it means that I am innovative; I am trying to be different.”

24. “I accept that nothing is certain in this world. I will not let my happiness depend on whether other people like me or not.”

25. “I accept that I am not perfect. I will try my hardest anyway, and there is nothing wrong with making mistakes as long as it means trying to do something new.”

26. “I always want to keep improving myself. It’s okay if I get things wrong sometimes; this way, I’ll learn from my mistakes.”

27. “I accept that my life has a purpose beyond the material aspects of what I own or what I have been taught to believe. My existence is special and I am able to give things to the world in unique ways.”

28. “It’s okay if sometimes it takes me a while to learn things, but this way I will be sure not to forget them. I can appreciate that my life has a story to tell.”

29. “I accept that no one else will have the same experiences as me and that’s okay; being unique is an awesome thing!”

30. “I like myself because there are things about me that other people don’t know about yet. Besides, everyone is always learning new things; there is never a reason to be ashamed about not being an expert.”

31. “I accept that I am allowed to make my own choices and mistakes. I will always respect myself for what I do, even if it means making a mistake or two along the way.”

32. “It’s okay if sometimes people worry about me – they just care and it means they want to look out for me. I respect that!”

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33. “I will never judge myself by the standards of other people, because everyone is different; this world was meant to be a place where we can all learn from each other.”

34. “It’s okay if sometimes my life feels like a struggle. That just means that I’m alive and that I have the opportunity to work things out.”

35. “I will never try to change my personality just to please someone else. Being myself is an awesome thing!”

36. “I am able to love myself because I can see who I truly am, even when it’s hard sometimes. This means that I will always be able to learn and grow as a person.”

37. “It is okay if I don’t agree with everyone – this world needs individuals who are willing to think outside of the box, even if they stand out and make some people uncomfortable.”

38. “I accept that I am a unique person who is able to touch the lives of other people in meaningful ways. It’s okay if sometimes I’m not sure who I really am – this means that I still have things to discover about myself.”

39. “I will never try to prove myself to other people. I know who I am and that’s enough for me.”

40. “I make mistakes, but it doesn’t mean that there is something wrong with me; after all, no one is perfect.

41. “Whenever I need to change the things about myself that are making other people uncomfortable, I will remember that these changes don’t change me as a person. I will feel good about myself no matter what, because I am always able to accept who I am.”

42. “I am not here to please other people; I am simply here to fulfill my own purpose on this planet. My existence is special and there’s nothing wrong with me for standing out.”

43. “I love myself because I can see who I am, even when things are hard. It’s okay if sometimes it takes me a while to learn new things or to work out the answers to certain problems; in the end, I will always be proud of myself for trying.”

44. “It is okay if sometimes other people judge me based on my past experiences or mistakes.”

Spiritual self-love affirmations:

Below is a list of spiritual self-love affirmations :

44. “I accept that I am here to learn and grow. It’s okay if my choices may seem strange or different to other people because everyone is special in their own way.”

45. “It is okay if sometimes my life feels like a struggle; this just means that I’m alive and have the opportunity to make changes.”

46. “I love myself because I know that even when things get tough, I will always be able to learn and grow as a person.”

47. “I accept that sometimes it takes me a while to figure out the answers to certain problems, but this just means that the lessons in life are there for me to discover.”

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48. “My failures make perfect sense because these are my experiences on this planet.”

50. “I am able to love myself because I can see who I truly am, even when it’s difficult sometimes. This means that I will always be able to learn and grow as a person.”

51. “It is okay if some people don’t agree with the choices that I make or the path that I take in life; this just means that they’re not on the same path as me right now.”

52. “It is wonderful if sometimes I do things that are different or unique. This means that I still have many things to discover about myself.”

53. “I respect other people’s opinions, but it doesn’t mean that all of them have to agree with my choices and life decisions. I don’t have to prove myself to other people. I will be true to myself because that’s enough.”

54. “I am not here to live up to anyone else’s expectations; I am simply here on this planet to fulfill my own potential and destiny. My existence is special in its own way, even if sometimes it doesn’t feel like it.”

55. “I will never try to please other people; I will simply do what feels right in my heart. After all, this is where the truth lies – I know who I am and that’s enough for me.”

56. “I love myself because even when things don’t go as planned, I’m able to recognize my mistakes and learn from them.”

