50 ultimate Minecraft trivia questions with answers

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If you are a fanatic Minecraft player, you should test your knowledge using the Minecraft trivia questions below. 

Minecraft is one of the best-selling games in which players build or destroy many cubes called “blocks” in a random game world. 

In this fantastic game, players can build or construct various buildings using the blocks and share them with their friends or other players of Minecraft. Also, there are few rules in this game, so players play the game based on their own rules. 

If you enjoy this game, dive into these great Minecraft Trivia questions and check how many correct answers you can give.

Below are fun Minecraft trivia questions for children and adults. 

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Fun Minecraft Quiz Questions With Answers

  1. In total, how many different kinds of Minecraft versions exist?

There are two versions of Minecraft.

2. In the Minecraft game, what is the tool’s name used to mine stones?

The tool name is “Pickaxe.”

3. How do you get into Minecraft in Diversity three?

To get into the diversity three, you will have to collect the colored wool to construct the monument.

4. Name some of the main characters of the sandbox game called Minecraft.

Some of the names are Steve, Alex, Herobrine, Enderman, Wither, Pigman, Zombie, Ender dragon, and Skeleton.

5. When did the game Minecraft release?

Minecraft was released on November 18, 2011.

6. How many are important block types of iron ore needed to form one iron ingot?

Just one is enough.

7. What is that one thing creepers are afraid of?

Creepers are afraid of Ocelots.

8. What can you wear to avoid being ambushed by Endermen?


9. How can you make a charged creeper?

A charged creeper is formed when the lightning hits within the four blocks.

10. On which consoles is Minecraft played?

It can be played on Xbox, Computer, and Wii.

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11. Who is the commander of the Endermen?

Ender dragon is the commander.

12. What can we do with cosmic sky enchanted music discs?

You can put it in the jukebox to change the music in the game.

13. Excluding the tentacles, what is the height of a Ghast?

Four blocks

14. What is the main objective of Minecraft gameplay?

You can destroy, collect, build, and interact in the world of blocks.

15. Minecraft is being played by how many people every month?

Exactly, 55 million people play.

16. Complex machines are built with what ore?


17. Towards the climax of the game or the end, whom do we fight in this game?

We fight the Ender Dragon.

18. If pigs are dropping pork chops and skeletons are dropping bones, what does a zombie drop?

Zombie drops rotting flesh.

19. Minecraft has a big open world that is massive in size. But how big would it be if it was real?

The Minecraft world would be more significant than Neptune.

20. What vegetable is used while making a night vision potion?

A golden carrot is used.

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Hardest Minecraft Trivia Questions With Answers

Below are some of the hardest Minecraft trivia quiz. Let’s see how many of the questions below can you answer.

22. In total, how many Minecraft versions are there?

There are two versions.

23. Which real-life smallest animal was recorded to produce the sound effects of the Ghasts?


24. Which country allows students to play Minecraft in school?

Sweden allows students to play Minecraft in school.

25. Do you know the number of night creatures in Minecraft?

There are 5-night creatures in Minecraft.

26. How many days did the Minecraft development take to create the first version of ‘Minecraft’? 

It took six whole days to create the Minecraft game.

27. In which version of Minecraft, the skeletons were introduced?

Skeletons were introduced in the Alpha version.

28. Is it a golden carrot that works for night vision mixture? Yes or No?

Yes. It is a golden carrot.

29. We know Notch invented Minecraft, but who took the lead to develop it in 2012?

Jeb took the lead.

30. Which mob will you need to kill the undead boss Wither?

Wither skeleton

31. Who invented our heavenly game Minecraft?

Markus Persson.

Easy Minecraft Trivia Questions With Answers

32. The following is the set of questions that are based on the basics of Minecraft:

33. When starting the survival mode, what is the first thing?

Collect some essential resources like raw materials and find a place to build a shelter.

34. Without coal, how can you make a torch?

Create the charcoal by burning the wood in the furnace.

35. How does one tame an ocelot?

Feed it some uncooked fish.

36. How does one tame a wild wolf?

Feed it some bones.

37. What will happen if you sleep on the nether portal or end of the bed

The bed and you will explode.

38. If you try to kill a villager, what will he drop?

He will drop nothing.

39. How many blocks can a stone tool mine before breaking?

It can mine 137 blocks.

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40. To mine diamonds, what type of pickaxe is needed?

The iron pickaxe is used to mine diamonds.

41.How many points are needed to level up in the early stages?

We need 17 points to level up.

42.A cooked chicken is worth how many health points?

A cooked chicken is worth six health points.

Random Minecraft Trivia With Answers

These are some top random picks of Minecraft trivia:

43.The Sun arises in Minecraft and illuminates all its top blocks, however in which direction does it set?

The West direction.

44.In how much time a baby villager turns into an adult?

20 minutes.

45. When Notch started working on Minecraft, what was the game called?

It was called the cave game.

46. How many chests does a dungeon have if you trip into it?

It can contain 0-2.

47. Which stuff is mainly used to craft?


48. How many eggs do you need to make one cake?

We need one egg.

49. Who or what Is Herobrine?

It is just a myth.

50. Which ore cannot be mined with a tool made of itself?

Gold ore.

51. What achievement is received for crafting a cake?

It is called “the lie.”

52. What are the maximum Armor points or a perfect score that a complete set of diamond pieces of Armor provides?

It provides 20 points.

Five Fun Facts About Minecraft

Minecraft trivia

Here are some interesting things to know about Minecraft :

  • The first free virtual world of Minecraft was created in just six days.
  • Minecraft very first was known as Cave Game.
  • Creepers in the game are a result of a coding error. The creator wanted to create pigs and not monsters.
  • Some fans also believe that the language Enderman uses is English in reverse.
  • Ghasts voice was accidentally created when the cat of Minecraft’s music producer awoke from its sleep.

Wrapping Up

If you and your family enjoy game night activities then the fun quiz questions above will definitely make your evening more enjoyable.

Learning these top trivia about Minecraft is also the best way to have fun with kids, plus you get to learn more about the Minecraft game itself. Due to the popularity of this game on social media, the number of new players and Minecraft fans has constantly been increasing, so to succeed in this game, knowing all these facts and tricks helps.

Knowing every tiny detail in Minecraft, like the color of clothes, and taking advantage of every small chance helps you succeed in all types of games in Minecraft.

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