50+ Fun Fall trivia questions for adults and children

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Fall is the colorful season when things seem to be magical. The trees change their leaves’ color giving us a sight to behold. And the weather is just right to start donning your favorite sweaters and mittens. Cozy up with your family, try out the fall trivia questions below, and learn more about this beautiful season.

How much do you know about the incredible autumn season? What if you could have a way of learning more in a fun way while you enjoy your pumpkin spice latte or hot chocolate?

Fall trivia questions are exciting and a great way of learning useful information about autumn. Bond with your friends and family members, especially the school-going ones, as you also discover some facts with these fall quizzes.    

fall trivia

Fun fall trivia questions

  • Name the colors commonly associated with fall – Yellow, Orange, Red, and Brown.
  • Name the holiday celebrated in the fall in October – Halloween
  • Which date marks the start of fall? – 22 September
  • What vegetable is often carved during fall – Pumpkin
  • According to an old fall superstition, what should you do this season to attract good luck? – Catch a falling leaf
  • Name the autumn month with more childbirths than any other month. – September
  • How many pounds did the largest pumpkin pie ever made weigh? – 3,699 pounds
  • By estimation, how much money is spent on candy during Halloween? $9 billion
  • What change is made on time at the end of daylight saving time? – Clocks are adjusted one hour back
  • What month marks the end of daylight saving time? – November
  • Apart from birds, which other creatures fly and migrate in the fall? – Monarch butterflies
  • In November, which fall holiday is celebrated in America? – Thanksgiving
  • What do you call the colorful natural phenomenon that occurs during fall? – Aurora Borealis
  • In Greek mythology about fall, a Goddess returns to Hades, prompting her mother to let the crops on earth die from the beginning of fall till her daughter returns in the spring. What is the name of this Goddess? – Persophone

True or false autumn questions

These section of fall trivia questions are facts, and your audience has to say whether they are true or false:

  • During the Autumn equinox, the daylight hours are the same as the dark hours – True.
  • The Autumn equinox is also known as Harvest Home. – True
  • In Canada and the US, people celebrate Thanksgiving at the same time. – False. In the US and Canada, Thanksgiving takes place in October in Canada and November in the US.
  • In the Northern Hemisphere, Autumn Equinox happens on 21 June. – False, it takes place on 23 September
  • In the Southern Hemisphere, Autumn Equinox occurs on 21 March. – True
  • Brazil never gets to experience fall at any time of the year. – True
  • The pumpkin spice contains pumpkin as the main ingredient. – False. It is made of cloves, cinnamon, dry ginger, and nutmeg. It doesn’t even have pumpkins!
  • The evergreen trees never lose their leaves during fall. – True
  • The Arctic Tern is a bird species that fly from the Arctic to the Antarctic. – True

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Easy fall trivia questions for kids

  • What is the traditional dish served during Thanksgiving? – Turkey
  • What is the name given to the first day of autumn? – Autumn Equinox
  • What is the full moon closest to the Autumn Equinox known as? – Harvest moon
  • What happens in the Autumn equinox, causing the hours of the day to be equal to those of the night? – The sun is directly above the equator during the Autumn Equinox
  • Which vegetable got its name from ‘Pepon,’ meaning a large melon? – Pumpkin
  • When do North Americans experience fall? – September to December
  • What are other names for fall? – Autumn or aurora season
  • In Great Britain, what name do they prefer calling the season instead of fall? – Autumn
  • What do squirrels store during the fall in anticipation of winter? – Seeds and nuts
  • Why do animals prepare their nests and accumulate lots of food during fall? – In preparation for hibernation
  • During fall, the Monarch butterflies migrate from the US to which country? – Mexico 

Facts about autumn

Learn about different facts related to the autumn season in these next set of fall trivia questions:

  • What was the intention of introducing Jack-O-Lanterns? – To wade off evil spirits during Halloween
  • Which city is the largest pumpkin producer in the US? Its pumpkin production is five times more than any other city. – Illinois.
  • What is the most common harvest during the autumn season in the US? – Apples and pumpkins
  • Why is autumn called fall in the United States? – It is during this season that leaves fall from trees
  • During fall, which color do the sugar maple leaves turn to? – Orange-red
  • Leaves of aspens turn to which color? – Golden
  • Which color do the oak leaves change to? – Red, brown, or a mix of brown and red
  • What about the leaves of red Marples? Which color do they turn to? – Scarlet
  • For the leaves to change their colors, which pigment decreases in the plants? – Chlorophyll
  • During fall, birds migrate in which direction? – South

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Festival of autumn facts

Exciting festivals are held in autumn all over the world. Here are some fall trivia questions to jog your memory and remind you some of them:

  • The Celtic autumn tradition inspired which popular festival? – Halloween
  • In Germany, which festival is celebrated in the fall season? – Oktoberfest
  • In which Buddhist festival that happens during the fall do they send lanterns to Buddha to cleanse spirits from bad luck? – Yi Peng Lantern festival
  • The largest white truffle festival takes place in which country? – Italy
  • During fall, there is a Hindu celebration of lights. What is the festival known as? – Diwali
  • The Jews have a festival to mark the beginning of their new year, which happens during fall. What is its name? – Rosh Hashanah
  • When is Halloween celebrated all over the world? – 31 October
  • Which date does the Wellfleet Oyster festival take place? – 17th and 18th October
  • Which famous parade takes place in New York on 31 October? – Halloween Parade of New York
  • I’m sure that you learned a thing or two about the fall trivia questions. Share with your family and friends so they can participate and have fun.

