How to turn off windows 10 Facebook notifications?

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Windows 10 is a pretty nifty operating system. So much so that it has taken push notifications to a whole new level. The Facebook application has taken full advantage of sending notifications directly to your computer. But this can sometimes be a bother. Have you ever learned how to turn off windows 10 Facebook notifications? Then keep reading. 

This article shows how to change your Facebook notification settings on Windows 10, Windows 11, and various mobile devices. Take control of your notifications settings across multiple apps and web browsers. 

How To Turn Off Windows 10 Facebook Notification

How to turn off windows 10 Facebook notifications?

If you want to turn off windows 10 Facebook notifications, you must first identify how the notifications are being delivered. Are they coming directly to the system tray? Or are they being delivered through a web browser?

If the Facebook desktop notifications, use the following steps to turn off the notifications:

  1. First thing, turn on your computer
  2. Next, open up the search bar
  3. Type in “settings”
  4. Open up the settings window in the top left corner
  5. Click on system in the top right corner
  6. At the sidebar, on the left menu, select notifications and actions
  7. Scroll down through the individual apps until you find the Facebook app
  8. Then, toggle the notifications option from on to off. 
  9. From there, you should stop receiving desktop Facebook notifications in your notification center. 

However, the Facebook website can still send notifications through a web browser. This fix shows you how to stop desktop Facebook notifications. If you use Google Chrome Browser, Mozilla Firefox, or any other desktop web browser, keep reading to learn how to turn off notifications. 

For Google Chrome Browser:

  1. For Chrome notifications, first turn on your computer
  2. Next, open up the settings menu by clicking the three-dot icon on the top right corner of the window
  3. Once you have hit the three-dot button, scroll down and select the settings tab from the drop-down options. 
  4. On the left-hand menu of the settings menu, select the privacy and security option.
  1. Scroll down and select notifications from the menu. 
  2. Then, add and remove any sites that you see in those chrome settings
  3. After that, you should be good to go. 

For Mozilla Firefox:

  1. Turn on your computer
  2. Open the browser
  3. Click the hamburger menu icon in the top right corner. 
  4. From the drop-down menu, select settings
  5. On the left menu, select privacy & security
  6. Then, scroll down to the permissions tab and select notifications
  7. Click on settings
  8. Then, adjust the notification settings as you see fit. 

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How to disable Facebook notifications on Windows 11?

Microsoft previously made a promise that Windows 10 would be the final Operating System that they release. However, they went back on this promise and released Windows 11 some months back. Most people are still on Windows 10. However, the transition to Windows 11 has begun. 

If you are a Windows 11 user who is wondering how to disable Facebook notifications on your computer, keep reading to find out how. 

  1. First of all, turn on the computer
  2. Next, click on the start menu
  3. Select settings
  4. When the window opens, select notifications & actions
  5. Scroll down and select the Facebook app
  6. Then, change the app notification settings however you see fit

How to turn off Facebook notifications on an Android device?

If you are using an android device and are wondering how to turn off Facebook notifications, then keep reading to find out how. There are two ways of changing your Facebook account notification settings. The first is to change the mobile app settings. The other is to change your phone notification settings. 

Using the Facebook settings:

  1. Open up the Facebook android app on your phone
  2. Click on the profile icon to open your profile page
  3. Click on the settings icon to open up your profile settings
  4. Scroll down to the preferences section and click on the notifications section
  5. From there, you should be able to select the types of notifications you receive as well as where you receive them

Using your phone settings:

  1. From the notifications tab on your android phone, navigate over to settings
  2. Then, scroll down and select Apps & Notifications
  3. Scroll through the apps you have installed on your phone until you find Facebook or Facebook messenger
  4. Click on it and then select notifications. 
  5. Finally, update your system preferences and decide the type of notifications you want to receive

How to turn off notifications on an Apple device?

If you are using an apple device such as an iPhone or iPad, the following menu will show you how best you can turn off notifications. With this method, you might have to alter the app notifications for each download you make from the app store. So if the app falls under the category of social media platforms, you might have to change the settings for that specific app.  

Using the phone’s system settings:

  1. Unlock the iOS device and open up the system settings
  2. Scroll down and tap the notifications tab
  3. Scroll down until you see the specific app whose settings you want to disable
  4. Select that app
  5. Toggle the “allow notifications” setting from the app notification settings
  6. You can also make other modifications and advanced settings such as where you want the notifications to pop up
  7. From there, you should be good to go.

By following the above steps, you should be able to change your notification settings in any scenario. You can get notifications from only a particular list of websites and apps. Or you can stop notifications from overactive friends in certain Facebook groups. In any case, the choice is yours. 

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