75+ Funny things to post on Facebook to get likes

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The most effective technique to keep your Facebook presence active is to make your friends laugh. Are you amazed by your friend’s Facebook status and wanted to make them feel good so you could wow them and receive plenty of likes on your status? Then you’ve come to the right spot, we will share with you funny things to post on Facebook to get likes. We will also include a long list of hilarious Facebook status updates that can help you gain more likes.

Funny things to post on Facebook to get likes

Funny things to post on Facebook to get likes

In the below list, you’ll find a collection of hysterically humorous Facebook status updates that will make your fans smile. These quotations are ideal for posting on your Facebook wall. These sayings are also appropriate for your Twitter or WhatsApp profile. You only need to make them laugh.

· Stop looking for love if you’re single; else, you’ll just get married.

· Send a lady to the store to buy five things, and she’ll return with 54. But if you send a man to the store to buy five things, he will return with four. It’s elementary science.

· When children are around, you feel like you are cleaning up after a big party you didn’t even attend.

· A big shout out to the gorgeous women who date unattractive and financially struggling men.

· A big shout out to the gorgeous women who date unattractive and financially struggling men. I want to thank those grads and offer my congratulations on surviving the most straightforward phase of your lives. Indeed, you maintain optimism. Cheers!

· My mother thinks I’m attractive; all I hope is that girls would see that sooner.

· I want to thank those grads and offer my congratulations on surviving the most straightforward phase of your lives. Indeed, you maintain optimism. Cheers!

· My mother thinks I’m attractive; all I hope is that girls would see that sooner.

Funny things to post on Facebook to get likes

· The person who first proposed the notion that you are your own harshest critic was never wed.

· Agree with a woman if you want to change her mind.

· Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, and Acceptance

· are the five stages of waking up.

· Are your children missing? When you do that, they appear out of nowhere.

· If Coca-Cola cared about the obesity problem, they would reinstate cocaine in their recipe.

· I was right when I thought I would be among those who go to the gym early in the morning.

· Every time I want to flee, I remind myself how much I wouldn’t say I like running.

· The only exercise I’ve done since this month is running out of money.

· They keep saying, “I’m sorry to trouble you.” I believe they ought to develop a stronger dislike for it.

· Saying that you finished a half-marathon is preferable to say that you gave up midway through a marathon.

· You know you’re broke when your bank flags deposits as a questionable activity.

· People should be required to disclose any potential adverse effects, just like with prescribed medications.

· Whenever I consider whether I could get away with murder, I always keep in mind that I can’t eat pancakes without getting syrup all over my body.

· When I’m not doing anything with m

· y life, it takes a surprising amount of time.

· The things that come to mind even when I don’t need to remember anything are amazing.

· I wasn’t ready for any further dialogue when I said hello. I apologize for it.

Did you like the above list of funny Facebook statuses? We hope you did.

Funny relationship Facebook status updates

If you are looking for fun things to post on Facebook to get likes, you have come to the right place. The below list of funny status updates will work for all types of social media platforms. You can share these status updates from your Facebook pages too.

· Mirrors can’t laugh aloud, which is fortunate for you.

· Time is valuable. Prudently waste it.

· Why even bother reading? Eminem is here; he can finish reading a book in four minutes.

· Do you want to play a family-friendly board game?

· I tried to be excellent today but was exhausted from being awesome the day before.

· Keep your best friends happy.

· Who wants funny photos when you can share funny quotes?

· I occasionally choose to utilize emojis of my face.

· The word “OK” is a sideways person, which I find incredible.

· The first day of your life begins today, and if things don’t go as planned, the first day of your life starts tomorrow.

· Wife: I’m expecting; what do you want? Wife: A joke.

Funny things to post on Facebook to get likes

· Until you add them as Facebook friends, everyone is normal.

· Why did you ignore my text message? So how exactly do I respond to LOL?

· Women in line for the restroom were the ones who first came up with the idea of line dancing.

· I want to share a good laugh with you.

· Laughing freely is one of the most important things.

· I am a bomb technician.

· I move like the inflatable tube man from a car showroom.

· I once tried to act normally—the dullest hour of my life.

· You may have missed that I repeated a word in this phrase.

· Reality check: Even the calendar reads W T F on the days following Monday and Tuesday.

