How to recover deleted Facebook comments? Quick guide

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Amazingly, when you hit the delete button, Facebook does not completely delete your comments. So, if you know how to recover deleted Facebook comments, it might come in handy when you accidentally delete your comments, or even a specific set of comments.

 Because you might get that ‘oops’ moment after carefully crafting a well-thought comment or post, and you delete it.

Or, you try to find some previous exciting posts, which seem to have disappeared from your Facebook profile.

Luckily, the social media platform has a server where your Facebook information and activity are stored. So if you are trying to find a deleted comment or post, you can. still have a way to access it. 

How to recover deleted Facebook comments?

What happens when a comment is deleted on Facebook?

A deleted comment is only removed from your view but not exactly deleted from Facebook’s system. This is because Facebook has storage on its server for Facebook users where all their previous activities on Facebook are saved. This means you can even delete your entire account and still restore it.

How to retrieve deleted Facebook comments?

Every deleted item is kept in an archive within the Facebook servers, which means you can retrieve even deleted posts.

Also, it means that you should be careful with whatever you post, considering that Facebook will still store deleted comments.

To recover deleted Facebook comments, follow these simple steps:

  • Launch your web browser and log into your Facebook account. Or, if you are using your mobile phone, you can open the Facebook mobile app.
  • On the top right corner, you will see three horizontal lines that should open a drop-down menu
  • Tap/click on ‘settings’ to access the general settings.
  • Look for ‘Your Facebook information and tap on it.
  • Click on ‘Download your information’ to get your copy of the information you put on Facebook.
  • From there, you can choose to get your comment by clicking ‘deselect all’ and only selecting ‘comments.’
  • Select ‘create file’ to download the comments.
  • Now, you should get an ‘Available copies’ option. Download and search for the comment that you deleted.

If you notice almost immediately that you have deleted a comment or post, it can be easy to un-delete as Facebook gives you an undo option within a few seconds of deleting.

After choosing to delete a post or a comment, a pop-up message will appear shortly to ask whether to undo the action and when you click on it, your comment or post should be restored.

What is the difference between hiding and deleting comments on Facebook?

A social media manager’s main option in dealing with negative comments on Facebook timeline is to either hide or delete the comment. Here’s what happens when you take these actions:

Deleting a Facebook comment erases it from view. No one will see it after you delete it, and the Facebook user who wrote it will only know if they go back to look at their comment again. (Facebook does not notify them of the deletion).

Hiding a Facebook comment will make a comment to be hidden from everyone else apart from the user who wrote the comment and their friends.

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Another option you can take is to ban the user. This makes sure that the user cannot leave comments on any of your posts again. 

Banning users is good for spammers and users who love to use abusive comments on your posts.

There are types of negative comments which you should consider deleting:

  • Spam messages are meant to flood your Facebook page with irrelevant things that might out shadow your original post.
  • Abusive comments.
  • Comments from ‘trolls’ who are only there to bully you and try to paint a grim picture on your brand or personality.
  • Comments that other Facebook users have reported.

How to retrieve deleted messages on Messenger?

Like we have learned how to recover deleted Facebook comments, it is also quite possible to retrieve deleted Facebook messages on Messenger using the archives system.

That being said, you cannot retrieve messages that have been deleted manually from both ends of the chat.

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Also, if a user has blocked you, it means that all associated messages have also been locked, thus limiting your ability to delete them.

Your connection with that user has been permanently severed, and so you do not have the right or access to retrieve deleted posts and comments linking you to that user.

Apart from those above scenarios, you can retrieve posts, private messages, and old comments from your historical archive.

The information management dashboard enables you to manage activity processed through Facebook.

This includes access to archive Facebook photos, payments, and any other activity you might have done on Facebook. Calls, location history, and personal details are also some activities you can manage on the information management board.

If you feel like deleting some personal information, you can also perform that in this dashboard. 

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Should I delete negative comments on Facebook?

You should delete negative comments if only they are abusive, spam, or comments that have been reported. However, in a case where the comment is about criticizing your products or services, it is better to reply and offer clarity or feedback rather than deleting to improve your relationship and how people view your brand. 

Can you tell if someone has hidden or deleted my comments on Facebook?

Facebook does not notify you when someone deletes your comment.

The only way you can know when someone deletes your comment is by going back to check on your comment on their post. If it is not there, it has most likely been deleted.

Can others see my deleted comments on Facebook?

No, if you have deleted the comments, no one can see it.

How long does Facebook keep your deleted messages?

Facebook stores deleted messages for up to 90 days. Trying to retrieve anything beyond the 90 day period will be almost impossible.

How to view deleted posts on Facebook?

For deleted posts, Facebook gives you a 30-day period to retrieve that post. Beyond the 30 day period, you will not be able to get the post back.


Facebook’s servers stores all the activities of your entire Facebook account. The good news is that in case of accidental deletion of post or deleted photos you can retrieve that information back.

The recovery process should not take a long time and you can then get the comments back.

Besides retrieving deleted Facebook posts, you can also view your Facebook activity log from the server.

If you have any problem accessing your data you should contact the Facebook support team.

In case of a wrong deletion of a post, you can use the above method to retrieve your deleted Facebook wall posts, or get a copy of the post, and also un-delete a comment in case you deleted the wrong comment.

We hope you now know how to recover deleted Facebook comments.

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