How to lock YouTube Screen on iPhone & iPad?

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iPhone users can use the Guided Access feature on their iPhone, iPad, or iPod to lock their YouTube screen. Your device can only run one app at a time with guided Access, which gives you control over which functions are accessible. When allowing a child to use your device or when unintentional motions could cause you to become distracted, you can enable Guided Access. In this guide, we are looking at how to lock the YouTube screen on iPhone.

How to low Youtube screen on iPhone?

· Enable Guided Access by going to Settings > Accessibility Shortcut.

How to lock YouTube Screen on iPhone

· Then select Set Guided Access Passcode from the Passcode Settings menu.

How to lock YouTube Screen on iPhone

· Enter a passcode once, then do it again. From this point, you can end a Guided Access session using Face ID or Touch ID.

Go back to Accessibility screen and make sure Triple Click home is selected for Guided Access

Now you know how to lock the YouTube screen on your iPhone using the Guided Access feature. The above-mentioned step-by-step guide will also work on all types of smart TVs.

You can also try switching off certain features if you have to share your iPhone with your toddler.

· Triple-click either the Side or Home Screen button, then select Options to disable functions or set a time restriction (restricted mode). If Options are not displayed, triple-click either the Side or Home Screen button once again and then enter your passcode.

· Select the settings you desire, then select Done.

Now you know how to lock the YouTube screen on your iPhone using the Guided Access feature. You also learn how to close the YouTube screen on iPhone by switching off certain device features.

How to lock YouTube Screen on iPhone

When you have the screen locked (child lock), your toddlers can enjoy their favorite videos, educational content, and TV shows without disruption or annoying ads.

How to lock the YouTube screen on the iPad?

In the above section of this blog, we have already discussed how to lock the YouTube screen on iPhones and other apple devices using the Guided Access feature.

You can use the same Guided Access feature in the iPad.

Follow the simple steps below :

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Click on Accessibility
How to lock YouTube Screen on iPhone
3. Select Guided Access feature

4. Set a passcode that your child cannot guess or know about

5. Go back to Accessibility screen and make sure Triple Click home is selected for Guided Access

6. Now go to the app or that video you want the screen to be licked

Besides using the Guided Feature Access on the iPad or iPhone, did you know that YouTube itself offers a built-in feature for Parental Controls?

You can instead create a YouTube Kids profile for your child.

When using YouTube Kids on their own devices, parents who have logged in can establish a profile for their child. Only YouTube Kids’ profiles are compatible with the platform.

You can set up parental restrictions for YouTube Kids and supervise what they watch on YouTube

 In your linked parent account’s YouTube settings, choose Parent Settings.

You can set the time limit and type of shows your child can watch.

Remember that nothing is one hundred percent safe, even when using Youtube For Kids. Inappropriate videos can always appear.

Hence, monitoring what your child is watching on YouTube is best or download the videos your child likes to watch and let them watch just those videos.

Now you know how to lock the YouTube screen on your iPhone using the Guided Access feature and the YouTube screen using YouTube’s Parental Control features.

 The Parental Control feature is also available on Android phones and other mobile devices. You do not need the YouTube premium to use this feature. 

Make sure you are using the latest version of the official YouTube app (YouTube music app, the YouTube kids app, or the screen of any selected app) from the App Store. There are some useful screen pinning apps that you can use too.

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How to unlock an iPhone screen after watching a YouTube video?

Press and quickly let go of the volume up button (play button). Press and hold the side button first, then quickly press and release the book down button. Release the side button once the Apple logo appears on the iPhone screen. Know that, instead of locking the entire screen, you might also want to try reducing your touchscreen sensitivity on your touchscreen displays.

How to lock screen rotation on iPhone?

What happens if you don’t want the iPhone’s full screen to rotate whenever you move the device? Then, you must take advantage of the iOS’s built-in screen rotation lock feature (this tip applies to the iPhone, iPad, & iPod touch points). What you should do is:

· First time, to reveal Control Center, swipe up from the bottom of the screen (or swipe down from the top-right corner on the iPad and iPhone X & later; corner of the main screen).

· Depending on the iOS version you’re using, the location of the screen rotation lock may vary.

· It’s on the left, immediately beneath the first group of buttons, on iOS 11 and later.

· It’s at the top right of iOS 7 through 10.

· Look for the icon that depicts a lock with a curving arrow around it in whatever version you use.

· Tap the rotation lock symbol to lock the screen in its current orientation. When the icon is highlighted in white (iOS 7-9) or red, you’ll know the screen rotation lock is activated (iOS 10-15).

· When you’re finished, hit the home button or swipe down Control Center from the drop-down menu (or swipe up on the iPad and iPhone X and later) to go back to the previous app or the home screen.

There are different ways to lock YouTube screen on iPhone, but you do not need any touch blocker third-party app touch lock app (specific app). You don’t need any premium subscribers as well.


Is it possible to lock the iPhone screen while watching YouTube?

You can still use the touch screen feature when the video is playing in full-screen mode. The shortcut for the lock screen should now be used. A pop-up notification will appear on the screen if you repeatedly press the power button. Here, you have two choices: Smart Invert and Guided Access.

Hit the Guided Access button. You’ll receive a confirmation once Guided Access has been activated. You must click the power button twice before selecting Guided Access from the menu. The video with the Guided Access options will finally appear once you enter the passcode you previously established.

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