Gmail Parental Control : Does it exist?

Recently updated on November 5th, 2023 at 07:04 pm

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In order for your kid to have a Gmail account they need to be at least 13 years old.  If your child is younger than 13 then read the final section.

Now that we have established the minimum age requirement for Gmail we can move on to the parental control settings.

Once you have set up the email account, you can include something known as “Supervision”.

How to add supervision to your child’s Gmail account :

  • Firstly, you need to have a Gmail account.
  • Secondly, you need to have an android device or iPhone or iPad (IOS9+)
  • Then download the Family Link App on your device

Then you need consent from your child that they will be monitored. Your child need to :

  • Agree to parental control and supervision
  • Live in the same country as you

To start the supervision:

On your child’s device:

  1. Open settings
  2. Click Google – Parental Control
  3. Click Get Started
  4. Click Child or Teen
  5. Next
  6. Select the account or create a new one
  7. Click Next – sign in to your (parent’s) account
  8. Follow the steps to complete the supervision.

Don’t forget to get this free copy 

Add Filter Settings to Supervision:

By using Google Family Link (Download from Play Store) you can add more supervision to your child’s device.

Restrictions on Family Link:

Here are some things you WON’T be able to do with Family Link :

  • See your child’s screen
  • Change your child’s password
  • Delete their account
  • Erase data on their phone
  • See your child’s browsing history
  • Listen to your child’s phone calls
  • Read their messages

Final note, do remember that your child can at any time end supervision. Your child is in control here. Hence, parental control and supervision is not the ultimate way of protecting kid’s online. The best way to do this is to have a regular conversation with them and build a trusting relationship with your kids.

Don’t forget to talk to them the importance of being a responsible digital citizen

For more information check out Google Family Link

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For Children Below The Age of 13 Years Old:

For younger children, you can set up and email for them and supervise it using  Family Link app.

It is quite easy and straightforward to do.

Click the + symbol on the right-hand side of a new profile and follow the steps. It takes around 10 minutes to complete the set up.

Once you have completed the steps above you can block apps and in-app purchases.


Supervision after they turn 13 years old:

If you have created a Family Link Account for your child, once they turn 13 they will be given the option to manage their own email or add parental supervision.

You and your child will get an alert regarding this.

If your child no longer wants to be supervised, you can NO longer block any apps, see their location and even set screen time control.

The setttings you have created previously will disappear.

There are however other parental control and monitoring services that you can consider. Also join the Facebook group to get tips and advice as tech constantly changes and I try to keep you up to date

Don’t forget to check out the Digital Parenting Pledge (create tech rules for your home) 


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