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Just like uploading pictures on Instagram, users also share photos through the Instagram Story feature. If you feel overwhelmed with checking all the story updates, know that third-party Instagram Story Viewer tools let you view stories in an organized manner.

According to a recent study, there are currently a total of 1.39 billion active users on Instagram. What does it mean? It means, if you are an Instagram user as well, you will be bombarded with the sheer number of photos uploaded by your friends and family.

Some of the Instagram Story Viewer tools that we will be seeing in this article also come with an anonymous mode. If you are secretly stalking someone, well, you are in luck today.

Instagram story viewer apps

What is an Instagram Instagram story viewer? 

An Instagram Story Viewer tool allows users to check the stories of their friends. To see the story updates of your friends, you don’t even need to have the Instagram mobile app.

Almost all of the Instagram story viewer apps we will be seeing in today’s article come with a Web version. These Instagram story viewer tools come with many handy functionalities.

Some of the exciting features offered by these Instagram story viewer apps are as follows – users can download story updates of their friend’s Instagram accounts, and they can check Instagram stories anonymously.

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Are Instagram Story Viewers Safe?

Many of you have a common misgiving while using third-party online tools – your online security. As we are talking about the best Instagram Story Viewers, you might worry about your privacy.

Will my Instagram account be compromised, will I start to receive tons of spam DMs (Direct Messages), might be some of the pressing questions popping up in your head right now? Also, in the worst-case scenario, will my Instagram account get hacked?

Personal data security is a common concern as most of these Instagram story viewer apps requires the user to input their Instagram credentials. (Instagram Username, and Password) 

There is no workaround, and you have to log in to your account to use these third-party Instagram story viewers.

Before you sign-up with any of the below-mentioned tools, we advise you to take a moment and adequately assess these tools.

There are also other Instagram Viewer tools that let the users check Instagram stories of random people without typing in their account login credentials.

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As your Instagram login credentials are not shared with the their-parties, you are not at the risk of data breach.

Before we proceed, here is another piece of advice – pictures uploaded by Instagram users are not to be downloaded and used commercially.

If you do not have the account owner’s consent, you should refrain from downloading their Instagram Blog posts.

Best sites for Instagram story viewers

The below Instagram story viewers list contains the name of websites and tools that allow you to view and download the images of Instagram users.

The number one advantage of using these third-party applications is that you can check the IG stories in an organized manner without being bombarded with the sheer number of daily stories posted on the platform.

Another benefit of these Instagram Story Viewer tools is that users now need to download any app. As most of them come with a web version, users can use these tools directly from their web browser.

Also, none of these apps will ask you to establish integration using the Instagram API.

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1. Instagram Story Viewer

On the top of the list, we have Instagram Story Viewer. The Instagram Story Viewer is a free online tool, and it comes with an easy-to-use interface. Users do not need to download any third-party apps to use this tool.

People can use this tool from their web browser. Also, they do not need to download any third-party tools. Furthermore, you do not need to create an account to use this tool.

If users want to save any particular story, they can create an account. People love this Instagram Viewer tool as it comes with an anonymous mode.

2. Story Insta

Next on our list, we have Story Insta. Similar to Instagram Story Viewer, the Story Insta tool also comes with an anonymous mode, and it is very user-friendly.

Using the Story Insta app, users can view and download Instagram stories. Not only stories, users can also check and download Instagram posts and IGTV videos.

The most significant advantage of the Story Insta tool is that users do not need to have an Instagram account to use this tool.

Do check out the list below

kids online activities

3. Instastories

If you want to check your friends’ Instagram stories and posts anonymously, here is another tool you can use – Instastories.

Like any Insta Story Viewer tool on this list, Instastories also comes with an easy-to-use interface.

Similar to Story Insta, you do not need to have an Instagram account to use Instastories.

Apps for Instagram story viewers

Now that we have seen the best Instagram Story Viewer website tools, it is time to look at the best Instagram Story Viewer Apps.

The below list contains the top 3 Instagram Story Viewer App.

1. Story Saver – Download Story

The first app is Story Saver. This Instagram Story Viewer app allows you to check Instagram stories anonymously. Furthermore, you can also download stories and save them to your mobile phone’s local storage.

The added benefit of this Instagram Story Viewer app is that you can save them instantly if you come across a cool caption.

Along with checking and downloading Insta stories, you can also view and download IGTV videos and story highlights.

2. Story Assistant

The following Instagram Story Viewer app on this list is Story Assistant. Users can both check and download Instagram stories.

How does this app work, you might ask? Well, all you need to do is type in the user’s name of the Instagram account that you want to check. To double-check, match the profile picture/profile photo.

You can go about checking the stories and posts of public profiles on Instagram without having to sign in to your Instagram account.