Fall Movie Trivia Questions and Answers

  • Which Richard Gere movie features a romance against the backdrop of colorful fall foliage? Autumn in New York
  • What scary movie franchise begins its saga on Halloween night? Halloween
  • Which movie prominently features the song “November Rain”? Step Up
  • In which U.S. state is the main character of “Fargo” from? North Dakota (and Minnesota)
  • Who starred alongside Winona Ryder in the autumn-themed romance “Autumn in New York”?Richard Gere
  • Which animated film showcases the importance of the autumn harvest festival? Pocahontas
  • Which film’s main character takes a scenic autumn road trip through New England? Good Will Hunting
  • Which classic movie showcases the changing color of deciduous trees as a significant backdrop?Dead Poets Society
  • Which film features a memorable scene with children playing in a heap of autumn leaves? You’ve Got Mail
  • Which horror film series is synonymous with the Halloween holiday season? Halloween
  • In which movie does a character mention the term ‘Indian Summer’? 500 Days of Summer
  • Which movie showcases a main character’s struggle with seasonal allergies during fall? Hitch
  • Which film features a key scene on Election Day? Election
  • What film showcases the beautiful Northern Lights? The Golden Compass
  • In which film does a family gather around the dinner table for a memorable fall meal? The Family Stone
  • Which movie captures the essence of early autumn in North America? October Sky
  • Which film showcases a college’s autumnal landscape as its backdrop? Love Story
  • What iconic movie scene features the song “Autumn Leaves”? The Way We Were
  • In which film does the main character take a trip during the autumnal equinox? A Walk in the Woods
  • Which movie released in late fall became a Guinness World Record holder for its earnings?Avatar

Fall Food Trivia Questions and Answers

  • Which U.S. state is known as the apple capital, producing a significant amount of apple pies?Washington
  • What is the main spice that gives pumpkin spice its name and flavor? Cinnamon
  • Which North American holiday, centered around food, is celebrated in November? Thanksgiving
  • Which dish, made from corn, is a staple at harvest festivals? Cornbread
  • What fruit, often baked in pies, is harvested in early autumn and has a tart taste? Cranberries
  • What is the Guinness World Record for the heaviest pumpkin ever grown? Over 2,600 pounds (as of 2021)
  • Which tree produces nuts that are commonly used in fall recipes and desserts? Pecan
  • What seasonal beer, associated with late summer and early autumn, originated in Germany? Oktoberfest
  • What fall vegetable is often roasted and turned into a soup? Butternut squash
  • Apple cider is often spiced with which two main spices? Cinnamon and cloves
  • Which fruit, resembling a small green tomato, is made into pies and jams in the fall? Persimmons
  • Which autumn pie uses a gourd as its main ingredient? Pumpkin pie
  • What is the term for a pumpkin that has been decorated with carved designs for Halloween? Jack-o’-lantern
  • Which fall vegetable is often candied or roasted as a side dish for Thanksgiving? Sweet potatoes or yams
  • Which fun fall festival activity involves apples and water? Apple bobbing
  • Which U.S. state is the leading producer of cranberries? Wisconsin
  • In what month is National Apple Pie Day celebrated in the United States ? May (though it feels very autumnal!)
  • What are the small, orange, and round candies popular during Halloween called? Candy corn
  • Which drink is made by fermenting apple juice and is popular during the fall? Apple cider
  • Which fall fruit is known for its tough outer shell and vibrant orange color when ripe? Pumpkin

Autumn Quiz for Elderly

  • What is the autumnal equinox? The day with roughly equal daylight and nighttime hours, marking the start of autumn.
  • What name is given to a late warm spell in autumn? Indian summer
  • What is the term for trees that shed their leaves during fall? Deciduous trees
  • What is the name of the full moon closest to the autumnal equinox? Harvest Moon
  • In which month does the first day of fall typically occur in North America? September
  • Which birds are commonly seen migrating south for the winter during autumn months? Geese
  • What do squirrels commonly collect and store for food during the colder months? Acorns
  • What is the main color of maple tree leaves in the fall? Red
  • Which U.S. federal holiday is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November? Thanksgiving
  • During which time of year are you most likely to see the Northern Lights in northern parts of the U.S.?Early autumn
  • What type of tree is known for its bright and colorful fall foliage? Maple
  • What is the phenomenon called when leaves change color in the fall? Color change, due to chlorophyll breakdown.
  • Which historical event in North America is symbolized by the fall harvest festival? The First Thanksgiving
  • Which berries are harvested in the fall and often used in jams and syrups? Blackberries
  • In which U.S. state can you experience a true fall season, complete with colorful foliage and cooler weather? Vermont (though many other states experience it as well)
  • What is the most common birthday in the United States, often falling in autumn? September 9
  • What insect, often seen in late fall, is known for its orange color and unique migration pattern?Monarch butterfly
  • Which federal holiday, often regarded as the end of summer, is celebrated on the first Monday of September? Labor Day
  • What are the main colors seen in autumn leaves? Red, orange, yellow, and brown
  • Which fruit is typically harvested in the first month of fall and made into jellies and wines?Grapes


Autumn is filled with fascinating facts, flavors, and film moments that captivate our imagination. With this comprehensive trivia set, you can challenge friends and family at your next trivia night or simply enjoy exploring the autumnal wonders.

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