How to get someone’s phone number from Instagram? Quick guide

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 Instagram introduced an option to update the person’s phone number if it is a non-private account. But, how can you contact them? How to find someone’s phone number on Instagram? Where to look for it? In this post, we will be looking at how to get someone’s phone number from Instagram. 

Instagram is one of the popular social media platforms that excites all youngsters these days.

More than being a fun app, this is a social network that gives job opportunities for many creators. Many business owners are using Instagram as the platform to reach their audience.

Instagram users who are business owners and influencers have a public account to reach more people. They also upload their business mail and other personal details on the profile page, including phone number

Let’s look at how you can find someone’s phone number on Instagram. 

How to get someone's phone number from Instagram

How To Find Someone’s Phone Number On Instagram?

It is always exciting to make new friends and to know them better we might want to be able to reach them using a mobile phone. 

Or we may even want the contact number of some business owner on Instagram. Especially if we have more questions about the product or service being offered via Instagram

There are different ways to find people’s phone numbers on Instagram. Let’s look at each one of them.

1. Instagram Profile Page:

The first best way to find someone’s phone number on Instagram is from the person’s profile.

Most business accounts will have their phone contact number registered, and you can find it by clicking the contact option on their profile.

2. Contact Feature:

Another way to find someone’s phone number on Instagram is by using the other feature on the profile. 

You can find the Email or contact option on the page. By choosing it, you will be able to get their email addresses to contact them directly. From there, you can ask for their telephone number.

How to get someone's phone number from Instagram

3. Making A Common Friend On Facebook:

The following method is to go to their Facebook account. Active users link their Facebook page or use the same Instagram username on their Facebook. 

You can search them on Facebook and then send a request to become Facebook friends using the search feature. Once they accept your request, click on the call option.

4. Find Their Website:

If the page does not have any contact options mentioned above, look for their website. Most business owners or influencers with their brands will have their website linked to their page.

Navigate to their website by clicking the link, and then you will be able to find “About us” or “Contact.” You will be able to find the mobile number from these options.

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How To Find Someone On Instagram By Phone Number 2021?

There is a simple way to find people’s accounts by using their number from your phone contact list or phone’s contact book.

This is the only way which is also said to be the fastest way to find new contact using their personal information.

· Open the Instagram application on your phone and go to your profile by clicking the profile icon at the bottom.

· Tap on the hamburger icon on the top right corner of the screen and choose the “discover people option.”

How to get someone's phone number from Instagram

· Go to the find people page, move to the contact segment, and click on the contact option.

· Now go to the app Settings and then give Instagram permission to access your contacts.

· Immediately, you will get the list of people’s usernames from your telephone contact list. If there is no list of contacts available, no one from your contact uses Instagram.

How To Get Someone’s Phone Number From Instagram Private Account?

There are a few best tricks in finding someone’s phone number on Instagram if it is a private Instagram account. 

You can find it if we have the person’s username or the full name, which should be their real name.

1. Number Extracting Application:

· There are several finder applications available online, download them.

· First thing, go to that app type the username on the search bar.

· Then tap Continue to proceed. In a few seconds, as a search result, you will be able to find the new contact number.

2. Private Instagram Outlook:

· Go to the link and then type the username on the search icon of whom you want to find the number.

· Then, type the captcha given by them for confirmation.

· After submitting it, you will be getting the number.

· These are the easy processes for finding someone’s phone number on Instagram from a private account.

How To Change The Phone Number On Instagram?

Changing the old mobile number to a different number is one of the easiest methods or processes on Instagram. To know the standard way that is used by others, follow the step guide:

· The first step, sign in to this social media account.

· Then click on the profile icon or the avatar on the lower right corner to go to your profile.

How to get someone's phone number from Instagram

· Click on Edit profile

Now scroll down to the cell phone number option.

How to get someone's phone number from Instagram

· In that, you can delete the existing number and then change it with the new desired one.

· Once you click the “Next” option, Instagram will send you a verification code as a security policy to your old number.

· Then enter the code and confirm it by checking the box on the top-right corner.

And done! Here is how you change your mobile number on Instagram.

Final Words

Due to technological growth, there is a massive change in online networking these days. You can quickly get in touch with someone via email and phone. We hope you now know how to get someone’s phone number from Instagram. 

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