However, if you want to check the stories of a Private Instagram account, you will need to sign in to your Instagram account.

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3. Storized – Story Viewer for IG

Storized is another handy app that lets users check and download stories from Instagram. To use this app, you do not need to sign in to your Instagram account.

One big drawback of this Instagram Story Viewer app is that you cannot use this app to check Private Instagram accounts. It is a popular anonymous Instagram story viewer app.

4. Story Saver

The last Instagram Story Viewer app on this list is Story Saver. People love the Story Saver due to its beautiful interface, and its UI is pretty straightforward. Thus, people will not face any trouble learning their way around it.

One key feature that sets this Instagram Story Viewer apart from other alternatives in the market is its built-in Gallery feature.

Users can download Instagram Stories (photo stories and video stories) stored in the built-in gallery. You will find the downloaded videos in the gallery.

Free Instagram Story Viewer Extensions

Free Instagram Story Viewer Extensions

So far, we have seen the best Instagram story viewer website tools and apps. Next, we will be taking a look at the best Instagram Viewer Chrome Extensions.

All of the Instagram story viewer Chrome extensions you will see in this list are easily accessible from the Chrome Store.

1. Hiddengram

The first Chrome extension for viewing Instagram stories is Hiddengram. After you download this app, you can activate it by clicking on the icon from your Chrome toolbar.

After the extension is activated, you can go ahead and start checking Instagram stories.

One big advantage of Hiddengram is that your name will not appear on the list of people who have seen the story after you view the stories.

2. Downloader for Instagram

When visiting Instagram and checking the Instagram stories from the web version, users can easily download the Instagram stories by clicking on the small Downloader Icon. It is also a popular IG Story Viewer. 

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3. Save IG Live Story

Save IG Live Story is another popular tool for downloading Instagram Stories. This Chrome extension is pretty easy to use.

After users download and install this Chrome Extension, they need to sign in to their Instagram account.

Users can check a list of all those accounts that they follow from the toolbar area.

You can use this app to check stories, and other Instagram content by using popular hashtags.

4. Story Saver

When it comes to usability, Story Saver has a different UI. However, despite its different UI, Story Saver offers a handful of valuable features.

Along with checking Instagram stories, users can also check stories on other Social Media platforms such as Facebook using Story Saver.

After you install and download this Chrome Extension, you can download Instagram stories right away.

How to view someone’s Instagram story for free?

How to view someone’s Instagram story for free

Instagram Stories is a popular feature. Just like Facebook Stories, users can share critical moments from their daily life with their followers.

The end-user does not have to spend a single dime to view someone’s Instagram story, and it is free. But there is a twist. To see someone’s story, people need to be friends with the Instagram account if that user has a private Instagram account

Unless your follow request is accepted by a particular person, you cannot see their Instagram stories. Not only stories, but you also can’t even see their Instagram posts.

Big celebrities like Christiano Ronaldo keep their Instagram Account Public. This means any user can see old posts, recent posts, stories, and other activity from this public account.

Moreover, not only on Instagram, users can do a simple Google search to land on posts by a public Instagram account. Users can check these accounts using fake accounts as well.

Users can also check posts from these public accounts by typing Hashtag stickers into the Google Search Bar.

But if the account is private, you first need to be accepted as a follower. Only then can you view someone’s Instagram story.

If you have a [ublic Instagram account, you can check Instagram stories analytics. From here, you can check people from which countries are viewing your stories.

It also shows the top viewers you have on Instagram and the number of Instagram story views you get on each Insta story.

Instagram Story Viewer Order

Instagram Story Viewer Order

When you check Instagram Story, you will see a list of names who have seen your story. But how is the story organized?

How your Instagram viewer list will be organized depends on the number of views you get on your Instagram stories. You can check the view number from the bottom left corner of stories you posted on Instagram.

If your Instagram stories get views that are less than 50, the Instagram Viewer list will contain names in chronological order of viewers. The person who saw your story first will appear first.

However, if your Instagram stories get more than 50 views, the Instagram Viewer list will order the names based on the degree of engagement.

If one of your friends never likes your Instagram feed posts but always appears first on your Instagram Story viewed list, they regularly check your Instagram activity.

On top of your feed from your Instagram Home Screen, you will never see their names. 

Interesting right! This is how the Instagram Algorithm works.

Instagram places the person you see of much on Instagram on top of the Instagram viewer list. Well, now you know how to see your Instagram Stalker.

Currently, there is another feature of Instagram where users can share their stories only with Close Friends.

To see those stories, you must be added to your friend’s close friends list.


We took a look at some of the best Instagram viewer tools, apps, and websites.

Do leave a comment below if you have any further queries.

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