57. “I am able to accept who I am and that’s wonderful because it means that I will always be able to grow and improve as a person.”

Affirmations for healing

Besides affirmations for self-love, the affirmations for healing below can help you reduce negative self-thoughts and heal your mind, body, and soul.

Let positive thoughts come into you and remove the lack of self-love that you might be feeling.

58. “I am able to heal and recover from my wounds whenever I choose. This is a wonderful ability that only I have.”

59. “When things get tough, it’s okay for me to ask for help because this doesn’t mean that I’m not strong; this means that sometimes I need other people to help me through difficult times so that I can continue on my healing path.”

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60. “I love myself because it’s okay for me to ask others to help me through difficult times so that I can continue on my healing path. If other people are unable or unwilling to assist me with this, it doesn’t mean that there is something wrong with me; it just means that these people aren’t in a position to help me at this time.”

61. “Other people may be in different places on their path and it’s not my job to judge or criticize them. We are all here for a reason, even if sometimes I don’t see what the reason is. It doesn’t matter; there is always a purpose behind everything because we’re all here to learn and grow.”

62. “I am able to heal my wounds; I don’t have to hide from them. In fact, this means that I can move on with my life and improve as a person without any regrets or pain from the past. This is wonderful because it means that I can always choose the life that I want to live.”

63. “I love myself because I am able to heal and recover from my wounds whenever I choose. This means that the power to change is always within me.”

64. “I accept that sometimes it does take me a while to heal and recover from my wounds, but this just means that I am healing at the right pace for myself. It doesn’t matter if other people heal faster or more slowly than me because I am not the same as them.”

65. “I will never compare myself to others when it comes to how well I heal. This just means that I am doing things at the right pace for myself.”

66. “I will never regret my choices when it comes to how I heal. It doesn’t matter if other people are able to heal from their wounds very quickly or even at all; I know that I am doing things at the right pace for myself.”

67. “I love myself because it’s okay if sometimes healing takes a long time. After all, this just means that I’m doing things at the right pace for myself!”

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Affirmations for self-esteem

If your child is dealing with low self-esteem then use the affirmations below to remove negative feelings and help them to start being a better version of themselves.

It will help them believe that the only approval they need in life is from themselves. They do not need to live to the expectations of others.

70. “It’s wonderful that I am able to recognize my own gifts and talents. It’s also important for me to acknowledge the fact that other people have their own gifts and talents too. I will never look down on others because they can’t do the things that I’m best at.”

71. “I am able to love myself because I know that I’m worthy of anything that life has to offer. I will never judge myself based on other people’s values or perspectives because I know that self-worth cannot come from their approval.”

72. “I love myself because I am able to perform well in the things that I’m passionate about. It’s my job to make sure that I feel proud of myself because it takes a lot of courage to do what I love. I will never settle for less than the very best.”

73. “When I look in the mirror, it’s okay to be proud of how I look. Nobody is perfect and that’s perfectly fine because this means that everyone gets to improve in the way they feel best.”

74. “It’s okay for me to look in the mirror and feel proud of who I am. This means that I’m doing my best to take care of myself and improve my life. I am good enough because I’m alive.”

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75. “It’s okay for me to look in the mirror and notice my flaws and imperfections, but it’s also important for me to see the beauty in myself that glows from within.”

76. “When I look in the mirror, I see a beautiful person who is worth love. This means that I am worthy of feeling good about myself and my worth cannot be taken away from me.”

77. “It’s okay for me to say ‘no’ when I feel that something is not healthy or safe for myself. It’s also okay for me to say ‘yes’ when I am open to growth and new opportunities. I will never push myself into something that goes against my intuition.”

78. “I am able to say ‘no’ when I feel that something isn’t right for myself and my body. This just means that I am respecting my intuition and listening to myself. It’s okay for me to say ‘yes’ when I want to go with something that makes me feel good.”

79. “I love myself because I don’t have to be afraid of anything. It’s important for me to recognize my own power”

Conclusion on affirmations for self-love

We hope you enjoyed the affirmations for self-love above. Remember to always be kind to yourself and nurture your soul with positive words.

The same goes for your children. Teach them to love themselves using affirmations. It is a powerful tool for removing self doubt and allowing good things to happen in life.

What is your favorite self-love affirmation?

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