· I want to buy everything from the grocery stores.

· Mute person burps.

· Dear Facebook, I don’t need fake friends.

· I am a glamour model.

· Where’s Waldo?

· I am not this funny in real life.

· Don’t tell me the sky is the limit when there are footprints on the moon.

· Nothing is forbidden until you are discovered.

· Status of the relationship: COMING SOON.

· Please don’t ask for any personal information.

· I wouldn’t say I like weird things.

· I am a pandora’s mistake.

· Where is my electric chair?

· The past week was fun.

· Facebook is worse than medieval torture devices.

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Facebook wallpaper quotes

· Be a good chuckle.

· Good dog, what is your full name?

· I like bad girls.

· I am a natural person, and I use the actual internet.

· Try heading left if things aren’t working out.

· We drank and had all the fun last night.

· You look fantastic today.

· Today’s society is always hooked on the internet.

· About to do a crazy foot dance!

· While you still have your teeth, smile.

Do let us know if you are delighted with the above list of funny Facebook quotes. These quotes will surely help you grow your social media presence. Please let us know if you have any ideas about funny sayings you want to share with us.

Hillarious Facebook updates 

Are you wondering about funny things to post on Facebook to get likes ? There are multiple funny quotes in the below list.

· Never correct your adversary when he is committing an error.

· Using sarcasm, you can prevent others from figuring out what you think of them when speaking.

· If you don’t arrive, you can’t be late.

· Who is left after a war is decided, not who is right?

· If you believe things cannot be worse, it is most likely only a result of your limited imagination.

· I’m under your bed, so don’t peek now.

· When an astronaut feels unwell, that is an oxymoron.

· Freedom is the ability to shout “THEATRE!” in the middle of a crowded fire.

· Do they sell decaf coffee tables at Ikea?

Funny things to post on Facebook to get likes

· Does a silent person’s burp produce a sound?

· I want a better world.

· Such a busy day.

· What a lovely day, people.

· I will be driving today.

· Let’s have a date at a train station.

· I once prayed to God for a bike, but I soon realized that He didn’t operate in that way; as a result, I stole a bike and pleaded with Him for mercy.

· If you appear severe and carry a clipboard, you can go wherever you choose.

· While it may appear that I’m doing nothing, I’m waiting for my problems to resolve.

· Humans make mistakes. It is pirate to arr.

· You aren’t stupid, in my opinion. Although I wouldn’t say that, you are.

· If you initially fail, remove all proof that you ever attempted.

· If you initially fail, redefine success.

· There are exceptions to every rule, particularly this one.

· Have you ever tried to scare a fly or other little bug off your computer screen with the cursor as your first response?

· People believe I treat them too patronizingly, which is to say as if they are stupid.

· What a long story.

· Do you love candy crush?

· Please refrain from forcing me from hurting your inner child.

· I wouldn’t say I like it when mimes approach you and remain silent. The Butthead

· The heat of the beat is negatively and inversely proportional to the angle of the dangle.

· The assassins have failed once more since I could get out of bed this morning.

· History reminds us that when all other options have been exhausted, men and nations act honorably. Eban Abba

Did you find funny things to post on Facebook to get likes from the list above? If not, check out the list below.

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Best Facebook posts to get likes

Knowing what types of posts typically perform well on social media is the first step in writing the most excellent Facebook posts.

There are four main categories of content that you can share on Facebook, roughly speaking: Pictures, Videos, Links, and Text.

However, more particular types of Facebook posts within these inclusive categories exist.

For instance, the “images” category includes the following: Memes\Infographics, Images of the products.

It’s not as simple as it seems to get Likes. What people are willing to like on Facebook is becoming more and more selective. Therefore, you must be equally careful about what you post.

We need to discuss what kind of material does well on Facebook before looking at the top Facebook posts to earn Likes.

First, make sure the stuff you share is pertinent. If not, you won’t receive Likes! Make sure you choose RELEVANT content for your followers while browsing Facebook for post ideas.

Is it sufficient if you find pertinent stuff? That isn’t quiet. You can’t merely have relevant qualifications. Additionally, it must add value for your audience.

To ensure that your content will connect with your audience, use data-driven content. Data-driven content has previously demonstrated its effectiveness; therefore, it will likely do so again for you.

