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Parents Ultimate Guide To Spotify Family App

Spotify is a music streaming service. It allows users to listen to music through its website or via the Spotify App


  • Music streaming app that allows  users to find their favorite song, artists and albums.
  • Kids can download the app on their phone and listen to music on their mobile device
  • Appropriate for users age 12+ and considered safe for teens

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Spotify family account will come with Parental Controls

We want to give our kids access to Spotify, but may be concerned with the lyrics of the music they are listening too?

Well, now you can stop worrying. Spotify has introduced parental control.

The Family Plan – where you pay $15/month is now adding new parental control features. 

Under this account, you can toggle the explicit content filter for any of the sub-accounts (your kid’s account).

Your child will not be able to change this filter without having access to your account.

This is a great new feature added as now parents can filter content they do not want their child to be listening too.

Spotify has also introduced a Family Mix feature – basically a selection of songs Spotify things the whole family would like.

This will be fun when going on road trips with the family. Also, a nice way to keep everyone in the car happy for at least a few minutes before y9ur toddler asks for Baby Shark again.

For now, these two new features are available in Ireland. Spotify will then introduce it everywhere else.

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Spotify is free to download. However, there is an upgrade to a more premium service available

Spotify Premium is currently £9.99/$9.99 a month, which includes access to features such as ad-free streaming, and  unlimited skips

There is also a premium for Family which is targeted for a few people in your home that can share an account. It gives access to 6 people and each with their own account. It is all billed together.

At £14.99/$14.99, Premium for Family isn’t too much extra over a standard Premium plan price, so it’s a good investment if your family listens to music on Spotify.


The features in this plan are limited.  Here is what you get:

  • Music can be played in shuffle mode
  • Skip songs up to a maximum of 6 times every hour
  • No Spotify Radio
  • You can access the Daily Mix Playlist
  • Use the free plan on desktop, tabler or mobile phone
  • You get to find new songs, and share it with your friends
  • You get ads

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It is fairly easy and straightforward to use.

  1. Go to the Spotify website and sign-up.  You can sign up via Facebook to make it easier to find and follow friends on Spotify. Also you can see what your friends are listening too. But be aware that Facebook will know what’s your music taste.
  2. Choose a subscription level. It is always good to go for Premium service since it will be ad-free
  3. Download and install the free Spotify application on your phone to listen to music on your device.


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Unfortunately no straight forward answer to this.

Under the premium service, you can choose some music to be available “offline” but it is not downloading the music to your device.

Under the premium service, you can just save the music that you like and listen up to 3,3333 songs in offline mode on up to three different devices.


Your kid can sign up using their Facebook account.

This will instantly enable them to see friends who are on Spotify and what musics they listen too.

It also lets you know what music friends are listening to at that moment and you can listen to it together.

You can follow friends on Spotify without using your Facebook account but it just makes it a longer process.

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Spotify is generally safe for older children. However, be aware that in order to sign up to the app you need to give a lot of personal information.

My recommendation is to create a seperate Facebook account or Gmail for things like Spotify where you do not want to give too much of your own personal information.

Also, there is the issue of your kids being exposed to lyrics that may not be age-appropriate.  However, with the new parental control feature parents cant stop worrying so much about this.

But always discuss with your kids their choice in music and why they like a particular song. It can be a great way to bond with your child.

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