The foundation of Facebook posts is images. Why? Because there are more and more picture-loving fans these days. People tend to go toward things that are simple to ingest and digest these days since they are so bombarded with information.

Funny things to post on Facebook to get likes

Positive things to post on Facebook to get likes

Always try to start your Facebook posts with a story. One of the top Facebook post ideas is telling a story because it connects with actual people. They can identify with it, especially if they have experienced a similar situation.

The news stream algorithm rewards social media posts about hot topics. You can discover subjects that are perhaps of interest to or discussed by your admirers. You can engage with your fans by asking them questions, answering their comments, and other forms of engagement by uploading related content.

On Facebook, peak hours are not the ideal times to publish on most social networking platforms. Because so many companies are vying for space on the Facebook newsfeed during peak times. If you post simultaneously, it could be challenging to attract engagement.

Now let’s take a look at some positive things to post on Facebook :

  1. I am blessed
  2. Fridays are the best
  3. Today will be a great day
  4. I choose happiness today.
  5. Trust the timing of your life
  6. Sometimes you need to stop expecting from others but start believing in yourself
  7. We can choose where we go from here. Don’t let others determine your path
  8. Don’t give up. one day you will look back and be proud of what you did.
  9. Be you, do you, for you.
  10. Make peace with your broken heart.
  11. Everyone said I couldn’t, but I am proving them wrong
  12. Life is too short for bad vibes
  13. Believe in the changes you are about to make
  14. Be your own kind of beautiful
  15. Every flower must grow, so do you
  16. Be a rainbow in someone else’s cloud.
  17. The best is yet to come
  18. Learn to fall before you can fly
  19. Life is too short for negative thoughts,
  20. Less perfection, more authenticity
  21. Keep smiling because you will make someone else smile too
  22. Less worry, smile more and keep growing
  23. The world looks more wonderful with your smile
  24. Keep shining
  25. Life is short, smile and show all your teeth

Inspirational Facebook statuses to get likes

Making someone laugh is one of the hardest things. In the below list, you will find Funny Facebook status quotes. Consider this a treasure of funny things to post on Facebook to get likes.

· Remember that the airplane takes off against the wind, not with it when it seems like everything is working against you.

· Don’t assess each day by the crop you harvest but by the seeds you sow.

· Loving what you do is the only way to produce excellent work.

· Change your thoughts, and the world will change with you.

· Everything is in mind. You become what you think!

· 20 years ago was the perfect time to plant a tree. Now is the second-best time.

· A life without reflection is not worth living.

· Attending is 80 percent of success.

· Such an awkward moment.

· Either you control your day, or it prevents you.

· You are right, whether you believe you can or cannot.

· The day you are born, and the day you discover why are the two most significant days in your life.

· The first part of our lives is always better.

· Funny jokes to crack you up.

· People most frequently relinquish their authority by believing they lack it.

· The decision to take action is the most challenging part; the other things require tenacity.

Funny Facebook posts

The best way to impress your Facebook friends is by sharing something funny and witty from your Facebook account. Let’s look at this list of funny things to post on Facebook to get likes.

· No matter what the inquiry is, “chocolate” is the response.

· Why hasn’t anyone else recognized my attractiveness yet if my mother thinks I’m attractive?

· Could you take my word for it; I never follow it?

· Don’t you wish certain people’s mouths had a clap-on, clap-off device?

· I was pushing my luck; I workout enough.

· A Tesla can be compared to how I feel. My car is not a Tesla.

· I want to stop receiving your issues, please.

· I already know what my Halloween costume will be. Drunk.

Funny things to post on Facebook to get likes

· Halloween is the one night of the year when I can legitimately get away with watching scary movies while eating candy in the dark.

· I constantly wonder! I learn that children’s Halloween candy contains narcotics and razor blades every year. Why would someone give away something so expensive for free?

· Good girls want to have fun.

· Staying alone on Valentine’s Day helped me save a ton of money. Highly suggested.

· It’s Valentine’s Day, yet I’ve only connected to my wi-fi once this year.

· Please only use Visa or Mastercard if you give me a Valentine’s Day card.

· I find it very challenging to focus in a room packed with cookies!

· I’ve recently surpassed my previous record for most days on the planet. Best wishes!

We hope you now have a list of funny things to post on Facebook to get likes and attract more people into your Facebook page.

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